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Understanding Facts About HIV Virus

Rabu, 30 Desember 2009

Understanding Facts About HIV Virus

What is HIV?
Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV is also known as the Lentivirus group which is stills a family of Retroviruses and has many forms and biological structures, especially with his trademark character of a prolonged illness with an incubation period of the time period from entry of virus into the body to cause illness can be very long.

How to get into our bodies?
HIV can enter the body through sexual transmission is not protected either by someone who was exposed to HIV oral, genital or anal.
This virus can enter through infected blood from someone who is exposed to HIV to others. For example a syringe stabbed once exposed to HIV virus (usually the users of illegal drugs that needle exchange), as well as the recipients of blood transfusions containing HIV virus (but in general these days, blood product transfusions are checked for risk of HIV transmission).

Do not forget that the individuals who are often tattooed body and pierced with a needle that is used interchangeably also at high risk for infection. The risk of transmission was also obtained from mothers to children who are in the womb, though now with the combination of antiretroviral treatment is good and how delivery can reduce the risk of transmission.

What happens after exposure to HIV? What are the symptoms?
When the virus first entered into the human body, a person may not feel it.

Entry of the HIV virus are asymptomatic, but approximately 2 - 4 weeks after exposure to HIV, 80-90 percent of individuals will experience acute symptoms of HIV infection "as flu" which can last longer than 1 week to 28 days. Symptoms can also vary fever, enlarged lymph nodes, sore throat, diarrhea, prolonged fatigue, rash, until the muscle pains.

Because the non-specific symptoms are sometimes we do not think that this is a sign of HIV infection. Sometimes when patients come to the hospital, often diagnosed as other infectious diseases that have similar symptoms. Moreover, if a patient only complained of symptoms and did not explain about HIV risk factors that had he run.

For that, these symptoms are not typical symptoms that can be used in determining diagnosis of HIV infection, because it does not arise in every case and other infections could have similar symptoms.

After that, go to the period in which latent virus in the body but may not cause symptoms. This period can be very long until even 20 years in some studies could be up to more than 20 years prior to AIDS. Finally, come AIDS, which is the final stage of HIV infection.

What is AIDS?
HIV can lead to Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome / AIDS, a condition in the human body that cause our immune system decreases. Our bodies become sick easily and opportunistic infections from pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi) which in normal circumstances not be turned off even usually do not cause disease in healthy people. But another story on the lower body endurance, in which pathogens can infect so she could no longer fight off infections that attack the infection even including the kind that usually can be overcome when sick.

This can be dangerous, because there was no body's defenses can make you more vulnerable to any kind including fungal and other infections that can cause death.

How a doctor can say I get HIV?
In addition to the symptoms and the risk factors of transmission, one needs to conduct lab tests, and this takes a long time and repeatedly. Why repeat? because the antibody levels measured body usually can not be seen in a short time, if you want to be sure, should talk about the exam with your doctor.

How to cure?
For the present, not yet found a drug that can cure this disease let alone kill the virus. However, many new findings HIV therapy that can be used as an immune system enhancer.

Adding the immune system is not by taking drugs immune enhancer on the market but with anti-retroviral drugs to HIV-specific. About treatment should be discussed between the treating physician and the patient so they can choose the best treatment.

Bone Supplements Prevent Breast Cancer

Senin, 14 Desember 2009

Bone Supplements Prevent Breast Cancer

It’s like rowing two islands exceeded, so efficacy of bone tonic which was also useful to prevent breast cancer.

This preliminary conclusion resulting from the study of 151,592 female participants, in which 2216 participants are taking bisphosphonates or amplifier bone to prevent osteoporosis, at the beginning of the study.

Checked during the seven years later it was discovered only 31 percent of participants who drank bone supplements with breast cancer. Positive benefits of this supplement to dominate, even after the researchers put a variety of factors, such as age, smoking habits, weight, hormones, and other factors that affect bone density and breast cancer.

Although this is not enough research to prove the benefits of these supplements for cancer prevention, but this is enough to give hope. Moreover, many women who consume these tablets bone amplifier.

But experts still do not understand how these tablets work, whether because the bones become more resilient against the spread of cancer, or because the drug has side benefits as antitumor capable of preventing the emergence of cancer.

Other studies confirm the benefits of a tablet for the prevention of cancer is a study conducted in Israel experts. In a 2000 study comparing postmenopausal women with breast cancer in 2000 that did not have breast cancer, known from 29 percent of patients taking bisphosphonates first group.

However, these bone tablets is known to have side effects of pain in muscles and joints. Until now the recommended drugs to prevent breast cancer in healthy women is inhibiting hormone called tamoxifen and raloxifene.

Present Kawasaki disease in Indonesia

Kamis, 10 Desember 2009

Present Kawasaki disease in Indonesia

Does Kawasaki disease (PK) that?

PK Tomisaku discovered by Dr. Kawasaki in Japan in 1967 and then known as mucocutaneous lymphnode syndrome. To honor its discoverer, the disease was finally called Kawasaki. In Indonesia, many of us who do not understand this dangerous disease, even though the medical community. This is what led to the diagnosis is often late with all the consequences. Appearance of this disease can also fool the eye that can be diagnosed as measles, allergy medicines, viral infections, or even the mumps disease. The disease is more frequently attacked the Mongol race is primarily attacked a toddler and most often occurs at the age of 1-2 years. In fact, the author never found a PK at a 3-month-old baby who suffered from fever for 18 days.

Incidence rate per year in Japan is the highest in the world, which range from 1 case per thousand children under five. Ranking was followed by Korea and Taiwan. As in the United States ranges from 0.09 (in the white race) to 0.32 (in the Asian-Pacific) per thousand children under five. In Indonesia, the authors found that the case of PK has existed since 1996. However, there are doctors who declared've found before. However, Indonesia has only officially recorded in Kawasaki disease map of the world after a series of case reports of Advani PK et al filed on an international symposium to Kawasaki disease-8 in San Diego, USA, in early 2005.

Predictably, the case in Indonesia was not a little, and according to rough calculations, based on the number of global events and ethnicity in our country, every year there will be 3300-6600 cases of PK. But in reality, the detected cases are still very far below this figure. Between 20 and 40 percent suffered damage to the coronary arteries of heart. Some will recover. However, others were forced to live with heart defects caused by coronary blood flow is disrupted. A small percentage will die of heart damage.

PK until the cause is unknown, although allegedly due to an infection. However, there is no convincing evidence to that effect. Therefore, how to prevent it is also unknown. The disease is also not proved contagious.

The initial symptoms in the acute phase are a sudden high fever and can reach 41 degrees Celsius. Fluctuating fever for at least 5 days, but never reached normal. In untreated children, fever may last for 1-4 weeks without a break. Antibiotics did not help. Approximately 2-3 days after fever, other symptoms began to appear in stages, namely red blotches on the body similar to measles. However, symptoms of a cold cough dominant measles are usually mild or nonexistent in the PK.

Other symptoms that arise are the two red eyes, but without the dirt, swollen lymph nodes on one side of the neck which sometimes suspected mumps disease (Parotitis), resembling a strawberry red tongue, lips red as well and sometimes cracked, and the palm hands and feet were red and slightly swollen. Sometimes a child complains of pain in the joints. In the healing phase, exfoliation occurs at the tips of your fingers and feet and then come across the line-shaped basin at the foot and hand nails (Beau's lines).

PK patients should be hospitalized in the hospital and get control of the child cardiologists. The most feared complication is in the heart (occurs in 20-40 percent of patients) as they may damage the coronary arteries. Complications to the heart usually starts happening after a day-to-7 and 8 since the beginning of fever. At first, these vessels can occur dilation and constriction can occur inside or blockage. As a result, blood flow to the heart muscle that can cause disturbed damage to the heart muscle known as myocardial infarction.

