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5 Things that Affect Your Hair Growth

Minggu, 21 Agustus 2011

Was surprised to see your hair growth is very slow when compared with your friends other women? There are several reasons why your hair may not grow as fast as you want. In addition to the genes, lifestyle also decisive.

If you include women who often experiment with hair and using hair products that contain chemicals it is not surprising if your hair growth is slow. Products such as hair dyes, bleacing, hair spray, relaxer and others, can cause hair easily damaged. Hair growth is inhibited by damage to the hair, which happens when you do the process.

Heredity can also be a reason. If both your parents have hair growth tends not fast, then likely you also have hair like them. According to an article in Science magazine published 10 November 2006 "slow growth of a human hair is closely associated with genetic factors."

Having a poor diet can also affect the health of your hair. Therefore, if you want to have healthy hair by doing a quick growth of healthy lifestyles such as drinking lots of water, taking supplements, vitamins and minerals, eat green vegetables and foods that contain lots of protein.

Most people believe that the more often you trim or cut hair, the hair will grow faster. There is no evidence to support this theory. Nevertheless, very well done to trim the hair to prevent split ends.

According to Karen Shelton, a hairstylist at Hair Boutique, excessive stress is believed to inhibit hair growth. Therefore free yourself from stress and your hair will look much healthier.

All About Amnesia

Amnesia is loss memory of someone such as events, information, and experiences. In general amnesia does not cause loss of identity. Symptoms are also called amnestik syndrome is usually clear and the patient knew who he was, but had trouble learning about information and forming new memories.

Amnesia caused by damage to parts of the brain important for memory processes. Unlike a temporary episode of memory loss (transient global amnesia), amnestik syndrome can be a permanent memory loss. Clinical treatment mentioned, there is no specific treatment for amnesia, but there are techniques for improving memory. Psychological support and family can also help people with amnesia.

The main feature of amnesia is an impaired ability to learn new information after the onset of amnesia (anterograde amnesia) as well as an impaired ability to remember past events and information previously known. People with the syndrome amnestik cannot store new information. In some instances they were impaired at the level of his memory. However, this memory loss will not affect intelligence, general knowledge, awareness, attention span, assessments, personality, and their identity. Amnestik syndrome usually can understand written and spoken. They did not lose the expertise that they possess, such as riding motorcycles, playing guitar.

Amnesia can also occur because of damage to brain structures that make up the limbic system, which controls emotions and memories. These structures include the thalamus at the center of the brain and hippocampal formation in temporal lobe of the brain.

There are also other types of rare-called psychogenic amnesia or dissociative. This happens because people shocked or experiencing emotional trauma, such as victims of crime. But usually this happens within a short time. Doctors Yoeswar Darisan, SpS, from the Indonesian Red Cross Hospital said Bogor amnesia in the world of medicine is said to be forgotten or not realized within a few moments. "Forget it, this is only the symptom. Usually more due to head trauma, "he told Tempo last Thursday.

These symptoms could be from mild to severe scale. According Yoeswar, if the patient asked about the incident that caused amnesia, such as falls, accidents, and certain events, he will not remember at all.

Unlike a dementia "In people with dementia will remember if reminded," he said. There is no treatment that can be done for patients with amnestik syndrome. While treatment for the syndrome that leads to dementia due to vitamin B1 deficiency can be done by replacing the vitamin and give a balanced nutrition. The amnesic patients generally can be treated regularly to learn new information. Can use the memories intact as a base to take new information, even through memory training with managing a variety of strategies to make it easier to remember and understand things.

The sophistication of the technology can be used with amnesia, such as personal digital assistants, BlackBerry, and iPhone. This powerful tool used to help people with severe amnesia in performing everyday tasks. If there is no sophisticated devices, notebook calendar, pill reminders, photographs, and a particular place can also help them.

Living with people with amnesia is not an easy thing. Not just family and friends are frustrated, but also patients themselves. "Talking with someone or those who understand the amnesia or support group might be more easier for her.

