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"69" Style, Not Realy Sexy

Selasa, 27 Desember 2011

The short name is 69, or more commonly known as the sex positions that focus on oral sex. Only, here both parties get oral stimulation together.

The position of the concept comes from the French body requires men and women reversed so that the mouth is near the genitals partner. Generally, men supine position, while a woman kneeling in a position almost faces down on a man's body. Sometimes there are variations in spooning position (sideways), but remained with the body position reversed. This makes your hands more freedom to explore your partner's body parts.

According to Dr. Sari Locker, MS, PhD, sexologist and lecturer in psychology at Columbia University, 69 is actually not a sexual position, but a sexual activity that can be done with a variety of positions. You can change the position of each other until you both feel the anatomy of your body touched in a comfortable and enjoyable. Orgasm can come up unexpectedly, which of course, be more fun.

Judging from its function, 69 were impressive as a very intimate position and not selfish. Therefore, no one party is given the opportunity to be stimulated first. Because the woman on top, the theory is she can more able to control her position of her body or in stimulating partner. This style also looks sensual and beautiful from the side position.

However, in practice, this position is often not as beautiful as it seems. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult for one position to move or obtain maximal stimulation. Many women feel uncomfortable with the face down position like that because it should always create a comfortable foot position, or make a neck strain. There are men who are worried, if in a spooning position, his legs will cause a heavy burden on his partner's body.

The problem is often posed is the burden of weight and lack of support on the female body that cause pain on both sides. You become more easily tired in this position, knee and elbow feels stiff, while men become less able to control the stimulation to you.

If it is above, men also have advantages and disadvantages. The advantage, men were more able to control his movements, and women can explore more parts of the body of her partner. That make it uncomfortable, she could easily choke in this position. The man will feel his neck become tense. They also tend to ejaculate prematurely because of the intense stimulation.

"Most people do not like this style of sixty-nine altogether because disrupt concentration. They may want to focus on their own pleasure if they want to get an orgasm from oral sex. Or they cannot concentrate to receive as well as giving oral sex in a way that they want," said Dr. Locker.

To overcome this, in fact several things you can do. For example, you have to take turns giving and receiving stimulation to be able to enjoy it without being disturbed his concentration. Then, when the air-69, you can always change the position as a variation, or to restore the body that feels sore. The man on top position, men need to be more vigilant with her partner's body, and make sure their partner can breathe a sigh of relief.

Even more importantly, oral sex would be great fun if you do not think how to shape your body in an upside down like that. Do it with the aim to please your partner each other, and do whatever feels comfortable for you and your partner's body.

(From various sources)

Women Gamers are More Active in Sexual Life

Women play games probably sounded childish. But according to the study, women who frequently play online games proved to be more active sexually and socially, than women who do not usually play games. This conclusion was obtained after holding the Harris Interactive poll of more than 2,000 adults in America, to quantify the game play habits and their lifestyle.

From the survey, it appears that the number of women who play online games is a lot. As many as 63 percent of GameHouse players are women. Related to sex, 57 percent of gamers admit that they have sex on a regular basis. Meanwhile, non-gamers who regularly have sex in number 52 percent.

"It's good to realize that women who play online games are happy; well with the relationship or sexual life," said Matt Hulett, Chief Gamer at GameHouse.

The notion that people are infatuated with the game to squirt or less physically active is also indisputable. This survey found that there was no difference between their levels of fitness that gamers and non gamers. As many as 49 percent of each group was doing physical activity at least once a week, either the gym or do sports games.

5 Clothing Christmas, Kate Middleton Choice

Jumat, 23 Desember 2011

This year is the first year Kate Middleton celebrating Christmas as a wife of Prince William as well as a new member of the British Empire. The first Christmas together with in-laws and royal family seems to be enough experience 'tense'.

Christmas preparations ahead of this kingdom are to be completely prepared so as not to look embarrassing. However, equally important is to prepare a beautiful gown and stunning royal family, especially the queen.

