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A Contest For Japanese Best Bottom

Kamis, 02 Juli 2009

A Contest For Japanese Best Bottom

It’s so Funny and Weird. There is a contest really unique in Japan. That contest named “Japanese Best Bottom. This contest is held by Triumph International in Tokyo, Japan, and the title is ”Show Me Your Sloggi” or we can say show me your sexy bottom.

Sloggi is a new underwear product for Triumph International. To promote their product, they held this contest whose contestant are costumers (mostly teenager). The contestant selected from 112 into 10 women. The contestant selected by their own skills in dancing, playing musical instruments, and singing songs.

The winner of this contest is Kaho Watanabe, an 18 year-old girl. When interview by local newspaper, She said with this contest can change opinion about Japanese Bottom. Many people things Japanese bottoms are very small compared to other nationalities.

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