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Kamis, 24 November 2011

The number of women who do not feel confident with the size of the breasts is increase. According to data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, nearly 300,000 women in America do breast enlargement in 2010.

In Indonesia, although the numbers are small but it growing interest in plastic surgery. Even in a private hospital in Tangerang, patients undergoing plastic surgery, including breast implants, have to wait until two months.

This phenomenon shows that Indonesia is not taboo anymore to make a shortcut through the operating table, including fill the breast with an implant to achieve beauty.

For the layman, it may be difficult to distinguish which are natural breasts that have been coupled with silicon. But according to a plastic surgeon Norman Rowe, there are five main characteristics to identify the added breast implants.

The distance of both breasts are too close

Most women's breasts is about 7 cm. But with the addition of the implant distance is reduced a lot. "When the doctor put an implant, usually they are put too close together so the result will be seen docked in the middle," said Rowe.


The most obvious characteristic of the other is if your breasts look too high to the chest. Normally breasts are parallel to the armpit.

Looks like a watermelon

"Breasts are naturally has a shape such as papaya or avocado, but if it looks like a round or large melons such as watermelon, it is a sign of breast was not genuine," he said. Unlike the original breasts will naturally fill the bottom, silicone implants are usually placed slightly above so perfectly round in shape.

There was a scar

Plastic surgeons generally using four points to insert the implant into the breast and it will leave a scar. Incision can be seen at the bottom of the breast, near the nipple, near the armpit, or above the navel.

There was the sound

You need a super-sensitive ears or a very quiet room to hear it. Women who perform breast augmentation using saline implants sometimes produce sound when they move. "If the implant cannot fill all the air bags will occasionally arise that can produce sound," he said.

Marc Jacobs Offer Reward for Stolen Collections

Rabu, 23 November 2011

Designer Marc Jacobs is offering a reward for anyone who is willing to return his new collection, which was stolen from a train in Paris. As reported previously, the whole outfit from the collection for spring / summer 2012 that number 46, was stolen when a collection of fashions in "travel" from Paris to London. This makes the company canceled a press conference which was originally held in London on Wednesday (16/11/2011) ago.

In London, a fashion editor of a fashion magazine in the UK plans to see the collection of fashions, to predict fashion trends next year. Theft is forced to make the editors of fashion void that has been witnessed collections shown at New York Fashion Week in last September. Because this collection has not been mass produced, there is the possibility of theft is one impersonation attempt sample collection Marc Jacobs dress.

 Various attempts were made to restore this fashion collection. Marc Jacobs fashion house also send tweets that include reading, "See any chic truck drivers cruising around Europe dressed in # SS12 Collection? Get a pic & call 212-343-0222. Reward." Appeals, anyone who happened to see a truck driver who "roam in Europe with wear collection for spring / summer 2012", the driver is asked to take pictures and report it.

In a subsequent tweet, the company also clarified that the collection was stolen actually just a duplicate. While the original collection is still safely tucked away in New York. According to police spokesman, alleged theft occurred in the area of ​​Mount Street, on Wednesday (16/11/2011) at around 08.00. Some items, such as clothing, handbags, and shoes, are lost.

Earlier this month, Marc Jacobs has also sparked controversy after one of his ads in the magazine was banned by the British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) because it was considered children’s sex. The ad featuring teen actress Dakota Fanning was sitting on the floor with thighs long pale dress. In the middle of his thighs are bottles of perfume Oh Lola, who seemed sexually provocative. According to ASA, although the 17-year-old Dakota, but still looks impressive under the age of 16 years.

"We consider the length of her dress, legs, and position the bottle of perfume to draw attention to her sexuality. Therefore, as well as appearance, we consider this ad will look children’s sex," the ASA said in a statement.

Hair Show "Beaute Originelle" the Natural and Wild

L'Oreal Professional introduces the Autumn Winter Collection 2011/2012 for hair color trends and styles in hair show titled "Beaute Originelle" or Original Beauty.

The arrangement and coloring of hair is also not missing the latest from the current trend, which raised the natural beauty of women. Such as fashion and beauty trends of the world that carries the original concept of beauty, color and hair style trends L'Oreal Professional output also adopt the same concept but is interpreted differently by emphasizing the two sides in the woman at the same time, the pure and wild.

L'Oreal Professional hairdresser reliably entrust three of Indonesia to bring the hair color trends and styles of this latest collection. Hairdresser Ambassadors selected consisted of Andy Lie from Lie Medan Salon, and Arie Bambang Hidayat Harryono of Arie & Harry's Bridal Salon Surabaya and Bali, and Irwan Rovani Doke of Hair Design Team in Jakarta.

Choice of hair color and style that refers to the trend of the world was applied to suit the needs and character of women in Indonesia. The two sides in the woman, pure and wild, creations presented in three colors and hair styles from L'Oreal: Time Master, Guardian of Light, and I Am A Legend.

"The theme of Original Beauty conceived directly by L'Oreal Professional artistic teams in Paris, referring to the world trend to later female characters are interpreted in accordance with Indonesia," said Yola Sutjiutomo, Group Product Manager of L'Oreal Professionnel during a press conference here on Tuesday (22 / 11 / 2011).

Granitic blond color cast, maroon brown, and reddish wine dominate this collection. But of course, the selection of hair styles and colors to suit the character of each woman, including the character's face and skin. Arie Hidayat said, coloring, style, to haircuts, tailored to the character of Indonesian society. Even the need to also adjust to the lifestyle and work.

"Trends in hair coloring can be applied by any hairdresser to the women of Indonesia. But concerning styling, every hairdresser can be your own creation. Trends in color and hair style creations that we present this can be inspiration. Creative demanded of Paris is a spectacular time to entertainment needs and catwalk. It could also be applied to the daily appearance in the presence of certain adjustments, "said Arie told the media after a news conference.

Problem hair color trends, Arie added, Autumn Winter Collection 2011/2012 collection is synonymous with reddish, copper, deep copper, precisely applied in Indonesia. "Women are also increasingly daring Indonesia arranging and coloring the hair by following the latest trends," I'm Pat.

Every day, there are about 10-15 women come to the salon Arie in Surabaya for hair coloring. As for his salon in Bali, there are about 3-4 women per day who come to change the color of her hair.

The hairdresser was also given a choice of powerful creations of color and hairstyle to meet the different needs of the diverse character of women in Indonesia. From L'Oreal Professional hair trends are presented differently for brown-skinned woman, oriental women, and they are faced with a Caucasian skin tends to be brighter.

Not only hairdresser who has a reliably unique and different creations worthy try. Three styles and hair colors are also presented L'Oreal Professional Education Team. The figure of a beautiful woman but had the strength and ready to undergo a variety of challenges to the image wants to find.

More than 100 salon users L'Oreal Professional products present to witness hair show held at Mutiara Ballroom 3 Hotel Gran Melia Jakarta. Collection of clothing and accessories designed by famous also add strength double-sided imaging of these women, among them a collection of Barli Asmara, Deden Siswanto, Didi Budiarjo, Elizabeth Revelation, Priyo Oktaviano, and Shill. Sandra special appearance adds a festive hair show is a source of inspiration for activists of this beauty.