Duchess of Cambridge claims to have faced this dilemma for the selection of clothing that will be used. Christmas celebrations in the palace in a procession this year, he must prepare at least five pieces of clothing are beautiful to wear.

"She looked forward to celebrating Christmas with the royal family, but she had to change her outfit five times without repeating clothes that had been used before," said a source from the palace as quoted Dailymail.

However, not Kate feels if she does not have a sense of high fashion and in accordance with the shape of her body. More recently, Kate looks busy shopping center to buy some clothes in the King's Road.

Kate's fashion choices are usually looks very beautiful in her body, such as when she used a length Ralph Lauren gown worth USD 4.9 million while visiting homeless shelters. As a member of the royal, Kate should always look stunning and perfect in every activity.

As reported by Grazia magazine, royal etiquette expert Jean Broke Smith said, "Kate will require casual clothing for breakfast, a formal dress and hat to go to church in the morning, a dress for lunch, cocktail dresses for evening meals, and evening dress for dinner, "he said.

To get all these clothes, she looks to visit and shop at clothing stores like Zara, LK Bennett. In both these stores, Kate estimated to have taken a long black dress sheathed and two cashmere cardigans. To view more stunning, she ordered two pieces evening dress from her favorite fashion houses such as when she chose her trousseau, Alexander McQueen.

Christmas Trinkets, Bright and Colorful

Minggu, 18 Desember 2011

The house decorates with knick-knacks to the celebration of Christmas make cheer and warmth of the holiday atmosphere. If the western world looks forward to white Christmas special moments that add to the celebration of Christmas, Indonesia, especially Jakarta actually welcomed the celebration of Christmas with bright cheerful colors.

Artificial Christmas trees are not only green, but also available in a choice of bright colors like pink. Christmas tree ornaments are also more unique with bright colors dominated by red. Gift options are also more varied and more targeted products to children. Celebration of Christmas is a special moment for family gatherings, and fun especially for children.

This is presented Debenhams department store in Senayan City. Right on the third floor, you can choose various knick-knacks that dominated the Christmas celebration of bright colors. 
"There are a variety of interesting knick-knacks and especially special Christmas gift choices, with a range of discounts. The whole family can look for the needs of Christmas, with attractive discount offers," explains Karina Yusnita, Marketing Debehams told Reuters on the sidelines of morning shopping Female Senayan City, Jakarta, Saturday (17/12/2011).


Discounts up to 50 percent
Please recheck your shopping list. If you're currently still looking for Christmas tree decorations to add a festive feast at home, this shopping area provides a selection of knick-knacks and accessories appealing and varied, with discounts up to 50 percent.

You can invite the whole family to choose their own Christmas tree ornaments that they like. Shopping together can also be a way of improving togetherness and closeness of family members.

Female Compass watch, shopping areas trinkets Christmas special is visited by many families, complete with their children. Possibly, a variety of unique accessories, attractive, with bright colors attract children's attention. In addition, the exact range of products used as special gifts for family members is available with a 20 percent discount.

Interesting products and affordable prices are the main attraction in the area of special shopping in this Christmas. No wonder the kids excited about shopping around the area with their parents, to meet the needs of a family Christmas celebration.

Accessories for interior decoration in every corner of your home are also available. Various models of creative accessories that are designed with bright colors are available. If the circuit you usually pine shelf in the front door of the house, was getting damaged and outdated, you can replace it with various models of a unique series of brightly colored flowers.

Plastic Christmas trees are also available from the smallest size at a price of Rp 220.000 up large with bright colors like pink and light green. Bright colors add a festive celebration of Christmas at home, in addition to the warmth of togetherness with the entire family.

Brown skin is now more popular Starred

Sabtu, 17 Desember 2011

Beautiful is having white skin. That is "education" of the beauty industry in Indonesia. But lately, most urban women even tried to darken the color of her skin. It is s new battle of ideas to be more beauty?