Examination of the heart becomes very important things, including ECG and echocardiography (cardiac ultrasound). Sometimes ultrafast CT scan, Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA) or cardiac catheterization is required in severe cases. The laboratory for this disease is not typical. Normally, white blood cell count, blood creep rate, and increased C reactive protein in acute phase. Thus, the diagnosis is established on the basis of clinical symptoms and signs alone, so the doctor's experience was needed. In the healing phase, an increase in blood platelets, and this will facilitate the occurrence of thrombus, or blood clots that clog coronary arteries of heart.

The drugs are an absolute must given by intravenous immunoglobulin for 10-12 hours. Drug plasma obtained from blood donors is powerful, both to relieve the symptoms of PK and reduce the risk of heart damage. But the expensive price to be constraints. Price of one gram of around is Rp 1 million. PK patients require immunoglobulin 2 g per kg of body weight. For example, a child weighing 15 kg requires 30 grams, at a price of about Rp 30 million. Patients are also given salicylic acid to prevent heart damage and coronary artery blockage. If there are no complications, then the child can be discharged in a few days.

In the case of late and had coronary artery damage, need of hospitalization is longer and intensive treatment to prevent further heart damage. If the drugs do not work, then sometimes required coronary bypass surgery (coronary bypass) or even, though very rarely, a heart transplant. Death can occur in 1-5 percent of patients who are treated late, and a peak occurs at 15-45 days after the initial fever. Nevertheless, sudden death may occur many years after the acute phase. PK also can damage the heart valves (especially mitral valve) that can cause sudden death a few years later. Possible recurrence of this disease is about 3 percent.

In patients who clinically had fully recovered even say that the coronary arteries will have abnormalities in the inner lining. This allows the occurrence of coronary heart disease, later in young adulthood. If found in acute coronary heart attacks in young adults, it may need to consider that the patient may have exposed PK as a child. May we all need to be aware that the disease does not cause further casualties?

Sperm Have Nose

Rabu, 09 Desember 2009

Sperm Have Nose

Want to know how the sperm could find a ready fertilized egg in the womb? A study conducted by Dr. Marc Spehr of Rohr University Bochum in Germany managed to identify an olfactory odor on the surface of sperm.

Known, this odor olfactory task sperm move toward the source of a particular scent. This mechanism implies that the sperm depends on the sense of smell to find a ready fertilized egg.

Once explanation Science researchers reported at the end of March. Hopefully, further study of this process will one day be useful for researchers to create alternative contraception or even a new means to support fertility.

Olfactory odor on the sperm that recognize that the research team identified as hOR17-4. This substance is a group of proteins known as the identifier smell (olfactory receptors), which served to detect the scent.

Although many of these protein groups found in the nose, some of them, such as hOR17-4, were found in all parts of the body. Previous researchers have known that the olfactory receptors are also found in sperm, but what works in a place that was not clearly known.

In his research, Spehr and his colleagues describe hOR17-4 on various chemicals to see which could make it the active protein. From there they found, with a substance called bourgeonal, human sperm become active and start moving toward the source of these chemicals.

Bourgeonal is a synthetic ingredients used in perfume industry and sense-it is not a substance that is used to guide the body toward the sperm to the egg. "We do not see the molecules in bourgeonal there is also the human body, but was trying to learn composition. Who knows what that contributed in the female genital tract, "said Spehr.

Just FYI, according to Spehr, researchers have found between 20 and 40 olfactory receptors like hOR17-4, concentrated in the testicles. However, it is unclear whether the egg to reach all the sperm cells using only one course or complete protein.

In an editorial commenting on the study, Dr. F. Donner Babcock noted that if the correct sperm used smell to an egg, it will be useful for handling cases of infertility. "It is not possible a number of clinical infertility is caused by damage to the signal emitted by the egg cell. Or it could also translate the sperm of the received signal, "said Babcock.

Added, in the future, diagnostic tests designed to detect such abnormalities could explain why some people can not get pregnant.

Herpes, Not Simply Sexual Disease

Senin, 07 Desember 2009

Herpes, Not Simply Sexual Disease

Herpes long been regarded as a "dirty" disease because it related to sexual activity that is not healthy. Yet, not all diseases are caused by herpes sexual activity.

Jo, private sector employees aged 24 years, felt itchy and sore in the crotch. Her skin was blistered as firing. Once seen, it seems that the rash covered like smallpox. "It feels sore and hot. Touched underwear just very sore," said Jo.

Uncomfortable with burning and itching sensation, he also went to the doctor. How surprised when the results of the examination the doctor said he was exposed to herpes. As far as he knew, herpes is a disease which is transmitted through sexual activity. "Actually, I never do sexual activity with another person," said Jo.

Advanced smallpox
"Actually, not all herpes from sexual activity that is not healthy. So the assumption that herpes is always caused by sexual activity is wrong," said Dr. Midi Haryani, Sp.KK, skin and venereal specialists RS Hermina Jatinegara.

In the medical world, herpes is another form of smallpox. This is a skin inflammation characterized by the formation of bubbles of water in groups.

Described by Dr. Midi, herpes divided into large groups, namely herpes simplex or genital herpes and herpes zoster. Genital herpes is an infection or inflammation of the skin, especially in the genitals, caused by herpes simplex virus (VHS).

"Herpes is inherent in the assumption that society, ie transmitted through sexual activity is not healthy," Dr.Midi calls. Genital herpes can be experienced by anybody; usually the patient or her partner had a history of sexual contact with another person.

The good news is that circumcised men have a lower risk of disease due to herpes genital mucus membrane becomes thickened and normal skin, so it is more difficult to catch the man who had not circumcised a thin mucus membrane.

Meanwhile, herpes zoster, or shingles caused by varicella-zoster virus. Bubble liquid shingles can occur anywhere throughout the body. "It could appear in the buttocks, on the cheek, the hands, even in the forehead. Usually the appearance of the place-that's all, will not move or spread to other places," Dr. Midi.

Type of herpes which is also known by the name of this snake pox called chicken pox disease advanced. Because the type of virus that attacks the same. It's just that, in herpes zoster, a larger bubble liquid and clustered in certain parts. Anyone who had a chicken pox potentially affected by herpes zoster.

Do not let broken
What is important in dealing with herpes is to keep the fluid-filled bubble is not broken. One way could be to give the powder to help lubricate the skin.

"If broken, can be a doorway for other germs. It makes no secondary infections that occur in addition to herpes," mentioned Dr. Midi.

Therapy to treat herpes is with the provision of antiviral drugs. Acyclovir drugs are suitable to cure herpes. An important fact in dealing with herpes is to convince the patient to consult his doctor. The reason is, if it is suspected she suffered from herpes, the patient will usually be embarrassed or feel uncomfortable if you have treatment.

"Better to be treating yourself to a doctor, because this disease can be transmitted to a partner," said Dr. Midi. "Moreover, herpes can also be transmitted to newborns."

In pregnant women, herpes must be healed before the time of labor. If it came down, he said, can cause defects in the eye to meningitis in infants.

One thing to remember, herpes may reappear despite treatment. "When the bubble of fluid is lost, it does not mean the virus is gone. Herpes virus is still present in the body, they hide in the spinal cord and wait for a chance to strike back," he said.

Various causes could be a culprit of herpes came back. The most common is the decrease of endurance. Conditions such as stress tired minds can also trigger the return of herpes. (GHS / Michael)

New Weapon Against Cholesterol

Minggu, 06 Desember 2009

New Weapon Against Cholesterol

Excess cholesterol can cause buildup of fat that can clog blood vessels that can cause heart attacks and strokes. Particles that carrying cholesterol throughout the blood vessels, popularly known as "good particles" (HDL) or "bad particles" (LDL).

Called bad cholesterol when excess is dragged causing fat accumulation or blockage in the artery walls (atherosclerosis), whereas both the name given when they are able to bring cholesterol back to the liver for disposal.

Now, scientists have created the small particles in laboratory-like particle carriers (carrier) is good, so that cholesterol can be transported before they could settle and cause plaques. Particle surface is coated in fat and protein so they could tie themselves with cholesterol for subsequent transport to the blood vessels.