  1. False memories (confabulation)
  2. Neurological problems, such as tremors and seizures
  3. Aging
  4. Alcoholism
  5. Brain damage, either due to disease or injury in a collision
  6. tumors or infection
  7. Brain infection, or syphilis Lymedisease trillionth 
  8. Depression or emotional trauma, brain trauma, hysteria and stroke
  9. The drugs, benzodiazepines and trillionth ti anesthetic drugs
  10. Elektrokonfulsif therapy (especially those done in the long run)
  11. Anesthetic drugs
  12. Problem nutrients (vitamin B12)

Body Odor The sting

Living in a tropical country makes us familiar with the sweat. Water that seeps through the pores of the skin are usually arises when we feel hot or after exercise. It smells tend to be acidic. The sweat produced by the body cause odor after having contact with the bacteria on the skin surface. Bacteria break down fat and protein content in the sweat to produce acidic compounds. Sweat glands resulting in two layers of skin they are akrin and apocrine. Akrin glands spread over almost the whole body. The sweat produced acts as a regulator of body temperature.

Sweat usually appears when the body is conducting activities that produce heat energy, as well as nervous and nauseous. Whereas apocrine glands are generally found in areas such as underarm hair roots and sex organs. The resulting sweat glands is a potentially produce body odor on contact with bacteria. Apocrine glands become active when entering puberty. Accrine glands secrete fluid that contains water and is odorless. The fluid serves degrades the body at any given time. Whereas apocrine glands are contain saturated fatty acids with more viscous and oily liquids. Actually, the fluid is produced by the apocrine glands only smell of fat. However, because in every strand of hair there is one apocrine and contains bacteria that play a role in the process of decay, hence the smell of body odor. Sometimes there are people who have larger apocrine glands, so that a greater sweat production and spoilage bacteria are also much more. The smell of body odor is also influenced by genetic factors. However, it does not guarantee 100%. The important thing is how to always maintain the cleanliness of the body. Cleanliness body starts from the clothes we wear, regularly clean the body or bath 2 times a day, and keep the food we eat. Armpit hair also plays a role raises body odor. Medically, armpit hair serves to regulate the expanding surface of evaporation of sweat. At the base of the hair, there are many pores into the mouth of the sweat glands to drain into the armpit sweat. Fur around the genitalia can also make the body odor to odor, but because of its distance from the sense of smell, the smell that emerged was not too felt. As long as we always maintain the cleanliness of the body, the body odor will not appear. Because, if the sweat is produced by apocrine glands removed, the bacteria would not make the process of decay.

The condition of one's soul, such as stress or emotion, in fact also affects the apocrine glands work more effectively and productively, thus exacerbating the body odor. Another factor is obesity triggers the body odor. In obese people, tend to sweat trapped between the folds of her skin. If the glands apocrine sweat a little but we do not clean it and then mixed with bacteria, body odor will occur in our bodies. Especially if you often eat high protein foods, such as goat meat (because it can dilate blood vessels), durian, fried onions, smoking, alcohol, and antibiotics. Production of sweat every person is different. Transpiration is influenced by several factors, among others, body activity, ambient temperature, a puddle of emotion, and neural stimulation. Sweat contains sodium chloride is the main, the same as the main ingredient of salt. That is why the body sweat taste salty.

Cope with excessive perspiration or body odor caused by perspiration is not a difficult thing. Today, many products marketed deodorant to dispel a bad odor that appeared in the armpit area. Shaving in the armpit area is also effective in reducing odor. Body odor is something powerful issued by the sweat glands and armpits are one place to sweat. Deodorant products become the choice of many people to get rid of underarm odor. Other functions include underarm sweat glands is to remove toxins from the body. Because of that sweat is an important part of maintaining optimum physical health. Toxins from the body is removed after going through the process of metabolism, through urine, breathing the carbon monoxide and other toxins released by the skin as the body's largest organ. Armpit has an important function to remove toxins, because it is essential to the body sweating. But what about the odor generated? Experts say the smell comes from bacteria that live in the human armpit. But the main cause of armpit odor is the excretion of intestinal toxins harmful substances that try to get out, but with the use of deodorant solution is closed and toxic substances are being forced to remain in the system, as reported by Naturalnews. Sought ways to eliminate odors do not use deodorant products are not healthy, but rid you of the food into the body. In other words if the armpit has a bad odor, indicating that the body needs food that can improve. One of the foods that can cause underarm odor is red meat which is the number one cause of underarm odor, while also no junk food or fast food. While the food may reduce armpit odor is fresh fruits, soy products, healthy oils and other unhealthy content. Also foods that contain aromatherapy is also good for reducing underarm odor such as rosemary or oregano.

