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Limfogranuloma Venereum

Jumat, 30 April 2010

Limfogranuloma Venereum

Limfogranuloma venereum is a sexually transmitted disease caused by Chlamydia trachomatis.

The disease is mainly found in tropical and subtropical regions.

Bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis, which is a bacteria that only grows in the cells. Chlamydia trachomatis causes limfogranuloma venereum. Chlamydia trachomatis is different from others that cause urethritis and cervicitis.

First symptoms arise 3-12 within days or more after infection.
Appear on the penis or vagina small blisters filled with fluid that is not accompanied by pain. These blisters turn into ulcers (open sores), which immediately improved so often overlooked by the sufferer.

Furthermore, swelling of lymph nodes on one or both of the groin.
The skin looks red thereon and palpable warmth, and if not treated will be formed hole (sinus) in the skin that lies above the lymph nodes.
From these holes will be out pus or reddish liquid, and will get better, but usually leave scars or recurrence.

Other symptoms are fever, not feeling well, headache, joint pain, decreased appetite, vomiting, backache and rectal infection that causes a discharge of pus mixed with blood.

Diseases caused by repeated and prolonged, then the lymph vessels can become blocked, resulting in tissue swelling.
Rectal infection can cause the formation of scar tissue which subsequently resulted in narrowing of the rectum.

The diagnosis is based on typical symptoms.

To confirm the diagnosis done blood tests to find the presence of antibodies to the bacteria causing it.

Doxycycline, erythromycin or tetracycline per-oral (by mouth) for 3 weeks will speed healing.
After treatment, carried out routine checks to determine that the infection has been cured.

The best way to prevent transmission of this disease is abstinensia (not having sexual relations with a known sexual partner suffer from this disease).

To reduce the risk of contracting the disease, should undergo a safe sexual behavior (not changing sexual partners or using condoms).

Sexual Disorders

Jumat, 16 April 2010

Sexual Disorders

* Homosexual
Homo (Greek: same) is one of sexual abnormalities in a person who likes a fellow kind. If the patients were male homosexuals, then it is called gay and fear of gays called homophobia. If the patient is female homosexual, so they call is a lesbian. And if someone can do sexually with same-sex or opposite sex is called bisexual.
Homosexuality was actually not a disease in general, but tends to the choice of one's identity. A homosexual would be very difficult to be changed into heterosexuals, someone (male and female) who are interested in different sexes.

* Sodomy
Sodomy is sexual intercourse performed through the anus. Anus almost be equated with a hole (sorry) because it has a vagina rectum, which is part of the large intestine near the anus. Sodomy high risk to health because the anus is a gathering place of bacteria.

* Transsexual
Transsexual is a form of behavior, someone who does not want to give up sex for genital surgery to obtain sexual satisfaction. This disorder can be unpredictable start after childhood, as his favorite play with the opposite sex so that the nature of the opposite sex on him.

* Transvestite
Transvestite is a term given to a heterosexual man who wanted women to wear. The aim is to arouse sexual excitement, and then can obtain sexual satisfaction. This disorder is a psychosexual disorder.

* Voyeurism or Scotophil
Voyeurism is a sexual deviation or scotophil that the person is obtaining sexual gratification by way of a peek or to see other people being naked, shower, or even sexual intercourse.

* Sexual masochism
This disorder diidap someone who deliberately let himself be tortured or abused, both physically and psychologically, just to obtain sexual gratification. He will be more satisfied if he was getting hurt or tortured.

* Sexual Sadism
This disorder is the antithesis of sexual masochism. This means that patients will obtain sexual satisfaction when having sexual intercourse with a way to hurt or punish their partner first.

* Sado-masochist
This disorder can also be referred to BC, which is the term for patients who have sex sadism with masochism.

* Necrophilia
Disorder patients will get satisfaction when dealing with corpses. He was associated with a normal fear for fear of rejection that occurs automatically affects the psychological and sexual activity. The corpse is considered a sexual object that will not be able to resist or reject the desire in intercourse.

* Incest
Incest is a sexual relationship with a partner who still has ties of blood. Just because a feeling of fear and want to get the attention of the affection of a parent or brother, a child or teen to perform this action. Usually environment factors that affect this disorder, which is due to a deep sense of love as a family member.

* Exhibitionism
Patients will exhibitionists get sexual satisfaction with penis showing a deliberate way to the woman or child who thinks the way they want. Early stages of the emergence of this disorder is that there is a feeling anxious, restless, tense with prolonged. After the patient showed his penis, patients feel more calm and relieved. Healing the exhibitionist can be done by him in consultation with a psychiatrist.

* Fetishism
Fetishism is a cult which is indicated on inanimate objects or body parts to his idol, to obtain sexual gratification. There are several names for the fatis, namely manekinisme and pygmalionism. Manekinism is a fatishi fatis having a mannequin (the statue on display in a storefront by using women's dress). While pygmalionism is having a fatis fatishi sculpture carvings.

* Zoological
Zoological is a sexual disorder someone who obtains sexual satisfaction when he saw the animal being intercourse.

* Pedophilia
Pedophilia is sexual disorders get satisfaction when having sex with a child or a minor.

* Hyper sexual
Hypersexual is someone who always wanted to have sex as often as possible.

* Triolism
Triolism was patients with sexual disorders that will get sexual satisfaction if when having sexual intercourse with their partner viewed by others. Triolism can also be interpreted as sexual intercourse by a single woman with three men.

* Zoophiles
Patients with this disorder will obtain sexual gratification through the animal. That is, he can have sex with animals.

* Hermaphrodite
Hermaphrodite taken from the Greek god Hermes and Aphrodite which are means half male and half female. That person has been born with 2 sex who essentially only one that actually works. Things that might be done are to undergo hormone therapy to stimulate the growth of the nature and characteristics of being male or female.

How to Improve Sperm Quality Contribute a better translation

Jumat, 09 April 2010

How to Improve Sperm Quality

An attempt to produce an heir did not have to focus on the female. Fertility of men also needs to be considered, especially about the number and level of mobility of sperm.

Many ways could do to produce healthy sperm. So, help your partner to change behavior and become more healthy eating patterns.

Alienate man from alcohol had a positive effect to increase the number and mobility of sperm. Clothing also affects. Pants that is too stringent or less influential for the quality of sperm production. Besides bathing in hot tubs habit apparently also needs to be reduced, because less good for the testes.

In addition to lifestyle, diet had a big hand. Organic foods free of pesticides and chemicals can reduce sperm count. While foods containing these nutrients can improve fertility in men:

Oyster is known as a stimulant of food passions. Eating oysters can enhance the mood became more romantic. Oysters contain zinc which can encourage better fertility in men, according to research from the University of Michigan. Other foods that contain zinc are meat, liver, legumes such as peas, beans, peas, and ginger root.

Calcium and vitamin D reports the results of research from the University of Wisconsin that calcium and vitamin D increase the fertility of men. Foods that contain calcium include milk, cheese, ice cream, and yogurt. While vitamin D can be obtained from the salmon.

Antioxidants (vitamins E and C)
Vitamins E and C is the most powerful antioxidant because it can fight free radicals that damage sperm. Men need more to eat a diet rich in vitamins E and C, to maintain quality of sperm in the number and durability. Vitamin E food’s such as spinach, broccoli, kiwi, mango, tomato, sunflower seeds, almonds, and peanut butter. While vitamin C found in citrus fruits and peppers (red, yellow, orange).

Folic acid (Vitamin B complex)
Folic acid is an important vitamin to increase sperm counts and improves fertility. Foods containing folic acid can be found in grapefruit, cereal, wheat, beans, asparagus, spinach, and sunflower seeds.