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About Sex Diseases

Kamis, 21 Januari 2010

About Sex Diseases

Gonorrhea & Chlamydia

  • This caused by bacteria. Infection begins a few days to several weeks after sexual intercourse with a person infected
  • In men, it causes a discharge from male genitalia. Urination can be painful. These symptoms may feel heavy or did not feel at all.
  • The symptoms of gonorrhea in women is usually very mild or not felt at all, but if left untreated, this disease can be severe and cause infertility
  • The disease can be cured with antibiotics if treated early


  • Caused by a virus, can be treated but not cured
  • Symptoms appear between 3 to 10 days after having sex with this disease
  • The initial symptoms appear as blisters which then opens into a small hole and watery.
  • In 5 to 10 days the symptoms disappear
  • The virus settled in the body and can reappear as things, and sometimes often
  • Women often do not realize that he was suffering from blisters occur because of herpes inside the vagina

Fungal infections

  • Caused by the fungus
  • Causing the red irritation under the skin of a man who is not circumcised
  • In women going out of thick white fluid that causes itching
  • Can be cured with anti-fungal cream


  • Caused by bacteria. The lesions appeared between 3 weeks to 3 months after having sex with this disease
  • The wound looks like a hole in the skin with a higher edge. In general, do not feel sick
  • The wound will disappear after a few weeks, but the virus will persist in the body and illness can appear in the form of blisters on the entire body abrasions will disappear too, and the virus will attack other part of the body
  • Syphilis can be cured at each stage with penicillin
  • In women lesions may be hidden in the vagina


  • Infection of the vagina that usually causes vaginal discharge that smells and cause inconvenience
  • Caused by various types of bacteria (bacteria gonorrhea, Chlamydia) or fungi
  • It can also be caused by a variety of harmless bacteria that are settled in the vagina
  • Can be investigated by examining the vaginal fluid with a microscope
  • In most cases can be cured with appropriate drugs according to the cause.

Genital ulcer

  • Caused by a virus (Human Papilloma Virus or HPV)
  • It comes in the form of one or more sores or lumps between months until a year after having sex with the disease
  • In general, can not be seen in women because it is located in the vagina, or on men for being too small. Can be tested with a layer of vinegar
  • It can have serious repercussions on women because it can cause cancer of the cervix
  • This genital ulcer can be cured, she must perform a pap smear every time change intimate partner

FLEAS Gender

  • Very small (less than or equal to 1 / 8 inch), brownish gray, settled on pubic hair.
  • Can be cured with a liquid medicine rubbed on genital hair


  • Similar to genital lice, but smaller in size and settled under the skin
  • It causes small wounds and itching all over body
  • Treated with liquid medicine into the body
  • Clothing, linen and towels should be washed after treatment, because the lice can live on fabrics

AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) / HIV DISEASE

  • The disease due to sex the most serious, causing no operation of the immune system
  • There are no real symptoms without blood research
  • Can cause death after 10 years after infection with HIV virus, but treatment has been found
  • Spread through sexual intercourse and use the same syringe.

Paprika Make Sperm More Aggressive

Selasa, 19 Januari 2010

Paprika Make Sperm More Aggressive

JAKARTA - EXCEPT as an ingredient or seasoning vegetables, peppers was rich in vitamin C, even higher contents of oranges. Paparika also contains many nutrients and can prevent cancer, coronary heart disease (CHD), stroke, diabetes mellitus, and can improve sperm quality.

Paprika (Capsicum annuum) is a type of chili that tasted sweet and slightly spicy. Compared to other chilies, peppers including special because it contains a very high nutrition, especially vitamin C. Vitamin C on peppers is much higher than the orange that had been known as a source of vitamin C.

Every 100 grams of red pepper contains 190 mg of vitamin C, the highest among other types of peppers. In contrast, only 100 grams of oranges contains 30-50 mg of vitamin C. Vitamin C is known as a compound the body needs in a variety of important processes, ranging from the manufacture of collagen (fibrous protein that forms connective tissue in bones), fat carrier, the shipper electron of various enzymatic reactions, hyper healthy gums, regulating cholesterol levels, as well as immunity boosters.

In addition, vitamin C is necessary for wound healing the body and improves brain function in order to work optimally. Body's need for vitamin C is 75 mg per day for adult women and 90 mg per day for adult men. The maximum limit consumption of vitamin C is 1,000 mg per day.

Peppers are also rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene. In red peppers contain 3131 IU of vitamin A, the highest than other types of peppers. Vitamin A is needed body to prevent eye disease, cell growth, immune system, reproduction, and maintaining healthy skin.