"These particles in the future will be important in the treatment of cardiovascular disease management," said Dr.Andre Nel, head of division of nanomedicine and the director of the Center for Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology at the University of California, Los Angeles, USA.

Nel explains, these particles have the same shape as the natural HDL particles circulating in the blood. This artificial substance carrier capable of cleaning the blood vessels and there are plaques can rupture and cause a stroke or heart attack.

HDL particles are made later is not only useful for cardiovascular therapy but also diagnosis. To facilitate monitoring, the experts also put metal objects and gold in the center of the particle. "So these particles will be visible through imaging technology," said Nel.

Studies in the field of nanotechnology, nanoparticles that produce good cholesterol (HDL) was also done by scientists from universities Northwestern University and Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Manhattan.

Scientists now also has completed research on animal testing and will soon conduct further studies in larger animal models. "If there are no proven side effects, we can make it as a drug to prevent the plaque in arteries. This will be a revolution in cardiology," he said.

Heterosexual is The Main Trigger HIV Transmission in Indonesia

Kamis, 26 November 2009

Heterosexual is The Main Trigger HIV Transmission in Indonesia

JAKARTA - the last survey by the Department of Health together with the Association of Indonesian Public Health Experts and the National AIDS Commission in 2009 proved that the main drivers of HIV / AIDS in Indonesia are a heterosexual relationship. The results of this survey presented by representatives from the Ministry of Health, Prof Dr Chandra Yoga in Advocacy Seminar "Universal Access and Human Rights" in Jakarta, Thursday (26/11).

"Ten years up to September 2009 was a case of HIV / AIDS in Indonesia is growing very fast, and most widely transmitted through heterosexual contact," he explained. Of all cases of HIV / AIDS in Indonesia, as much as 48.8 percent transmitted through heterosexual contact, followed by injecting drug use as much as 41.5 percent, and homosexuals as much as 3.3 percent.

The results of this survey is surprising considering that in previous surveys are also conducted Association of Indonesian Public Health Experts, Department of Health, and National AIDS Commission noted that the use of narcotics through the needle the cause of HIV / AIDS the most significant in Indonesia.

Responding to this, Health Minister Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih reacted quickly to develop policies on HIV / AIDS for the next 5 years with the primary goal, namely the perpetrators of such aberrant heterosexual relationships female sex workers and WPS customers.

"Treatment of HIV infections / AIDS must be done immediately. The government also planned policy on HIV / AIDS for the next 5 years and 100-day target the health sector. The main goal of this treatment policy was key populations such as the perpetrators of deviant heterosexual relationships, such as commercial sex workers, "she said.

200 Million Children be Sexual Violence Victim

Jumat, 20 November 2009

200 Million Children be Sexual Violence Victim

JAKARTA - About four million children died at the age of four weeks or 28 days each year, more than 200 million children in the world become victims of sexual violence, and 126 million children live as a hard worker.

So some facts of life a child who presented the European Commission Head of Delegation Julian Wilson in the 20 years commemoration ceremony Convention on the Rights of the Child, Friday (20/11) at Le Meredien Hotel, Jakarta.

The fact above is only a fraction of the various forms of child rights abuses that often occur in parts of the world. In Indonesia for example, such as UNICEF submitted in writing, more than three million Indonesian children are doing dangerous jobs, like working on fishing platforms, or other hard work.

In addition, about 100,000 Indonesian women and children trafficked every year. A total of 5,000 children are in rehab bad boy, and 84 percent of those convicted are placed in adult prisons. Plus the post-tsunami Aceh and North Sumatra, as many as 2000 children orphaned and suffer psychologically.

UNICEF data mentioned only a violation of child rights in the field of child protection, not including in other areas, such as education, health and nutrition, and HIV / AIDS.

In education, for example, an estimated two million children not in school, and only 30 percent of young children who have access to formal services of early childhood development.

For the health sector, UNICEF data shows that half of infant deaths occur in the first week of life, and maternal mortality is still high, ie 307 women per 100,000 women.

The level of micronutrient deficiencies, such as iodine, vitamin A, and iron, are still high. As many as 58 million people in Indonesia do not eat salt, and 70 percent of women and children suffer from anemia.

In the 20 years commemoration ceremony Convention on the Rights of the Child also shown a picture of a child's life was not free from dirty and violent environment. For example a picture of a boy who worked in the fishing platforms. In the middle of the sea, they work hard like an adult.

Likewise, the children's live as road singers and hawkers. There is also a picture of a boy named Tegar that be the victim of violence from his father. For information, Tegar nearly killed by his father to train themselves in Madiun, East Java. The result of their father lost his leg Overdrive.

Likewise, the image of the neighborhood children who are not healthy and dirty, like a cardboard houses on the banks of times.

Today, Indonesia, the European Union, and UNICEF to commemorate 20 years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which is a universal standard for the protection and development of children.

No Have Rahim, Could Still Have Children?

Selasa, 17 November 2009

No Have Rahim, Could Still Have Children?

Vaginal agenesis is also known as Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser (MRKH). This incident could have happened 1 of 4,000 women. This is due to a lack of good development while still in the womb so that the uterus and the vagina are not well established. Although puberty experienced by women who experience these disorders in general are still normal growth of pubic hair and enlarged breasts, these women usually do not experience menstrual periods.

From the outside, the form of this woman's genital area looks normal, but if examined more closely, inside the vagina is usually very narrow and short. Usually in these disorders, although there is no uterus, ovaries are still there.

Before you had sexual intercourse, most women with vaginal agenesis have to do the procedure to extend the vagina. This can be done by the method of dilation, in which a woman will be taught to enlarge the vagina hole by entering assisted dilators with the supervision of expert doctors and nurses. This can take up to many months to achieve adequate vaginal depth and wider to allow the occurrence of intercourse.

Then, in addition to dilatation of the method you use can use to extend the operating procedures of the vagina, this process is a bit more complicated to do. Consult with your obstetrician for this option.

Have children
Then for the problem child, unfortunately you can not get the experience of pregnancy and menstruation. But do not be sad, there are other ways to get kids because your ovaries are still there, the egg and sperm can be united with the technique of in vitro or familiar with IVF and implanted into surrogate mother or surrogate mother who is willing to give her uterus while pregnant for you both. The boy was still the love of you and your husband will be.

Emotional problems
It's one that happens to you now. You may feel stressed and this may last for years, from frustration to sadness is prolonged. However, do not forget you're not alone. Share it with your parents because it's sad not only you, but also parents. If you need to provide time for consultation with an expert in dealing with psychological problems that you experience.

Know Signs and Symptoms of Aging

Senin, 16 November 2009

Know Signs and Symptoms of Aging

Physical changes such as graying hair and wrinkled skin is not a major sign of aging. Indeed, the aging process begins with the decline of even the cessation of function of various organs of the body. As a result of the decline in function, appear different signs and symptoms of aging process.

According to Prof. Dr. Pangkahila Wimpie, SpAnd, signs and symptoms of aging process is basically divided into two parts, namely the physical signs, such as reduced muscle mass, increased fat, wrinkled skin, decreased memory, disturbed sexual function, decreased work capacity, and bone pain . The second is a sign of psychic, among others, decrease in vitality, insomnia, nervous, irritable, and felt no meaning anymore.

In the book Anti-Aging Medicine, published by Compass, the doctor Wimpie explain, in general, the aging process takes place over the following three stages:
1. Subklinik stage (age 25-35 years)
At this stage, most of the hormones in the body start to decline, the hormone testosterone, growth hormone, and hormone estrogen. The formation of free radicals, which can damage cells and DNA, began to affect the body. This damage is usually not visible from the outside. Therefore, at this stage people feel and look normal, no symptoms and signs of aging.

2. Phase transition (age 35-45 years)
During this phase hormone levels decreased to 25 percent. Reduced muscle mass of one kilogram every few years. As a result, energy and power was lost, whereas the increase body fat composition. This situation causes insulin resistance, increases the risk of heart disease, blood vessels, and obesity. At this stage people begin to feel young again and look older.