To obtain a brown skin color, there are various ways of tanning or darkening of skin color, ranging from sunbathing or outdoor activities, use of tanning oil, spray, to infiltrate into the capsule machine tanning beds. Its like be done by Nordina Tania (21), women Jakarta. Wednesday (7/12/2011) at 12:00, Tania arrived in Lifespa Fitness in the number of TB Simatupang, South Jakarta. Fair-complexioned girl was scheduled to undergo tanning with a tanning bed machine.

Tanning bed resembles a machine used Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) in the movie Avatar to transform yourself into an avatar on Pandora. On the inside of the tanning bed, on the whole surface of the top side and bottom mounted fluorescent lamp that emits a kind of ultraviolet light in the spectrum resembles sunlight.

After take off her clothes and put eye protection, Tania get in to tanning beds infiltrate into 6800 watts of power and then let her body "baked" for 20 minutes. "For some reason, lately in Jakarta, tanning enthusiasts with the machine is increased, both men and women. In fact, we never advertise. Compared to bask in the sun, tanning beds with brown color more evenly “said Anita (42) from Lifespa

Tatang, also from Lifespa, disclose the original tanning beds since 2006 provided for the expatriate community, members of the fitness center at Lifespa. However, recently the demand is actually dominated Indonesia.

After tanning, Tania have new look. Her skin is now brown shimmer. Her cheeks flushed with no outward appearance of orange blush. "Start like tanning this way two years ago, since schools in Monaco. It turned out that tanning makes the skin adds a nice color. Sun-Kissed look. Sometimes I am tanning with a machine but more frequent sunbathing and wear lotion, "says Tania, who had no mulatto offspring.

With health reasons, Khairiyyah Sari (35), appearance and etiquette consultant choosing naturally with sun tanning. To achieve the intensity of brown-orange color of golden she rubbing tanning oil or tanning lotion on her body. Tanning lotion or oil and make-up shades of tan are now more easily obtained in a beauty shop in Jakarta. "The result became more radiant, golden orange brown, not brown filthy," said Sari, a bloody Sunda-Java and the original fair-complexioned.

Diligent sun also lived Nadine Alexandra Dewi Ames (20), former Miss Indonesia 2010. Before leaving for the Miss Universe 2011, Nadine darkens her skin to the sun poolside at various hotels and applying tanning lotion. In fact, the original color of Java and English-blooded girl is already likely to dark brown, but she just wanted to be darker. "Sun-Kissed look look fresh, healthy," says Nadine.

Mega Space of Miss Indonesia Foundation revealed that since last year, on the advice of consultants from the United States, Miss Indonesia who was sent to Miss Universe was called upon to perform with a tan. In that event, the Western world's perception of beauty indeed dominates. Women who are considered beautiful even tan skinned. It's like a song written in the bossa nova of Astrud Gilberto, "The Girl from Ipanema". ... Tall and tan and young and lovely, the girl from Ipanema goes walking....

According to Tommy F Awuy, who teaches philosophy at the Faculty of Humanities University of Indonesia, the perception of female beauty always continues to fight in the definition whether it's the definition version of the dominant culture that tends to patriarchy, industrial versions, up to religion. In the era of consumption, the beauty industry with its capital strength continues to strengthen the definition of guerrilla pretty compact version to the community suffering from an industrial complex beauty. Tommy added, it happens when the definition of pretty strong version of the industry accepted as reality. If not followed, women considered to be knocked out of the category of beautiful.

When most women urban "paranoid" became darker skin due to exposure to sunlight, a handful of others apparently did not hesitate to embrace the sun. Agni Pratistha (23), Denada (33), and Nadine Chandrawinata (27) are Indonesian is celebrities that most who enjoy the sun drenched. "I was hooked move out, Embracing the sun. Delicious, warm. Added a black leather baseball, "said Vierra, who like Nadine too fond of diving in the sea.

Tommy looked at each other, the perception is superior to whites may be related to the understanding of evolution. "The white is considered a well evolved, forming bone, flesh and skin is perfect, while the black is not. Beauty industry refers to such thoughts, reflected in the ad that shows bleaching process "evolution" of blacks to be white, "says Tommy.