Beta-carotene is a type of antioxidant that may play an important role in reducing the concentration of radical peroksil. Ability to work as an antioxidant beta-carotene comes from its ability to stabilize the carbon-core radicals. Because beta-carotene is effective at low concentrations of oxygen, beta-carotene may complement the antioxidant properties of vitamin E is effective at high concentrations of oxygen.

Beta-carotene is also known as an element of cancer prevention, especially the skin and lung cancer. Beta carotene can reach more parts of the body in a relatively longer time compared to vitamin A, thus providing more optimal protection against the emergence of cancer.

The George Mateljan Foundation (2006) stated that vitamin B6 in the excellent category peppers. This is because peppers contain vitamin B6 by high density level.

Vitamin B6 is important for normal brain function; helps form the proteins, hormones, and red blood cells. Most of the content of beta-carotene is concentrated at the peppers near the skin. Just like other vegetables, paprika color aging, and beta-carotene in it more and more.

Vitamins B6 and folic acid in the peppers is good for preventing atherosclerosis and diabetes. Both vitamins are very necessary to reduce the body's homocysteine levels. Homocysteine is resulting from methylation cycle in the body.

Homocysteine is very dangerous for the body because it can interfere with blood circulation and trigger a deadly disease such as heart disease and stroke. Peppers are also rich in fiber (dietary fiber) that will help push the number of cholesterol in the body and prevent colon cancer.

In red pepper, there is a high enough lycopene. Lycopene is a carotenoid pigment that carries the red color. These pigments belong to the class easy phytochemical compounds found in fruits such as red peppers. Lycopene is known by a variety of benefits such as anticancer.

A study conducted at Yale University on 473 men found that men free of prostate cancer had more lycopene in their blood than those who were sick. The same research ever conducted by Harvard University in 2002, proving that men who consume large amounts of lycopene in cancer risk are lower, particularly prostate cancer.

In addition to prostate cancer, lycopene consumption can also reduce a variety of other cancers. A study in Iran as reported by Cook et al (1979) showed that consumption of lycopene can reduce 39 percent esofagal cancer in men.

De Vet HC et al (1991) reported that women who consumed at least three tomatoes a week have a risk of neck bone cancer 40 percent lower than those who do not eat. Helzlsouer et al (1996) reported that consumption of lycopene may reduce risk of 7.4 per cent of cervical cancer.

Lycopene also has been reported to overcome stomach cancer caused by Helicobacter pylori infection. The presence of lycopene is very useful for menghmbat oxidation caused by the bacteria. According to Atanasova (1997), lycopene can also inhibit the formation of N-nitrosamins which can cause stomach cancer.

Paprika is also a good antioxidant. Giovannucci (1999) reported the structure of lycopene is potentially as an antioxidant. The absence of the ring structure of lycopene has betaione cause antoksidan activities very well.

Stereochemical structure of lycopene is different from other types of karoteniod. Structure of lycopene can not be converted to vitamin A and are known to be efficient in capturing free radicals than other carotenoids.

Lycopene is also known to have antioxidant activity of two times stronger than beta-carotene and ten times more powerful than vitamin E. Thus, reaction of lycopene as an antioxidant in the body is better than vitamins A, C, E, and other minerals.

Increase Sperm
Consumption of lycopene in red pepper is believed to improve sexual quality. Lycopene are believed to increase sperm count, improve sperm structure, and improve agresivitasnya.

A study conducted in India on 30 infertile couples to prove that the consumption of lycopene of 20 mg for 3 months continuously can improve sperm count as much as 67 percent, improve the structure as much as 63 percent of the sperm, and sperm velocity increase as much as 73 percent.

According to the All India Institute of Science New Delhi (2002), lycopene is one of 650 types of carotenoids that are normally present in high concentrations in the testis. If the concentration of lycopene is low, he will easily experience infertility.

Lycopene in the red peppers can maintain mental and physical functions of the elderly. After entry into the bloodstream, lycopene would capture free radicals in the old cells and repair cells that have been damaged.

Managing way, Selecting, and Saving the Good
Paprika processing should be done with care so as not to reduce the nutritional value. In order for vitamin C levels do not quickly evaporate, paprika should be incorporated into the dish at the end of the cooking process or mixed with salad.