3. Clinical stage (aged 45 years and over)
At this stage, hormone levels decline continues. Decrease also occurred, even the loss of the ability of absorption of food, vitamins, and minerals. Decreased bone density, muscle mass decreases about one kilogram per year, which resulted in the inability to burn calories. Chronic diseases become more real, organ systems begin to fail.

By looking at the third stage, was the aging process is not necessarily indicated by symptoms or complaints. This shows that people who do not experience these symptoms does not mean not having aging.

Recurring Miscarriage mystery

Sabtu, 14 November 2009

Recurring Miscarriage mystery

The death of the womb often seems mysterious, unexplained. In fact, it often considered just a coincidence. Though is not always the case. According to dr Kanadi Sumapraja, SpOG, MSc from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology FKUI RSCM, the incidence of spontaneous abortion in the population ranges from 15-20 percent for the entire pregnancy.

Recurrent miscarriages can cause mental stress and trauma for the couple who wanted children. For women, recurrent miscarriage trigger guilt because consider themselves unable to sustain pregnancy.

Kanadi say, a woman can be called recurrent miscarriage if miscarried three times or more consecutive pregnancies at less than 24 weeks.

However, for Kanadi, investigating the causes of miscarriage can actually be done after the woman suffered a miscarriage. Especially if the couple wanted immediate presence of offspring.

"It was almost three times just after the new experience may be investigated. And can any time I have problems because of the blame and women, "he said.

If it viewed from the age of incidence of miscarriage during pregnancy, a miscarriage can be classified as a pre embryonic miscarriage (going under the age of 6 weeks of pregnancy), miscarriage of embryonic (6-8 weeks gestation), miscarried fetuses (8-12 weeks gestation), fetal abortion information (12-24 weeks of gestation).

Miscarriage and embryonic pre embryonic many events associated with chromosomal abnormalities, hormonal abnormalities, endometrial disorders, and immunological factors. The fetus miscarried early and advanced many disorders associated with anti phospholipids syndrome and trombofilia.

"Therefore, it is important to know the miscarriage of pregnancy occurs, the previous scan, to the structure of the fetus, for example, has seen her heart or not," he said. Armed with such knowledge can be known early miscarriage categories and can assist the investigation or examination of a doctor.

Blood coagulation

There are many possible causes of miscarriage. In fact, there is a miscarriage that can not be explained. To know for certain required intensive examination.

So far dr Karnadi said, some researchers study the results show that genetic abnormalities, uterine anatomy, anti phospholipids syndrome, and trombofilia have a strong relationship with the miscarriage.

An estimated 7 percent-25 percent of patients with recurrent miscarriage have an association with anti phospholipids syndrome. Anti phospholipids antibodies accelerate blood clotting and trigger a blood clot.

Miscarriage because phospholipids syndrome caused by thrombosis or formation of blood clots block blood flow to the placenta. As a result, babies do not get the nutrients from the blood, or a little less growth, and then died.

In cases of recurrent miscarriage are thus the use of heparin, a compound to prevent blood clots, has long been known.

Therapeutic effect of heparin on recurrent miscarriage cases caused by anti phospholipids syndrome is not only due to the effect of anticoagulant or blood dilution. However, it can also because of other effects. Apparently, heparin is also has the effect of phospholipids inhibit the binding of antibodies, triggered the anti-inflammatory effects, and facilitate the process of placental implantation.

"The experiences of traumatic miscarriage do not have to happen," said Kanadi. If investigated and the cause is known and given proper treatment, women who miscarry often give birth to babies with a safe and healthy.

HIV/Aids in Homosexual Feared Up

Kamis, 12 November 2009

HIV/Aids in Homosexual Feared Up

JAKARTA - Cases of HIV / AIDS increased concern among a group of men has sex with men. Key populations tend to be closed. Scope of the smallest reduction programs compared with other risk groups, such as needle drug users and sex workers and their female customers.

It is stated Deputy Secretary of Development Program National AIDS Commission Kemal Siregar socialization in a press conference for World AIDS Day commemoration held by the Association of Indonesian Public Health Experts, Thursday (12/11).

HIV prevalence of 0.22 per cent of the population in 2008, but the HIV epidemic has increased the multidimensional nature to the level of "concentrated", i.e., HIV prevalence exceeds 5 percent in the key vulnerable populations infected with HIV / AIDS, the female sex workers, injecting drug users, residents built correctional institutions, and groups of men who have sex with men (LSL).

Secretary-General Aminullah IAKMI Syahrul said the increase would cause such an epidemic of social and economic burden. Therefore, it takes a strong political commitment to restrain the rate of cases of HIV / AIDS, including promotive and preventive activities. "This is to save future generations," he said.


He said one of the epidemic trends of HIV / AIDS into the future is an increasing number of new infections in the LSL group. HIV prevalence among LSL reach 5.2 percent based on the results of the Integrated Surveillance of HIV and Behavior in 2007 and is projected to continue to increase. It is estimated that the number of gays, transvestites, and LSL about 700,000 people.

Kemal said, compared with women prevalence among direct sex workers (10.4%), transvestites (24.4%), and injecting drug users (52.4%) was smaller. However, these groups are closed and thus less maximum coverage of the program, where only 9 percent and prone to increase.

As for the other key populations, such as injecting drug users have reached 30 percent and sex workers about 50 percent. And ideally, the scope of the program reaches 80 percent, so there is still a big gap. Moreover, the way men have sex with men big risk to HIV infection / AIDS because of the possibility of injury is also greater.

"To anticipate the increasing cases among key LSL is not easy because they tend to be closed so that an intervention by activists from among themselves," said Kemal.

To increase coverage is still low LSL's, the next planned comprehensive program. The program was formulated and implemented to actively involve the population.

Being Too Fat Illegal in Japan Now

Being Too Fat Illegal in Japan Now

TOKYO — In Japan, being thin isn’t just the price you pay for fashion or social acceptance. It’s the law.

So before the fat police could throw her in pudgy purgatory, Miki Yabe, 39, a manager at a major transportation corporation, went on a crash diet last month. In the week before her company’s annual health check-up, Yabe ate 21 consecutive meals of vegetable soup and hit the gym for 30 minutes a day of running and swimming.

“It’s scary,” said Yabe, who is 5 feet 3 inches and 133 pounds. “I gained 2 kilos [4.5 pounds] this year.”

In Japan, already the slimmest industrialized nation, people are fighting fat to ward off dreaded metabolic syndrome and comply with a government-imposed waistline standard. Metabolic syndrome, known here simply as “metabo,” is a combination of health risks, including stomach flab, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, that can lead to cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Concerned about rising rates of both in a graying nation, Japanese lawmakers last year set a maximum waistline size for anyone age 40 and older: 85 centimeters (33.5 inches) for men and 90 centimeters (35.4 inches) for women.

In the United States, the Senate and House health care reform bills have included the so-called “Safeway Amendment,” which would offer reductions in insurance premiums to people who lead fitter lives. The experience of the Japanese offers lessons in how complicated it is to legislate good health.

Though Japan’s “metabo law” aims to save money by heading off health risks related to obesity, there is no consensus that it will. Doctors and health experts have said the waistline limits conflict with the International Diabetes Federation’s recommended guidelines for Japan. Meantime, ordinary residents have been buying fitness equipment, joining gyms and popping herbal pills in an effort to lose weight, even though some doctors warn that they are already too thin to begin with.

The amount of “food calories which the Japanese intake is decreasing from 10 years ago,” said Yoichi Ogushi, professor of medicine at Tokai University and one of the leading critics of the law. “So there is no obesity problem as in the USA. To the contrary, there is a problem of leanness in young females.”

One thing’s certain: Most Japanese aren’t taking any chances.

Companies are offering discounted gym memberships and developing special diet plans for employees. Residents are buying new products touted as fighting metabo, including a $1,400 machine called the Joba that imitates a bucking bronco. The convenience store chain Lawson has opened healthier food stores called Natural Lawson, featuring fresh fruits and vegetables.

