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Light Tips to Stay Pretty Even Wearing Sunglasses

Minggu, 29 Mei 2011

This video I got from YouTube, Hopefully helpful

Glasses sometimes like to change your face; it is probably not adapted to the face and your makeup. Glasses are no longer a burden for today but also have become a trend in addition to basic needs for those who have a dependency on eyeglasses.

Now please follow the tips below mild, there may want to try at home or office to keep it always looks cool even wearing sunglasses.

Vivo City, Singapore's Largest Shopping Center

Senin, 23 Mei 2011

VivoCity is Singapore's largest shopping center. VivoCity was built on the site of the former exhibition space from the World Trade Centre, VivoCity has an area of 1.5 million feet (139,000 m 2) and 1,100,000 feet (102,000 m 2) of retail space, larger than Suntec City and Ngee Ann City. The building was designed by renowned Japanese architect Toyo Ito.

During the first month of opening, it attracted 4.2 million visitors, equivalent to the population of Singapore, and attracted 7.28 million visitors in total before the opening.

What distinguishes it, VivoCity architecture is that there are many boxes of retail developments in the area, including function rooms, dining al fresco by 300 m long promenade and a large roof over the amphitheater?

Singapore's largest mall has a multiplex cinema with 15 screens and 2293 seats by the cinematic company Golden Village, along with one of the largest cinema screens in Asia.

This mall has a car park with a total of 4,000; car parks are located in the basement 1 and 2 and from level 2 to 7.

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5 Hollywood Sexiest Moms

Minggu, 15 Mei 2011

Having children was not distressing five Hollywood celebrities’ career. Their career as an player and singer keep it running smoothly. So furthermore with the advent of persons who still look beautiful and sexy.
Not surprisingly, the five artists who be inflicted with been impact the title of this protect earned as sexiest protect by Zimbio version.

1. Heidi Klum

Having four children sort out not get on to a career as a supermodel Heidi Klum dimmed. Indeed, a German woman was still listed as lone of the highest paid supermodels. Victoria's Secret develop was seen as a exact model. Wrestle with a career as a top develop, wife of singer Seal is not forgetting its role as a protect.

Inside addition, Heidi still interest with the beauty of her body. After giving birth her fourth outcome, 36-year-old woman waddle frankly on the catwalk. Her body stays slim. Heidi confessed she was responsibility cardio exercises and before a live audience with her four children.

2. Angelina Jolie

This beautiful player has six children, three adopted children and three biological children of Brad Pitt. Inside each opportunity, Jolie permanently articulated joy as a protect. But, with the intention of did not get on to the stars 'Salt' is changing his advent. He still comes with a sexy create stylishness. Inside detail, by the age of 34, Jolie may possibly still make the sexiest women predicate though not ranked by the top.

3. Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani has two children from her wedding ceremony to Gavin Rossdale. Precisely with blessed with a baby, Gwen increasingly thriving in both the household and her career. He was lone of the sexiest women and coolest. On many occasions this blond woman looks beautiful, in no doubt and mature.

4. Halle Berry

Actress lone is always recorded as 50 People Magazine's Sexiest Women. And he entered in the catalog 11 era. Of way this is a proud achievement pro this lover Olivier Martinez. He ongoing his career from a beauty parade queen, a develop, and eventually standard thankfulness to her acting in several films.

Berry more exact life as she has children in the time 2008. He was very proud to be a protect of little girl named Nahla Ariela Aubry.

5. Jessica Alba

Nothing had altered in advent with she gave birth to Jessica Alba's initially daughter, Honor Marie. Stars 'Fantastic Four' is still look sexy and pretty as as her first name entered in the 100 sexiest female version of Maxim. Now, Jessica is pregnant with her following outcome. Pregnancy was furthermore not diminishing the beauty of this currency Warren's wife.

Loa Loa filariasis worm - Living In Human Eye

Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011

Scientific classification
Kingdom         : Animalia
Phylum            : Nemathelmynthes
Class               : Nematoda
Order              : Spirurida
Super family    : Filarioidea
Family             : Onchocercidae
Genus              : Loa
Species            : Loa loa

  • The initially justification of Loa loa infection was recorded in the Caribbean (Santo Domingo) in 1770. A French general practitioner named Mongin tried but disastrous to remove the worm through the eyes of a woman. Several years shortly, in 1778, Francois Guyot general practitioner to go surgery on the worms in the eyes of a slave from West Africa to the French craft to America.
  • Identification of microfilaria was made in 1890 by ophthalmologist Stephen McKenzie. A ordinary clinical presentation loiasis, who experimental in 1895 in the coastal city of Nigeria, is produced the first name of Calabar swelling.
  • This observation was made by a Scottish ophthalmologist Douglas Argyll-Robertson, but the link linking Loa loa and Calabar swelling is not realized until the time 1910 (by Dr Patrick Manson). Determination of flies Chrysops vectors renowned in 1912 by British parasitologist Robert Thompson Leiper.
  • Name of Disease: Loa loa filariasis, loaiasis, Calabar swelling (Fugitiveswelling), Tropical swelling and Africa eyeworm
  • HP: Flies Crysops silaceae and C. Dimidiata
  • Power life: 4-17 years
  • Distribution: Restricted to the forest and forest advantage in equatorial Africa are frequent drizzle

Loa loa is a filarial nematode with the intention of causes loaiasis. This is part of a assemble of bloodsucking filarial nematodes with the intention of cause lymphatic filariasis.

  • Adult worms live in sub-coetaneous tissue,
  • Females measuring 50-70 mm x 0.5 mm
  • Rice implement 30-34 mm x 0.35 to 0.43 mm. Worms
  • Femle worms relief microfilaria with the intention of circulates in the blood all through the daytime (diurnal).
  • On the sundown of microfilaria in lung blood vessels.

Disease Name
Loa loa filariasis (also renowned as loaiasis, Calabar swelling, Fugitive swelling, swelling and Tropical Africa eyeworm) eye disease caused by a nematode worm, loa loa.

Clinical symptoms
Cause interference in the eye conjunctiva and the corrupt of the nose with a cause:
•    Irritation of the eyes,
•    Eye stagnant, sick,
•    Eyelid becomes inflated.
•    Tissue swelling is not sore
•    Encephalitis

Geographical Distribution
The geographic distribution of creature loaiasis restricted to drizzle forests and swamp forests of West Africa, primarily in Cameroon and in the River Ogowe. Humans are the single natural reservoir. An estimated 12-13 million public infected with Loa loa larvae.

The parasite is transmitted by Chrysops flies. Microfilaria with the intention of circulates in the blood sucked by flies and with in this area 10 days inside the insect body, microfilaria grows into infective larvae and is equipped to be transmitted to other hosts. Adult worms grow in the creature body and surrounded by 1 to 4 weeks from copulations and adult female worms relief its microfilaria.

Diagnosis is made by result microfilaria in the blood taken all through the time or discover adult worms in the conjunctiva of the eye or subcutaneous tissue

•    Use of dietilkarbamasin (DEC), a dose of 2 mg / kg / time, 3 era day after day pro 14 days
•    Surgery on the eye


•    Avoiding bites Flies
•    OBT-2 drugs Giving some time ago a month
•    Do not often energy into the forest

Prognosis is ordinarily skilled as the adult worms be inflicted with been expelled from the eye and the behavior is working well.