Storage peppers should be done correctly. Vitamin C can decrease, even disappear, if the peppers that have long divided left exposed to air. According to Irna (2005), tips on selecting and storing a good bell peppers are as follows:

  • Select peppers that his skin was smooth, shiny, and not dull.
  • Select peppers that hard to ensure that quality is still good and new.
  • If purchased in a state of plastic-wrapped, quickly open the packaging to avoid moisture.
  • Save the peppers in a plastic bag that had been hollowed out before put into the refrigerator, so that hold for a long time.
  • Peppers should not be left in a state will split if not eaten immediately because vitamin C is contained in it can be decreased / lost.

Benefits of Sexual Activity For Health

Rabu, 13 Januari 2010

Benefits of Sexual Activity For Health

Many people like sex as fun and rewarding. However, sexual activity is not simply to satisfy a biological need but also has a large contribution to the health of your body.

Here are 5 reasons why sexual activity can make your life healthier and happier:

1. Sex cures headaches.

If this entire headache hurt you to enjoy sex, just the opposite, sex will cure your headache.

Sexual activity stimulates the production of hormones that oxitocin in hyphotlamus then channeled to the entire brain tissue. Oxitocin will trigger the production of another hormone, namely endorphine. This hormone is relaxing effect. A research has shown an increase oxytocin can cure headaches, cramps, trouble sleeping and even stress. Therefore they are having sex more often will be happier and can handle stress better.

2. Circulation

When you are aroused and excited, the heart will beat faster and faster to pump more blood so the blood circulation to the brain and the body increases. When the blood circulation smoothly, then the turn of gross blood with fresh blood, too quick, so that the body is always fresh. So another benefit is your body is always fresh.

3. Maintaining fitness

Assuming sex is proportional to the exercise correctly. Benefits other sexual activity is to make the body stay fit and motivate you to keep your body shape to remain proportional.

A study describing ever done, with sexual intercourse, you burn 150 calories every half hour. So, if you still refuse to do this fun sport?

4. Youthful drug

Did you know, every time an orgasm during sex, the hormone production of DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) increases? DHEA is a hormone that can boost the immune system, repair damaged tissue, and keep skin healthy and can even work as a natural antidepressant for you.

So, the more often you have sex and orgasm, you are young and live longer.

5. Increased Estrogen and Testosterone

Men and women, each are producing hormones testosterone and estrogen. Men produce more testosterone while women produce more estrogen. When you have sex, the production of testosterone and estrogen will increase.

For men, testosterone not only increases libido, but it can also strengthen bones and muscles while keeping the heart working to keep it in a stable condition. Where as in women increase testosterones, making you want penetration with your partner.

Sexual activity also increases levels of estrogen in the body. Hormone estrogen in women sentimental effect but at the same time protects them from heart disease. As for men, the effect of increased estrogen levels will only make them more calm and quiet.

Not unexpectedly, it turns out sexual activity has major benefits not only as mere reproductive activity.

Kangaroo Method for the Premature Babies.

Minggu, 10 Januari 2010

Kangaroo Method for the Premature Babies.

METHOD FOR TREATING kangaroo premature infants

Kangaroo Method for the baby was found closely since 1983 is very useful for treating babies born with low weight during the treatment either in hospital or at home. Whether and how to do it?

Kangaroo method is able to meet basic needs of low birth weight babies by providing situations and conditions similar to the mother's womb, so as to give an opportunity to be able to adapt well to the outside world.


  • Improve maternal emotional relationships between mother and her child
  • Stabilizing body temperature, heart rate, and infant respiratory
  • Increasing the growth and infant weight better
  • Strea-Reducing maternal and infant
  • Reducing long-crying in infants
  • Improving the emotional state of mothers and babies
  • Increase production breast milk
  • Reduce the risk of infection during treatment in hospital
  • Shorten the nurse at the hospital


-Infants weighing ≤ 2000 g
-There is no disorder or disease that accompanies
-Reflexes and coordination of sucking and swallowing a good
-The development of an incubator for good
-Preparedness and participation of parents, very supportive in the success.

HOW DO kangaroo METHOD:

-Give baby clothes, hats, diapers and socks that have been heated in advance

-Put the baby in the mother's chest, in an upright position directly to the skin of the mother and make sure the baby's head was immobilized on the mother's chest. Position your baby with the elbow and legs bent, head and chest located in the mother's chest with his head slightly up.

-Can also use clothe with larger sizes of the bodies the mother and the baby is placed between the breasts, then she wore a scarf wrapped around his stomach so the baby's mother did not fall.

-When the clothes she could not support a baby, you can use a towel or a wide, elastic fabric or bags made so to keep the baby's body.

-She can move freely, be free to move while standing, sitting, walk, eat and talk. At bedtime, the mother half-sitting position, or by putting a few pillows behind in back mom.