Under Japan’s health care coverage, companies administer check-ups to employees once a year. Those who fail to meet the waistline requirement must undergo counseling. If companies do not reduce the number of overweight employees by 10 percent by 2012 and 25 percent by 2015, they could be required to pay more money into a health care program for the elderly. An estimated 56 million Japanese will have their waists measured this year.

Though Japan has some of the world’s lowest rates of obesity — less than 5 percent, compared to nearly 35 percent for the United States — people here on average have gotten heavier in the past three decades, according to government statistics. More worrisome, in a nation that is aging faster than any other because of long life spans and low birth rates, the number of people with diabetes has risen from 6.9 million in 1997 to 8.9 million last year.

Health care costs here are projected to double by 2020 and represent 11.5 percent of gross domestic product. That’s why some health experts support the metabo law.

“Due to the check up, there is increased public awareness on the issue of obesity and metabolic syndrome,” said James Kondo, president of the Health Policy Institute Japan, an independent think tank. “Since fighting obesity is a habit underlined by heightened awareness, this is a good thing. The program is also revolutionary in that incentivizes [companies] to reduce obesity.”

Though the health exams for metabolic syndrome factor in blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, weight and smoking, waist size is the most critical element in the Japanese law — and perhaps the most humiliating.

The hesitancy of some Japanese to expose their bare stomachs to the tape measure has led the government to allow the tape measures to be administered to clothed patients. Those who elect not to strip down are permitted to deduct 1.5 centimeters from their results.

The crudeness of the system has alarmed some doctors. Satoru Yamada, a doctor at Kitasato Institute Hospital in Tokyo, published a study two years ago in which several doctors measured the waist of the same person. Their results varied by as much as 7.8 centimeters.

“I cannot agree with waist size being the essential element,” Yamada said.

Perhaps more astounding, even before Japanese lawmakers set the waistline limits last year, the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) amended its recommended guidelines for the Japanese. The new IDF standard is 90 centimeters (35.4 inches) for men and 80 centimeters (31.5 inches) for women. But the Japanese government has yet to modify its limits.

On the day of her exam, Yabe arrived at the clinic at 8:30 in the morning. The battery of tests lasted an hour. The result: her waist was 84 centimeters — safely under the limit. She had shed 6.5 pounds thanks to her diet and exercise.

A week later, however, Yabe was back to eating pasta and other favorite foods.

“I want to keep healthy now, but I don’t know,” she said. “Maybe in December, I will have many bonenkai [year-end parties]. And next summer I will drink beer, almost every day.”

Have a Boyfriend but, Fantasizing with Women

Senin, 09 November 2009

Have a Boyfriend but, Fantasizing with Women

Sigmund Freud has a theory, that the fantasies and dreams is a "reconnaissance hole" of the unconscious; but think about sex with women does not always mean you want to have sex with women. According to Suzi Godson, author of The Sex Book, it is more accurately called imagination. With imagination, one can do whatever she wants without worrying about the consequences.

Even so, there's no doubt that pornography has an influence in what we imagine, and since pornography is generally made by men for men, session of girl-on-girl seemed more challenging. According to Godson, a lesbian usually begin to identify themselves (whether heterosexual or homosexual) at the age of about 13 years. Most women had tried to have sex with same-sex once or twice in her life, but they do not consider themselves lesbians. They just want to know, want to explore the trends themselves. So if you decide to explore your homosexual tendencies, be prepared that what is in your imagination was not as beautiful as you imagine.

Imagine a woman also does not mean that you're a lesbian, or bisexual, according to Michele sugg, sex therapist in Branford, Connecticut. You may feel attracted to a woman (or a particular woman), but this may be a sign that was losing the closeness or sense of comfort with a friend.

"Sometimes a woman symbolizing the care, love and intimacy, in her dreams," said sugg. If you're dealing with a man, and you do not get the attachment you want, you may be dreaming of a woman, which would mean that you need closeness "more" than that given your loved one. An even erotic dream about women does not mean anything to show your sexual identity.

Therefore, even if you feel sexually attracted to other women, you do not need to make a big deal. Sugg can be sure that you will not always feel attracted to women. At other times, you will forget it.

Toilet Seat Can't Contagious Sexual Disease

Sabtu, 07 November 2009

Toilet Seat Can't Contagious Sexual Disease

It is good to learn about their bodies and what choices we can explore to the body. Indeed, to the best information source is to ask directly to the doctor who is trusted and proven experience.

However, how often we can come and ask the doctor. As a result, we hear more what people think, parents, friends, and the people closest when it comes to health.

Dr. Sophia Yen, MD, researchers from the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital in Palo Alto, California, to explain some misconceptions of the myths surrounding sexual health. Among;
Rata Penuh
- Can contracting sexually transmitted diseases when using toilet seat
Sexually transmitted diseases or infections can not live outside the body for a long time, especially in the cold, hard surfaces, such as the toilet seat. Plus, bacteria and germs that are not contained in the urine (which is usually sterile), so the possibility of infection is very small.

Which can transmit sexual diseases is skin to skin contact or kissing the mouth and the mouth. This can transmit herpes, gonorrhea, Chlamydia, boils, scabies, lice and displacement.

- Not be pregnant at first sexual contact
The name of sexual contact and are likely to result in pregnancy. In fact, statistics show that 20 percent of women become pregnant within one month they start sexual activity.

- It will not be pregnant if having sex during menstruation
Although unlikely, but still possible, especially when we are making love without contraceptives or condoms. Some women have a menstrual period in conjunction with ovulation so that they can be located in the fertile period while menstruating.

- Drugs can make fat contraception
Although already passed a variety of clinical tests, but no one has proved the correlation between oral contraceptive drugs and weight gain. This is still a conversation between the women. A review article about it published in 2006, analyzing 44 people and found that, although the participants did experience weight gain during the study, but there was no evidence that the contraceptive pill was the cause. One of contraceptives that can trigger weight gain is contraceptive injection medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA). A study reported by University of Texas showed the average increase in 11 pounds of respondents within 3 years.

The Composition of Sperm

Rabu, 04 November 2009

The Composition of Sperm

Seminal fluid serves as a lubricant in sexual relations. Each ejaculation, the average male seminal fluid or cement about one teaspoon. Many of these seminal fluid at least depending on age (younger more and more and more), when was the last ejaculation, and the type of stimulation received.

A teaspoon of semen contains approximately 21 kilojoules (kilo calories) and 200-500 million sperm. Because of the number of sperm is only about one percent of seminal fluid, and what the remaining 99 percent?

According to Dr Elna McIntosh sexologists, in addition to sperm, seminal fluid consists of fructose sugar, water, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), citric acid, enzymes, proteins, phosphate, and zinc.

Therefore, there no need to worry if accidentally swallowed semen. To prevent transmission of sexual diseases, still advised to use condoms during sex.

However, until now still debated, whether HIV transmission can occur through oral sex fluids containing semen. To be sure, there is many a sexually transmitted disease that can occur through oral sex.

Sex Tools 4 Women

Senin, 02 November 2009

Sex Tools 4 Women

If you've run out of ideas, or bored with the style or position is-it merely as having sex with a partner, why not try sex tools? This sexual equipment you can get around you, or the result of hunting in Rata Penuhthe store, but what is important is its function as a driver back your spirit and mood that had loosened. Do not hesitate to ask this equipment on the couple. However, when you can enjoy a relationship with your partner, spouse would surely feel the same way.

Well, what a woman needs to have to dig back to the ideas that refreshing?

1. Pillow (or roll)
What is the function of pillow? Do not be suspicious first. Pillows are placed in the proper position can give you a new variation of the position. Try to tuck a pillow under your hips in the missionary position, suggestions Mabel IAM, author of Sex and the Perfect Lover. Or put in between your legs when you're making out.

2. Vibrator
The question is not why you should use a vibrator, but, why not? You can use a vibrator to explore what feels good for you, or ask the couple to add a new sexual dimension. Women who reported using a vibrator to enjoy greater sexual satisfaction is high, increases libido, and orgasm more easily, according to research conducted Love Network expert from Redbook magazine, Laura Berman, Ph.D.