Agni Pratistha not get stuck in the "doctrine" was. This girl is crazy running out of space. Agni deliberately let herself be run without a hat or shirt closed. Her skin darkened so that the original white.

Options may indeed reflect an attitude of resistance, as implied from greeting a young girl this young. "The perception of beauty is associated with white skin color is irrelevant baseball," said actor tanning, Tania Nordina.

Lunch was still blazing. Tania left Lifespa passed. Her skin is now like a kiss out of the sun.

Stack Charm Accents From Up2Date, Mulim Fashion on 2012

In addition to covering the body with the appropriate rules of Muslim dress, Indonesia Muslim women seem to really want to follow fashion trends. To prove that the Moslem can also look trendy, Up2date held a fashion show titled Featurustic 2012. "We want to prove that the Moslem can also be like any other clothing that could become a trend in the next year," said Nita Damayanti, Director of Trimoda Up2date, before the show at the Hotel Mulia Senayan, South Jakarta, Thursday (12/15/2011).

Featurustic theme itself is a synergy of word features, futures, and rustic, which means combining several elements of modern and traditional elements in unified frontier clothing. Assimilation synergy of two elements that is actually quite the opposite as east and west, future and past, wood and cement, urban and rustic, it gives a touch of style and harmony remain fashionable look.

"This is consistent with world fashion trends, ie urban remix, but this time applied to the Muslim fashion," she added.

Traditional fabric choices
A total of 48 designs shown Moslem times this refers more to the style of ready-made clothing and casual shades. Uniquely, the new pattern is presented Up2date this time more nuanced touch remek batik, cloth jumputan (tie dye), and modern batik. Batik remek presented to increase the repertory kind beautiful batik cotton that when combined in the Muslim fashion.

"Batik is made jumputan own, focused on the one hand, for example at the shoulder so that the bodies of the users do not look bigger," said Nita.

Pretty typical Indonesian fashion silhouette is also presented in a new flea kebaya, baju bodo, kebaya brackets, and skirt, inspired by modification of cloth wrapped but with modifications in some modern touches side. "The selection of fabric itself is an organic cotton fabric that is environmentally friendly," she said.

Stacks of charm accents
In a fashion collection shown Up2date, there is one characteristic that became common thread, namely the existence of accent stack. This stack concept was intended to give freedom to the user for free to be creative with clothing. There are many options on offer, ranging robe stacked up long skirts with asymmetrical cardigan, a new flea asymmetric, bolero, blouses, tunic length until combined with a tinge of batik patterns.

Muslim clothing is not only synonymous with the robe or a long skirt; because it turns out the combination of pants to skirts trousers can also look stunning. Piece of trendy pants like palazzo pants, jumpsuit, until the harem pants can also look beautiful.

However, long-paced clothing looks comfortable as well use the material for the outer garment shirts, stacks, and hoods. Pieces of clothing are also made with a lightweight design that provides flexibility to move. Texture waving and flowing fabric that was presented with a perfect through organdy material selection such as Slub cotton, jersi, cotton, rayon, spandex and linen.

Blend colors and patterns tend to be light and small it makes the dress looks proportional in the body of the wearer. This time Up2date also appear bolder in color selection. If this label is usually much more highlight the gray and black color, now appear several colors like pink, bottle green, coral, brown, navy blue, maroon, khaki, and salmon, so it seem more colorful and modern.

"Not to forget there is also a choice of orange as the color trends of 2012, which also presented in Up2date Muslim fashion choices this time," Nita added.

Five New Facts about Rape

Jumat, 16 Desember 2011

The case of rape in the public transportation still happened. As reported a few days, a vegetable vendor, RS (40), become victims of robbery and rape in public transport # M-26 majors Kampung Melayu, Jakarta, Wednesday (12/14/2011). Rapes committed by three men were alleged to have planned.

Rape incident that continues to happen obviously cause unrest for the community. Although the police managed to arrest the perpetrators of rape, this is not the intention to stop people who are not responsible for the launch action. In fact, a case of rape is an inspiration for others to do the same way.