Here are some steps that can be done to reduce underarm odor:
  1. Rub with white vinegar underarms which can help eliminate the odor of the armpit, perform with a cotton bud.
  2. Rub with apple vinegar can lower the pH levels in the skin of the armpit. At low pH the bacteria that causes body odor will not last.
  3. Use baby powder or baking soda on the underarms, is to keep the underarms stay dry. Powder will help absorb moisture armpits and also kills bacteria.
  4. Make your own deodorant by mixing 6-8 drops of rosemary essential oil in water or mix 2-3 - drops of tea tree essential oil with water which serves as an antibacterial.
  5. Drinking a glass of herbal sage tea is known to reduce sweat gland activity, especially if the body is stressed or under pressure. Combine two teaspoons of sage in a cup of hot water and let stand for 15 minutes to drink each day.
  6. Keep health and hygiene of the body by bathing regularly twice a day.

Body odor can indeed be overcome in various ways. If a lot of ways you have tried but failed to also eliminate body odor.

Try the following natural ingredients:
  1. Provide l1 lime fruit is rather large, 13 tablespoons of whiting, l1 teaspoon pepper powder and 11 teaspoons of powdered camphor.
  2. Mix and mash all the ingredients are.
  3. Apply on armpits. Not only repellent odor, but also as an anti-sweat.

Diamonds of Ashes Human Bodies

Rabu, 10 Agustus 2011

Diamonds are a symbol of eternity. Through a special process, acquired a beautiful diamond stone from the ashes of dead human bodies by cremation. And this becomes a new trend in Switzerland, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, United States, Japan and China.

"Life Gem" the name given to this man than a diamond, the production company called Algordanza in East Switzerland to a vigorous promotion offering services transform ashes into diamonds

In every promo is said if the making of "Life Gem" is very useful especially for people who moved away from home, people who like to travel far, cemetery maintenance becomes difficult. And although the combustion increasingly popular, require a special permit is generally required for transport across the border.

Although most "Life Gem" requests from families after someone has died but lately people started asking Algordanza services company, before they die. They are even willing to pay in advance.

"500 grams of ashes is enough to make a diamond, while the human body to leave approximately 2.5 to 3.0 kg of ash," said Willy, one of the employees Algordanza. For the cost of manufacture, according to Willy ranged from 4.500 to 16.700 Euro and it came under the category of cheap. Because the funeral costs in Europe could reach 4.400 to 17.000 Euro. Each month, the company received 40-50 orders from all over the world, from mainland Europe to Asia.

In the laboratory the company, about 15 machines work relentlessly under the supervision of the employees who wear protective eyewear that works behind the yellow line and black line that should not be bypassed by visitors as a tribute to the deceased.

"500 grams of ashes is enough to make a diamond, while the human body can produce an average of 2.5? 3 kg of ash "said Willy. First, potassium and calcium, which is 85% of human ashes, is separated from the carbon. Then the carbon will be heated with high temperature and pressure, about 1,700 ° C, a process that compresses the ashes into graphite, the carbon allotrope.

Pressure and heat on the graphite will transform graphite into hardest allotrope of carbon diamond. The entire process takes 6-8 weeks, much faster than the time required for the formation of natural diamonds which take thousands of years.