3. Liquid lubrication
Liquid lubricant not only makes things "glide" smoothly, but also helps to have sex longer (because the vagina is not dry quickly), and easier to make the position different. To find the right lubricant, try as much as you can advice Pepper Schwartz, Ph.D., sexologist and author of Prime. "The fun of this is the time to find one you like, and liked your body," he said. Lubricant that contains a lot of water (such Pink Water) suitable for you who worry about allergies, while those made from silicon could last longer. You can even find organic and natural lubricant. Take a look at the pharmacy or drug store.

4. Sex Toys
Whether you can prepare yourself (like whipped cream) or a character game (like the costumes or cuffs), a nice property like this can add excitement you both. To find what is fun or makes you curious, occasionally adult shop visit when you're traveling. Or find it in the online shop.

5. Sex books
Information about sex, you can get from anywhere, especially from the book. "Read with a partner while relaxing in the bedroom, and make as icebreakers," says Emma Taylor, an expert on sexuality. The book is written with Lorelei Sharkey, Sex: How to Do Everything, 55 book Sexual Problems You Want to Know But "Taboo" for Asked by Dr. Andik Wijaya; or starved Sex Marriage: Guidelines for Improving Passion Sex in Marriage, by Michele Weiner Davis, is a sex book that you can make provision to enhance the harmonious relationship with your spouse.

6. Romantic songs
Beautiful music can form a good mood. Everyone has different memories of music, whether it's your favorite song of all time, the upbeat dance track, or indie songs that you often enjoy with your partner while on campus. In order not to repeatedly flipping through CDs and have to act like a DJ in the middle of intercourse took place, set the player in shuffle or repeat mode, or play the entire play list on your iPod.

7. Sexy lingerie
"Like when you wear sports shoes when going jogging, wear lingerie that helps you feel sexier," suggested sex educator Dorian Solot, author of I Love Female Orgasm. No need to wear black lingerie style of Hollywood movies. Wear whatever, your favorite underwear that makes you feel more confident, whether it's a camisole and panties super mini, or push-up bra and thong. You can also try wearing clothes that give a different role for you: You are brave, a little naughty, or elegant.

8. Erotic books or films
Erotic things that can help promote and maintain your mood, or provide creative ideas to try with your partner, "said Solot. Eroticism necessary material to help you find your fantasy, among others, romantic movies, sexy, story erotic, or the classic novels that you always love like Lady Chatterley's Lover or Lolita.

10 Foods that Increase Sex Passion

Minggu, 01 November 2009

10 Foods that Increase Sex Passion

Many myths about food that can enhance sex drive, among them brown. The results of the study did show that some vitamins and certain minerals contained in foods can promote hormonal levels, increase the sensitivity of the nerves, and making sex more enjoyable. If one day you feel so excited with your husband, blame your food before consumption. Judy Dutton from Redbook magazine explains the benefits of the following foods to increase your sex drive:

Strawberry. Fruit with a fresh appearance and seductive contains antioxidants and improve blood circulation. If your blood circulation smoothly, of course, your body feels more fresh and ready to face the "attack" the heat of the couple. If strawberry as smoothies, mix it into the cornflakes, or dip into melted chocolate.

Eggs. Whether boiled or scrambled, eggs contain vitamin B6 which helps the body balance hormone levels and cope with stress. Is the atmosphere in the office has reduced the romantic mood with your husband? Make an egg sandwich, or other foods that contain vitamin B6, such as spinach, carrots, peas, sunflower seeds, wheat germ, or fish, to improve your mood.

Steak. And beef, dark poultry meat can help control the body's production of prolactin, the hormone that in high levels can reduce your sex drive. But you who prefer vegetables also can get the spirit or the same encouragement from brown rice, wholemeal bread, green vegetables, and soft cheeses (such as Cheshire or Lancashire).

Onions. Garlic breath is not sexy, but that if only happens when you kiss without brushing your teeth first. In fact, red onion or garlic widens blood vessels and improve blood circulation in the lower body. Sauté garlic broccoli, or kebab meat and onions you can enjoy a few hours earlier.

Brown. Here he is mastermind of pure. There's a reason why food has become the choice the majority of women. Chocolate contains a compound called methylxanthine, which triggers the release of dopamine in the body's hormones. Loss of dopamine hormones can provide a sense of pleasure to yourself, and make you melt into the arms of Si He.

Oranges. The fruit is rich in vitamin C, which increases stamina and combat the flu. Other benefits of orange that you do not know is the increasing levels of oxytocin, a hormone that encourages you to get in touch with other people, whether by arms or snuggled into the arms of Si He. Bored with orange juice, just enter the orange slices into a salad or a sauce made crepes.

Oatmeal. Foods that you normally make to breakfast is not only good for lowering cholesterol, but also increases testosterone levels in the blood. As you know, testosterone is important for the health of both men and women. Functions include increased libido and energy!

Ginger. Whether you like as ginger drink, or you chew on the sidelines enjoying the sushi, this herb accelerate your metabolism so your body get a new sexual energy.

Walnuts. This snack contains fatty acids, which is the main component in sexual hormones. This Kudap just nuts, or add to your brownie batter.

Honey. Besides believed to maintain stamina, honey also contains boron, a mineral that can increase levels of testosterone that promote libido. Consumption of honey as a sugar substitute in tea or materials to make roast chicken processing.

Top 6 facts about Menstruation

Sabtu, 31 Oktober 2009

Top 6 facts about Menstruation

Hormonal changes that occur during the menstrual cycle were cause interference, the disruption to talk to diarrhea. Consider whether you also have the following 6.

1. The first week of your hormone cycle is a good week to start a diet. According to the results of a study conducted at Tufts University, you've begun to eat up to 12% this week, and have fewer hormones associated with the desire to eat.

2. Quit smoking during the second half of your cycle is also recommended. A study in 2008 which was held the University of Minnesota showed that estrogen is the hormone that gives us encouragement to enjoy addictive substances like nicotine. When these hormone levels decreased in the third and fourth week, the desire to smoke goes down, so actually it easier for you when they want to quit smoking.

3. According to the same research from the University of Minnesota, progesterone contrary to your verbal skills. As a result, you will often wrong way, and loss of reasoning. This hormone can also cause constipation and bloating, so you should eat lots of foods that contain fiber and water.

4. You experience PMS can be contagious to others. When you find the couple went along with the menstrual cycle moody when you arrive, immediately calm him. It is still much more research needs to be done, "But there is other evidence that the monthly fluctuations in testosterone may also produce PMS-like symptoms in men," says Jed Diamond, a psychotherapist from California is also the author of Male Menopause. In a study presented at the Society for Menstrual Research, at the 11th Biennial Conference, the men who fill in questionnaires complaining about the mood swing that happens every month, similar to that experienced by the women surveyed.

5. When you board with female friends, they could get a period at the same time with you. This is caused by the lunar cycle. The experts also said that the chemical signals in the body of a woman may be caught by others, and women living together may share the same source of stress, so influential at the time of their menstruation.

6. Menstrual period can also cause your diarrhea. The same chemicals, which trigger uterine contractions to help remove the blood, can inadvertently cause the lower intestine to join contract.

Vaginal and Clitoral Orgasm

Kamis, 29 Oktober 2009

Vaginal and Clitoral Orgasm

Orgasm, its arrival is always eagerly awaited in the cycle of sexual relationships. New orgasm appears when a person experiences sexual stimulation occurs intense. Well, orgasm is the culmination of these stimuli.

Nearly all men can achieve orgasm every sexual intercourse. However, it is not so with women. In women, there are two types of orgasm, the clitoral and vaginal orgasms.

Clitoral orgasm is achieved through clitoral stimulation to the organ. This organ is located at the top of her genital lips and a little closed. Just as with the male penis, the clitoris has a lot of sensitive nerves that moment. When the clitoris is stimulated, blood flow to organs and make this little bit bigger.

