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Minggu, 12 Juli 2009


YOGYAKARTA - female condom in pharmacies less behavior. Puji Nur Hasanah, pharmacist assistant at the front desk in the K-21 Sagan, Yogyakarta, said in a just sold a pack of female condoms.

Buyers are husband-wife pair. They usually buy because of it's not. Female condom was not known for the television or the newspaper did not have any ads. "I just have never seen them," said Puji, Friday (10 / 7).

The price is quite expensive. Pharmacy in the K-24, a pack (two condoms imported content) is Rp 16,700, much cheaper a pack (fill three) men condoms, only Rp 5.000-Rp 11.000.

Coordinating the National Family Planning (BKKBN) does not prioritize the procurement of female condoms. Procurement of the first female condom, as socialization, conducted early in 2008 and is only distributed to the seven provinces, namely Jakarta, Bali, West Kalimantan, Bangka Belitung, Kepulauan Riau, Papua and West Irian Jaya. The request is to overcome of the HIV / AIDS. Populations in the seven provinces are considered potentially the most HIV / AIDS.

Until now, according to Retno Munfaati, implementing daily BKKBN Head of DIY, there is no discourse of condoms to women because condoms for men are better known.

Women can fear in psychological and not comfortable to see the physical form of the female condom of this synthetic rubber. For, in the bottom of a condom there are spoons as long as glass diameter and as wide as 0.5 cm. Spoons work to absorb the sperm must be inserted in the vagina.

Iin Munfaati, Section Head of Assurance Services BKKBN DIY, explain, female condoms must be installed before the one hour deal. Duration of use was only up to 5 hours.

Of socialization, many women fear that even though only a glimpse to see. Therefore, select the BKKBN was more promote the use of condoms for men. "After all, the women must be more difficult and troublesome to use condoms," said Retno.

The debate about female condoms, according to Retno, still occurs. Activists of women will not agree because of this socialization condom lowering the bargaining position of women. However, observers of HIV / AIDS think this an alternative to condoms to protect women, when men did not want to use condoms. These two parties have the right of each.

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