"Each diamond is produced is very unique. The color varies from dark blue to almost white. This is a reflection of personality, "said Willy. Algordanza that stood since 2004 has now expanded to 20 countries, including six outside Europe, and employs approximately 100 people. According to currently very popular and high demand in Japan and China, this sends between two to four orders per day.

Meditation for Begginers

Selasa, 09 Agustus 2011

Balance yoga wisdom formulated five basic principles of thought. Among the principle functions of Yoga postures or Asanas, Pranayama, which expose the body if the proper meaning and proper breathing, and savasana or the maximum relaxation to relaxing the body system. Well, the second part of this paper will explore two other key principles of wisdom that completes a simple motto to live and think.

Eating in Right Way
Sattvic diet or vegetarian yoga is a method of providing the right fuel for your body and mind. Optimal use of food, water, sunlight is an important aspect. Food from fresh ingredients, simple, natural and easily digested and absorbed by the body is key to a healthy and functioning well.

Train yourself to eat healthy foods, foods that can maintain a healthy body. Fresh and simple food is a picture of a healthy diet.

Positive Thinking and Meditation How To Think Positive Grow
Dyana and Vedanta or the meditative and positive thoughts can remove various obstacles in life's journey. Meditation can help people through the limitations that exist within themselves and get to know inner peace.

Actually, happiness is achieved through temporary and floating thoughts. Such happiness is limited by nature. Meanwhile, to achieve happiness and absolute peace, must first understand how to calm the mind, concentrating, and thoughts over the limit.

By shifting the concentration of the mind inward, to ourselves, humans can deepen the experience to perfection concentrate. This is called meditation. We become what we think-just like the driver who drove his car toward the desired goal.

So, how the five principles can be introduced to our bodies-when it becomes a way of life, or maintained primarily for those who live in urban areas and can not escape the reality of life is so complex?

As with cars and even other systems in the world, the body requires maintenance and occasional special treatment, such as resting the body.

There are various ways meditative and body alignment that could be an option, ranging from the use of music, painting, enjoying nature, doing certain sports, culinary, and others. Although diverse, the goal of alignment is always incorporate aspects of the same: to stop for a moment and liberate the mind from all the clutter that piles up and replace it with peace. Because of a rule, peace will always expected. (EPN)

Learning Meditation For Beginners

  1. Educate yourself: Confusion and misunderstanding are generally caused by ignorance. Therefore, it is important for beginners to read some books on meditation and spiritual practice. Find a teacher that you feel competent or online community where you can get the answer.
  2. Set time: To make a routine of meditation as an activity, set aside a little time so you can be calm and undisturbed. Morning is the perfect time to meditate. However, if you are facing time constraints, you can also do it at night.
  3. Do not think about anything else: If you have some work to do, you'll want to finish it first before starting meditation. You must have a clear mindset before you sit down and meditate.
  4. Do relaxation: relax the muscles and tendons, thus making you more comfortable. Stretching is a process of "in and out" which would give a lot of input in the conduct of concentration.
  5. Get comfortable: Find a quiet spot that makes you feel comfortable. When you sit in a chair or cross-legged on the floor, make sure that your spine is perpendicular to the head. Close your eyes, relax, and sit back to focus your mind.
  6. Prepare your mind: Let your mind fixed on the original and reinforced inner stability. If you feel something else into your mind during meditation, try to refocus. A simple way to empty your mind is to focus on your breathing.
  7. Mantra: Using spells is a lot of meditation techniques are widely practiced. When meditating, you can repeat the words with positive vibrations like 'om', 'love', 'peace' and 'relaxed'.
  8. Deep breath: When meditating, you should take a deep breath. You do not have to breathe from the chest, but you should breathe from your stomach. This is an important aspect of meditation and it will repeat itself without you knowing it.
  9. Do it gradually: The more often you meditate, the more benefits you'll receive. For those of you who just want to try, start with a short time, eg 15 to 20 minutes. After that, you can gradually increase.
  10. Try a variety of mediation techniques: There are many kinds of meditation techniques that you can try. So, if one technique you feel is not right, keep trying new meditation techniques until you find the right one for you.