Next comes a sense of pleasure that came from that section and spread to the head or down through the thigh to the foot. Breast nipple becomes hard and the skin becomes a little warmer. Vaginal muscle contractions and vibrations felt bumpy outer genital area to mark the arrival of orgasm.

If the penis has the function of procreation and urination, the only goal of the organ of the clitoris is to give pleasure. Based on a survey of women who masturbate, 84 percent claimed to have an orgasm from stimulation of the clitoris.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, since thousands of years ago has informed the importance of organ clitoris. He also believes that women can ejaculate a topic that remains controversial to this day.

For clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm can be done in three ways, there are oral, using the hand (masturbation), or sexual relations. Stimulation with oral and hand are more effective than a sexual relationship. One position is believed to make women reach orgasm is the woman on top. With this position, she can adjust the stimulation to the clitoris itself so as to accelerate the occurrence of orgasm.

In the meantime, acquired vaginal orgasm can through stimulation of the vagina. Some have called this type of orgasm as the G-spot orgasm. To note, vaginal orgasm can not be achieved if only relying on vaginal stimulation alone because most of the penis can not touch the G-spot.

Some sex positions that allow the penetration of the can be done to achieve this vaginal orgasm. Stimulate the G-spot by hand can also be an option.

Causes of Abnormal Keputihan

Selasa, 27 Oktober 2009

Causes of Abnormal Keputihan

Keputihan experienced by women are made uncomfortable, but do not discharge any of the normal there. What actually causes vaginal discharge? Discharge is caused by glands in the uterus and vagina carry out cells - dead cells and bacteria with mucus expenditure, this solution causes the vaginal mucus us keep it clean and helps to prevent infection.

Actually proper when a woman has vaginal discharge, the number and color can vary, ranging from clear to slightly yellowish, such as milk, is associated with the menstrual cycle. You also may notice a difference in the amount of vaginal discharge or odor from it.

If you are experiencing fertility, lactation or in a state of arousal, vaginal discharge obtained quite naturally. The smell can also change if you're pregnant or not clean in your own hygiene. Maybe it would be better if you know what conditions could cause these abnormal vaginal discharge.

Changes in the balance of bacteria in the vagina may affect the color, smell and texture of white. Here are some conditions that can cause changes in the balance of bacteria and the levels (pH) vaginal acid:

  1. Rata PenuhThe use of antibiotics or long enough streoid causing bacteria "good" guards dead and the pH of vaginal yeast thrives.
  2. Bacterial vaginosis, a bacterial infection that often occurs in pregnant women or in women who have many sexual partners
  3. Use of birth control pills because hormones influence the balance and imbalance in pH occurred
  4. Cervical cancer
  5. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, which is a sexually transmitted infection
  6. Uncontrolled diabetes so that high sugar levels cause the sugar in the urine and blood and cause bacteria to flourish.
  7. The use of vaginal washing soap for disturbing the pH balance of the vagina
  8. Pelvic infection after surgery
  9. Pelvic inflammatory disease
  10. Trichomoniasis, a parasitic infection that is usually due to sex is not safe
  11. Vaginal atrophy, thinning and dryness of the vaginal wall because of menopause
  12. Vaginitis, an inflammation condition and irritation around the vagina
  13. Fungal infections

"Sexomnia", Sex While Sleeping

Minggu, 25 Oktober 2009

"Sexomnia", Sex While Sleeping

While annoying to women, many men who fell asleep after making love. However, there was more annoying than that, the people who have sex while you sleep. These conditions by the experts called sexomnia.

Three researchers from the University Otawa, Toronto, and the Toronto Western Hospital, described as a combination of sexomnia having a wet dream and sleepwalking.

Interestingly, according to a study conducted by researchers, most pairs of people who do not mind sexomnia the partner conditions. Most were happy and did not care to have sex with a partner who was in unconscious condition.

The disorder is found sexomnia experts as they interviewed patients at a sleep disorders clinic. This is called Sexomnia different variation of sleepwalking. However, previously also been known to the sleepwalking patient who did not indecent when they were asleep.

In a study conducted in Canada was found in 11 cases sexomnia and nearly all are men. A 35-year-old husband described himself as going through an erotic dream, then realize that dream with his wife unconscious. He realized his behavior when his wife told the next day.

A lover of the 43-year-old man also told her, her partner is often to have sex while asleep. Even so, this girl did not mind because, she said, her boyfriend turned into "others" while asleep. "He was more gentle, romantic, and trying to satisfy me," he said.

A wife feels her husband's behavior with Asperger's different sexomnia. "We fell asleep, she had become aggressive in bed," he said.

Although the number of cases found sexomnia still small, but experts suspect the number is likely much greater. This is because not many patients who consult a doctor because it did not consider his condition as a problem.

Anal Cancer

Kamis, 22 Oktober 2009

Anal Cancer

Farrah Fawcett, the famous artist thanks to her role in the series Charlie's Angels, died at the age of 62 years. News of her death has not been exposed to the media for "lost" by the news that Michael Jackson's death occurred on the same day. Fawcett died of rectal cancer she had fought for three years.

According to the American Cancer Society, in 2009 cases of rectal cancer will increase until 5290 and approximately 700 infected will die. Although her disease is still a lot attack men, women also have a risk of this type of cancer.

Rectal cancer associated with the same virus that causes cervical cancer, the human papillomavirus, HPV-16. However, there are several other risk factors for cancer include smoking, having sex through the anus, the opening of the rectum is not normal, have more sexual partners than one, the age of 50 years, and anus often experience swelling (inflammation) or irritation.

Symptoms include feces from the rectum of expenditure that is not normal, pain, bleeding, and itching around the anus. But, unfortunately, these symptoms are generally considered practically so often overlooked.

The prevention of course with no has sexual relationship with someone who has the HPV virus. Early detection can help prevent the spread of this disease. If you are sexually active sexual intercourse through the anus, it could not hurt to regularly go to the doctor. The way the investigation with anal Pap tests, but not everyone is recommended to do this process. You can consult your doctor for more information.

Anal cancer treatment is same with other cancer treatments, such as by surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. However, there were few alternative treatments are done. The disease is not much exposed, but what happened to Farrah Fawcett brought the news about this issue more widely. Farrah had a chance to make a video documentary about her journey against the disease, including when she tried alternative medicine. From this documentation, the fans around the world can catch the suffering, fear, and hope for recovery.

Men Imagining Sex Every 7 Seconds?

Rabu, 21 Oktober 2009

Men Imagining Sex Every 7 Seconds?

Many myths about sex that circulated in the community. There is a right, there is not. There is nothing wrong to know what is scientifically true, and which can not be explained, to increase our knowledge. Does your knowledge of these myths is good enough?

1. Unable to get pregnant if you have sex in the water.
If a healthy woman and a man healthy sex without contraception, so the woman could get pregnant. Similarly, if it intercourse is performed in water. If no sperm are alive and healthy to meet the egg in the uterus to meet the woman, then she remains a potentially pregnant. This myth can be considered wrong.

2. Men can not pretend to orgasm
"They can, and they do it. In a study conducted at the University of Kansas, as much as 35 percent of men admitted they pretended orgasm. Even someone has to do when oral sex. Of course, men can not fake ejaculation, but they could pretend to be as bellow and do certain movements. Why? Like women, they could fatigue, stress, as well as difficult to reach a climax, but still want to make their partner feel good.

3. Oral sex 100 percent safe
"Transmission of HIV virus through oral sex is rare, but you will still be infected with sexual diseases, such as gonorrhea (gonorrhea disease) and herpes. In a recent study report found that women who had oral sex with 6 men or more had higher risk of oral cancer. This likely caused by a viral infection of the human papilloma virus, the virus that causes cervical cancer. If it will do, try to use a condom with a sense.

4. Men think about sex every 7 seconds
Assume that the man has 16 hours of time awake during the day. If he thought about sex every 7 seconds, then it means he thought about sex as much as 57,000 times a day. This amount is roughly as much as the amount a person to breathe when he woke up (not sleeping). In fact, if someone thought about sex all that often in one day, he would not be able to do anything (and certainly it will make people mad).