In the United States, cases of rape no less troubling. A survey released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Wednesday (14/12/2011), reveals alarming statistics about rape, espionage, and domestic violence. During the year, more than 12 million men and women become victims of this crime, which is usually done near their partner. Each year, more than one million women report being raped.

"This report gives a clear picture of how to destroy the influence of these violent acts in the lives of millions of Americans. The information collected in this ongoing survey will serve as an important tool in efforts to combat the agency domestic violence and sexual abuse," said Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

Some facts about the rape found the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey:
  • Almost 1 of 5 women has been raped at some point in his life.
  • One in four women has been victims of severe physical violence by a partner nearby.
  • One in six women had experienced stalking during their lives so that they feel so frightened and believe that they or someone close to them to be injured or killed. Many of the victims of such surveillance are being followed by telephone or unwanted SMS. 
  • Nearly 70 percent of the female victims experience some form of violence by a partner close for the first time before age 25 years.
  • The majority of victims know the perpetrator of domestic violence type, which is often a close partner, friends, and sometimes strangers.

"Sex Toys " Is It Make You More Wild in Bed?

Jumat, 09 Desember 2011

Missionary style is always spelled out as a boring style, because we've done since the first time you have sex with a partner. However, a survey conducted a sex props company, Adam & Eve, suggesting that this is the most preferred style of Americans.

Online poll involving 1,000 Americans exposes the facts: 32 percent of poll participants chose the missionary as their favorite positions; 23 percent chose doggy style, and 22 percent chose the style cowgirl (woman on top). Then, only 7 percent who chose 69 positions, 6 percent chose spooning style (sideways), and 4 percent liked the reverse cowgirl style (woman on top but the style of the woman facing the opposite direction).

However, the poll by fans of Adam & Eve on Facebook showed different results. More than half of poll participants were choosing doggy style (53 percent), followed by the woman on top (29 percent). While the missionary and reverse cowgirl style was only 6 percent of participants voting interest.

The survey through the site of Adam & Eve also reveals another fact. If you often use props sex, chances are you also doggy style enthusiasts. Adult Toys Company concludes, those who like to involve sex toys during sex tend to be more adventurous or wilder in bed than those who do not use it. While they are not fond of experimenting with props that are then choose the style that is "mediocre", in this missionary.

Sources: Your Tango

Philosophy of Minangkabau Weaving Motifs (Indonesian Style)

Like batik, Weaving of West Sumatra or songket with a wealth of motives it also has its own meaning and value of togetherness. "Skills for the Indonesian weaving is a legacy that needs to be defended and promoted, as this is the power of culture, creativity, and art in social life," said Samuel Wattimena designer, during "performances Weaving Unggan Sijunjung District of West Sumatra" fashion show in Koi Cafe & Gallery, Kemang, Jakarta, Thursday (8/12/2011) ago.

In development is a process of acculturation in Minangkabau society, especially since the influx of Islamic influence to the city. This affects the weaving motifs that adapt natural motifs and ornaments from the Middle East as Arab, Egyptian, and Syriac. Since ancient, indigenous element is synonymous with nature because nature is considered as a source of principal and essential to the human race that have influenced motifs artisan process in this songket cloth.

This fact turned out to form a philosophy in various motifs woven fabric of West Sumatra. Examples are as follows:

  1. Pucuk Rabuang. These motifs have meaning that a person's life should be useful over time. This motif is told that life should be modeled after the philosophy of bamboo, which is always useful since young bamboo (bamboo shoots) to eat, and when old (bamboo) as the floor of the house or building materials. Motif is also likened the bamboo shoots that the plant is useful throughout its life and all parts have many uses.
  2. Itiak pulang patang. These motifs have meaning that life in society must in a unity, as in line and comply with regulations. This motif would like to invite people to live together and represent harmony of Minangkabau people who live in the order of a solid mutual cooperation.
  3. Kaluak paku. These motifs have meaning that we as humans should be introspective since childhood, and need to learn from an early age from family. Education in the family becomes the main provision for the running of life in society. As adults we have to hang out into the community, so that the provision of family life can make them more powerful and not easily affected it negatively. Uniquely, this motif also has another meaning, namely a leader must be able to set an example for the community around it.
  4. Sajamba makan. This motif is used as a symbol of togetherness in the enjoyment of success.
  5. Tirai. Known as a decoration of curtain fabric that is placed on walls, doors, and others, whose function is to add beauty and a lively atmosphere. These motifs describe the beauty, the symbol of luxury in the Minangkabau ceremonies.
  6. Saluak laka. This motif has a meaningful symbol of kinship. This will give people meaning in life, that power will interwoven unity of mutually bound together so that it will manifest strength in facing various problems.
  7. Unggan seribu bukit. This is a new motive initiated by Samuel Wattimena who works with artisans weaving in Unggan, and Dekranasda West Sumatra. Unggan craft of weaving is a mix of clever weaving techniques with Silungkang Sikek. This motif has a sense of cohesion in cooperation, persistence in trying, and wants to advance one's nature.

(From various sources)

Lisa D'Amato Wins America's Next Top Model All-Stars

Lisa D'Amato, a finalist from California, won the contest America's Next Top Model All-Stars in Los Angeles on Wednesday (7/12/2011) ago. Lisa's emergence as the winner of the contest that brings contestants from this season was disappointing some parties. Many of those have a question what the basic election of Lisa as a winner.

In the final, America's Next Top Model All-Stars (ANTM) presents Lisa D'Amato, Allison Harvard, and Angelea Preston as a finalist. In the round, the jury consisting of Tyra Banks, Nigel Barker, J. Alexander, and Andre Leon Talley, announced that Angelea has disqualified. The decision was taken after the CW Network, the TV network that produces the event; obtain information harmful self-finalists from Buffalo, New York.

The jury did not explain what the reason behind the disqualification of Angelea. But the search, the situation is due to errors Angelea own. Actually shooting for the final had gone before, and Angelea has been designated as the winner. Allegedly (this fact has not been confirmed) Angelea has announced her victory on his Facebook account before the final episode was aired. This is certainly against the rules, because it means most people already know the outcome before watching it on television. As a result, Angelea disqualified, and the CW Network was forced to repeat some new scenes for the final ANTM All-Stars which show only two finalists.

This announcement makes clear Lisa and Allison shock. After all, Lisa could not hide her delight after being declared the winner.

"It's fantastic," said 31-year-old woman. "Trust me actually came from a very fragile condition. A lot to prove. Now I feel that the world finally on my side. I will not disappoint anyone. I've won America's Next Top Model All-Stars. Fun times."

For the final selection stage, finalists must perform several tasks. They undergo water-themed photo shoot in Greece, a photo shoot for Cover Girl ads (sponsor of this event), and a fashion show with clothes from the Greek-themed water.

Karlie Kloss wins title "The Body"

Kamis, 08 Desember 2011

Elle McPherson, a model in the era of the '80s and '90s, has been nicknamed "The Body" because of her slender, toned, and curvy. At the age of 47 was, Elle is still showing the body shape that makes it as one of the top supermodels. However, now Elle must be prepared to leave the title for a teen model that was no less beautiful, Karlie Klass.

At the age of 19, Karlie newly hired exclusively as one of the "angel" for Victoria's Secret lingerie brand. Victoria's Secret show last viewed about 10.3 million people in America, and of course joining Karlie made his name continues to rise. Opportunities for a variety of other work were waiting.

Now, the issue of Vogue Italia featuring Karlie coverage with photos snapped by photographer Steven Klein. In its headline, Vogue editor Franca Sozzani wrote "Body by Kloss'. In the photo, looks Karlie posing naked and only wearing a Sombrero hat and high heels.