-If the mother needs to rest, can be replaced by the father or someone else.

-In preparation for implementation need to be considered the mother, baby, baby's position, monitoring the baby, how give breast milk, and maternal and infant hygiene.

Choosing to give birth naturally or with surgery (seksio sesaria)

Sabtu, 09 Januari 2010

Choosing to give birth naturally or with surgery (seksio sesaria)

Today many women who feel so scared for natural childbirth or vaginal delivery. This fear is often because of hearing stories from relatives horrible or friends about their naturally experiences.

This causes many of today's expectant mothers who choose to perform an operation to have her baby.

Actual experience of each person will differ depending on who and how people responded to their experience at birth, it is best to every expectant mother prepare themselves with knowledge and mental readiness that this process is a natural process which our bodies are also prepared for all this, and of course need moral support from her husband and family.

Actual delivery or seksio operations, intended for specific medical indications, which we used for the mother and the baby indication.

All indications are based on the medical condition of the mother or baby that requires action by seksio birth, but now it becomes a new thing that developed in some societies, which do not because seksio medical indication of the mother or baby, but on the basis of requests from prospective mother for fear of giving birth in a normal / natural.

Is the baby naturally so scary, and seksio operation is the best solution? Seksio .-- Make a choice for your baby, NOT for a specific medical indication (which does require delivery through operations) and only the mother for fear DEMAND to give birth naturally-advice we can give is you should know first of all good and disadvantages of this Seksio Operations.

Seksio is an action to have the baby with the opening wall of the uterus through the incision in the abdominal wall. From the results of research experts in the United States that gave birth to a seksio will require uterine wound healing time is longer than in normal labor.
Mothers who gave birth to a baby with seksio are also advised to not contain a return less than 18 months from seksio act, because it has a high risk for the occurrence of uterine rupture, such as analysis, Dr. Thomas D. Shipp of Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts, USA with his colleagues, according to them, women who give birth again within 18 months after cesarean section, the possibility of uterine tear is three times than those who wait longer before giving birth again. This is because they have not completed the womb wound healing because the first seksio operation.

With the advancement of medical science today, should be the future mother-parents feel more secure to have the baby in a normal / natural process, you also do not need to worry, because in normal childbirth there is a natural mechanism that was already available naturally in your body for the birth of your baby, and also now you can consult your doctor about how to reduce the pain (anesthetic), which can be given to you.

Most important of all is the mental readiness of the prospective mother to deal with this delivery process, and convinced myself that this is a normal process of childbirth is a natural process and the best, unless of course there are medical indications that do require that you undergo surgery this seksio. And of course the moral supports from their husbands or fathers are also desperately needed.

Resolution 5 in the New Year's Style

Selasa, 05 Januari 2010

Resolution 5 in the New Year's Style

Having determined to start exercising, and more discipline in managing a healthy diet, this is the time you make a resolution on the style in the New Year. Fifth resolution of this style will help you to stay stylish, but also remained frugal.

Prepare the force for the weekend
Often we had a weekend to attend a particular event or activity. If you have this, it's not so nice if just wearing jeans and t-shirts worn. Not that this is not worthy, but choose clothes that make you look stylish certainly makes you more confident, too right? If you still want to wear jeans and t-shirt your favorite, try to complete with accessories rocks. Guaranteed appearance will change completely.

Create the principle: one in, one out
If you are determined to remove an item from the closet (either superior or subordinate) every time you buy something new, your wardrobe will not have dijubeli clothes out of date. Moreover, in Jakarta trends changed often so fast that if you are desperate you will be wearing outdated. With diligent "remove" old clothes, you'll think again to spend money on new clothes.

Donate your old clothes
Continuation of what you do on the points above, if you are already tired of wearing certain clothes, why not donate it to the orphanage? Or, offer to younger or old maid (even a friend!). You may not think that they were thinking, when it would be cool boss dilungsurkan to them? You can also invite some friends to hold a small bazaar or a garage sale.

Stretch your clothing
You remember when you're desperate to buy pants or jacket was cool though narrow in the body? You expect that tight pants can motivate you to slim down their bodies, so that the pair were later you can spend. Unfortunately, this motivation is often not strong. Because of that, you better take those tight clothes to the tailor, and do the reforms here and there to fit on your body. This will make you think again to repeat the same mistakes.

Trying new style
New Year should be a moment for you to change your style. If you feel you are not the type to wear leather jackets, rock necklace, boots, or even wearing a skirt, hm ... challenge yourself to start using it. You'll be surprised because the amount of attention to people about your appearance fresh.