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Each year 700,000 Make Adolescent abortion

Selasa, 14 Juli 2009

Each year 700,000 Make Adolescent abortion

Blora - In Indonesia, every year there are 2.6 million cases of abortion. As many as 700,000 actors that abortion is a teenager or woman aged less than 20 years. Main causes are the lack of protection of women.

That discussed in the seminar "Women's Protection Policy and Adolescent daughter" in the Hotel Almadina, Blora, Central Java, on Thursday (2 / 7). The seminar was held for Women's Empowerment, Child Protection and Family Planning in cooperation with the State Ministry for Women.

Staff Assistant Deputy Social Issues Women's Affairs Ministry of State for Women, Atwirlany Ritonga, writing in the medical journal The Lancet in October 2006 edition of that every year there are 19 million-20 million abortion in the world. Abortion was not done in a safe and 97 percent occur in developing countries.

"Health World Health Organization (WHO) said in 2006, abortion cause 68,000 deaths. Abortion causes millions of women injured and suffered permanent disability, "said Atwirlany.

Deputy III Protection of the Ministry of Women Empowerment of Women State Endang Susilowati Poerjoto said, most actors do abortion because the pregnancy is not desired. This indicates that one of the main factors is the lack of protection of abortion on women.

Often women, especially young girls, do not get the conventional treatment of male friends. Not infrequently they experienced sexual violence from relatives, neighbors, or even the father uterus.

According Susilowati, inadequate protection of women lead to drug-addicted teenage daughter. In 2007, the Ministry of State for Women's Empowerment record drug abuse mortality per 15,000 person years.

"Ministry has been facilitating the 135 districts and cities in Indonesia to establish protection of women's bodies in order to prevent the case was not increased and penetrated to the villages," he said. Each local government, he added, need to make policy based on gender equality. They must implement the zero tolerance policy for violence against women.

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