At a young age, Karlie has indeed been noted many achievements. Graduated from high school in St.. Louis, Missouri, she has become a model of Prada and Christian Dior. Model from Chicago is ranked fourth in the list of Top 50 Models version of the site, where the first rank is occupied by Lara Stone. This year, the contract extended Karlie for Dior.

Praise for Karlie continued to flow. Photographer Steven Meisel said that Karlie is a model to the tip of her finger. French photographer Patrick Demarchelier is very fond of his emotions while on camera. Strong limping like a panther on the runway is also very recognizable.

But nickname of The Body of Vogue that further strengthen the image of Karlie. Even Gisele Bundchen did not ever get this nickname throughout his career.

When Designers Collaborate with Chocolatier

Enjoy the pleasure of chocolate may be the most easily found every day. But enjoy the chocolate-studded fashion design may only be found in the Magnum Pleasure 365, The Ultimate Chocolate Experience.

Brand of premium chocolate ice cream, Magnum, held a fashion show and exhibition involving five best designers of Jakarta Fashion Week fashion week. They are Tex Saverio, Stella Rissa, Barli Asmara, Priyo Octaviano, and Auguste Soesastro.

Unique and different Fashion design with a touch of Belgian Chocolatier by Andy Van Den Broeck. Andy collaborated with five designers in the fashion artwork complements the five fashion masterpiece.

Each dress represents the strong character of the five talented young designers. Although different styles, one similarity. Fashion design collections of five original designers were stained with Belgian chocolate.

It is a pleasure for the Chocolatier also the designer to create different works, meet the challenges of Magnum. For Andy, collaborated with fashion designer is not the first time. This is the second time for Andy in the creative with the original Belgian chocolate in fashion design.

"Creation of chocolate on each dress has a different technique. As layer technique, immersion, spray, each dresses to give different challenges and experiences. The risk of using chocolate on the clothing if it is not melting, chocolate will be ruined," said Andy after a press conference in Jakarta, on Wednesday (7/12/2011) ago.

Although each designer provides a challenge for him, Andy admitted, the most shocking fashion design challenge for him. "The design requires cumbersome and trying harder. I thank shocking that gives me a challenge to complete the vision, concept designs," he said.

While fashion design is known as Tex Saverio young designers a rich imagination, the most easily applied with a chocolate for Andy.

"I and designers need to compromise to produce works, because chocolate cannot be treated equally with other materials in making clothes," he said.

Magnum fashion design challenge for designers to its own pleasure. Stella and Auguste admit it. "This is a fun project. Designers also need to design clothing that is not based on orders," said Stella and Auguste, who was met on the sidelines Female Compass opening of the exhibition.

Each presented three fashion designers, and a fashion masterpiece that was designed with the original Belgian chocolate. Clothing of chocolate is on display until Sunday, December 11, 2011 in the exhibition-style Magnum is.

"Clothing is purchased and becomes the property of Magnum," said Stella.

With chocolate as one of the clothing material, the designers realized that fashion is not durable. Over time, the raw material of chocolate on the clothing will be damaged. This is where the designer of proven expertise. Creating clothing that represents the character and personal image, but still creative mixing and match ingredients to produce quality clothing.

"This is a temporary art. Chocolate will be damaged over time and decay. So I use the proper materials," said Auguste calico who choose material to make clothing two pieces, with cape tops 100 percent covered in Belgian chocolate.

While Stella presents feminine dress, a skirt that is designed to use chocolate. About the color, to match the concept of this Magnum-style dress, Stella chose black, white, and brown.

Tex Saverio, select one of the fashion design collections are shown in closing and Jakarta Fashion Week 2012. The luxurious thick golden shades in fashion design fashion Tex on stage JFW 2012. But this time, fashion design full details Tex-rich with chocolate. Even so, the distinctive character on the line especially in the detailed design Tex clothing is still a strong stand.

You can see for yourself the object of art is a pleasure for these designers. Perhaps this is the pleasure of five fashions you're looking for. A work of art and unusual fashion products, made from genuine Belgian chocolate, which can give pleasure and satisfaction, are different.