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Labia Is One Way to Make a Women Foreplay

Jumat, 24 Juli 2009

Labia Is One Way to Make a Women Foreplay

Do not only consent to the clitoris area of the woman! Section, there are many other parts that can be explored by men, which of course can make a woman up to sail the seven heavens.

In fact, clitoris is not the only area from which Miss V on the crawl by Adam. The outside of the Miss V or known by the name of the labia, can make the women tremble when "played" by the appropriate party.

"In fact, some women more enthusiast when the labia of Miss V is' played 'rather than the clitoris," said psychologist as well as Sex Therapy, Stephanie Buehler.

In fact, Stephanie is also the Head of Buehler Institute in Orange County, California revealed that the area directly touched clitoris that can make women ill feel.

"Believe it or not, for some women touch directly on the clitoris Miss V in the long period of time can be a fun thing that is not in their eyes," augment him.

Still according to Stephanie, even though the effect of "play" not sehebat klitoris labia, but touch can still make a silly woman.

"Despite the labia do not se-sensitive clitoris. However, the stimulus will create the right woman at one blow," he said.

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