5. Women can not have sex while pregnant big
"Unless prohibited obstetricians, women who were pregnant still able to have sex. In fact, research proves that pregnant women who engage in intercourse to prevent premature birth. There are even some women who felt their first orgasm while pregnant, perhaps because of changes in hormone levels. Position is the key. Most pregnant women stated that the spoon position and the woman-on-top is the best.

6. Female masturbation only when they were still single
Not true! In a recent study reported that more than 40 percent of women had husbands masturbate often. And the fact, women who masturbate while have a husband are already has reported more satisfaction in intercourse. Maybe because they become more attuned sensitive points of their own, so he could direct her husband.

Are there any other myths about sex you've ever heard and have not found the explanation?

How Much Expectant Mother can Drink Coffe

Senin, 19 Oktober 2009

How Much Expectant Mother can Drink Coffe

When you're pregnant, there are lots of food and drink restrictions set by the doctor. Among other things, never drink coffee, tea, and soft drinks. Why?

Coffee and tea contain caffeine which stimulates the central nervous system, increase blood pressure and heart rate. In addition, caffeine consumption can also increase the frequency of urination. Possibly, some important vitamins such as B and C go to waste. That is why, coffee and tea consumption during pregnancy should be limited. No more than 400 mg of caffeine per day, or about 3 cups of coffee per day with an approximate 1 cup of coffee contains 100 mg of caffeine. As for tea, the maximum allowed consumed 8 cups a day.

High sugar

While soft drinks full of high sugar content. There are about 250 calories of soft drinks in one glass. Moreover, the sugar in soft drinks is the sugar fructose, which is a synthetic sugar chemically extracted from corn. As a result, blood sugar content could rise rapidly. Pregnant women were at risk of diabetes mellitus during pregnancy, while the fetus will be overweight.

In addition, consumption of large amounts of sugar can disrupt the function of the nervous system, since the sugar in the body must be broken down into energy, while the sugar-solving process requiring vitamin B6. Logically, the more sugar is consumed, the more vitamin B6 is depleted. In fact, lost vitamin B6 would disrupt the function of the nervous system, with one of the effects of extreme fatigue and easily distracted as well as in stress conditions. That is why; during the pregnancy we should avoid the consumption of carbonated soft drinks.

Apart Baby, What's Out At Birth?

Minggu, 18 Oktober 2009

Apart Baby, What's Out At Birth?

"Maybe this question sounds silly, but I've heard that sometimes we'd like to defecate while pushing during the birth process. I want to know the truth all these things." Thus a letter from a woman, between fear and curiosity.

This is a very common question, and not at all stupid questions. This woman concerned, when the pushing, she also took out the dirt, so it will pollute the baby. In addition, there may be some other substance which is also issued at the same time trying hard you push the baby out, either liquid or gas.

In fact, when you are in labor, you use the same muscles you use when they want to defecate. According to Rebecca Odes and Ceridwen Morris, author of From the Hips: A Comprehensive, Open-Minded, Uncensored, Totally Honest Guide to Pregnancy, Birth, and Becoming a Parent, the need to push the baby out with the need to poop. You use the area, triggers, and the same muscle. So, do not be surprised if you can remove the dirt while pushing to remove the baby.

However, this is the norm. Before you realize that "something" happened, the nurse who helps the doctor to handle your delivery will be immediately cleaned. They've been dealing with it, and nobody will feel disgusted to see it. When your husband or your families accompany any in the delivery room, they probably will not notice.

In fact, taste like poop likely occur in the early stages of your labor, or before the baby's head appeared. Women often experience diarrhea before labor, because the hormone progesterone relax the small intestine along with everything else. The nurse may also conduct an enema (injection to wash the stomach) before the time of labor. If nurses do not do it, you may ask. But you need to know, even if you have the stomach to empty before, when you start pushing, you can still push your digestive cycle.

In short, there's nothing you need to worry about these things. If you are trying to push, but at the same time also did not want to push too hard, you're just going to add to your workload. Gave birth to a baby is an intense event, so that women will tend to shift priorities in an effort to remove the baby. When you finally managed to push the baby out with the complete and perfect, will concern the presence of poop will soon disappear.

How to overcome the turmoil Pregnancy Hormones

Kamis, 15 Oktober 2009

How to overcome the turmoil Pregnancy Hormones

Talk about reproductive hormones, we will meet with the two lovebirds: progesterone and estrogen. Two "friends life" we are very volatile, so often made furious. Many people call the female hormones, because an important role in the body of a woman. In fact, both these hormones are also produced by the body of a man, though not much.

When you're pregnant, estrogen production is very large. Within a day, the amount even greater than that produced by non-pregnant women for three years! This is because the primary role of estrogen in controlling the development of important organs in the fetus. This hormone also “forces" our bodies to adapt to the presence of the baby, such as by making the uterus becomes large. No wonder that many physical and psychological changes occur in women, during the nine months of pregnancy.

Receive the effects:
* Presents a red rash or acne on the skin.
* There is stretch mark.
* Breasts enlarged.
* Enlarged genitals. The vaginal wall becomes thicker.
* Itching in all parts of the body.
* Increased appetite.
* Stress.

Overcome with:
Acne medical without antibiotics. If the acne was very disturbing arise, should ask the doctor to prescribe these acne medications, because it is safe and does not affect fetal development. If you do not want to eat any kind of medication during pregnancy, try to overcome acne with simple ways. Reduce consumption of fat, and increased intake of natural foods rich in antioxidants.

Olive oil. The appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy can not be avoided, but can be reduced. Rub olive oil on the abdomen, after each shower. Perform regular basis during pregnancy. Olive oil will serve as a natural moisturizer for the skin.

Calm the mind. Go with the pregnancy with joy and full of positive thoughts. Eliminate the fear of childbirth. If you feel emotionally unstable, ask your spouse and other family members for more attention to you. This will suppress potential for stress in pregnancy.

Eat regularly. To cope with the increased appetite, always provide healthy snacks. So, when we suddenly hungry, no food can be eaten immediately. This also helps to relieve anxiety.

German Men is The Worst Lover

Rabu, 14 Oktober 2009

German Men is The Worst Lover

You are more tasteful to the northern men, and intend to seek foreign partners? Do not be fooled by look or a more handsome appearance. You even need to be more observant vote. Male German or English men, for example, should not have chosen. According to research, German men are the worst lovers in the world, while the British men ar not incompetent in bed. Why?

A survey conducted by research website, ask questions to women from 20 countries to assess the nations in terms of ability on the bed, and give reasons for their answers. No fewer than 15,000 women participated in the survey, and finally there is the conclusion that: German men become lovers of the worst because of sloppy (too smelly), while the British men took second place for being too lazy in the sex session. So imagine (Hugh Grant or Jude Law), they were inclined to let his partner the lead when having sex.

Other discoveries show: Swedish men too quickly completed, Dutch men are too rough, and American men are too dominating. Greek guy too "wet". Wales considered selfish men, and men too noisy Scotland.

Well, if you're going to marry a foreign man, you better pick up men from Latin countries (of course!). They were men who were rated as the best lovers. Men Spain ranked first, followed by a man Brazil, Italy, and France.

"The results of this survey to be opening the eyes of men around the world, and women who often travel to assess the possibility of potential new lovers on these results," said a source from

Want to know the complete list of who the best and worst lovers in the world?
Rata Penuh
  1. Germany (too smelly)
  2. English (too lazy)
  3. Sweden (too fast finish)
  4. Netherlands (too coarse)
  5. American (too dominant)
  6. Greece (too sentimental)
  7. Wales (too self-centered)
  8. Scotland (too noisy)
  9. Turkey (too sweaty)
  10. Russia (too hairy)

  1. Spanish
  2. Brazil
  3. Italian
  4. France
  5. Ireland
  6. South Africa
  7. Australia
  8. New Zealand
  9. Denmark
  10. Canada