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Minggu, 12 Juli 2009


Rapid cell research to enter the beginning a new phase. English origin scientist claims creating successful human sperm cells from the tail embryonic (embryonic stem cells) are the first in the world. Through the findings are expected to help infertile men to have children biologically.

Through research for 10 years, scientists develop a basic knowledge of how to design a sperm developing therapeutics that allows less fertile man can have a child. This is expressed by researchers Karim Nayernia of the University of Newcastel, England, which had previously succeeded in producing a baby mouse's sperm made with similar techniques.

Joint research between scientists from Newcastle and the Northeast England Stem Cell Institute has been published in the scientific journal Stem Cells and Development.

The cell is the result of the tail field of basic biological research that brings big breakthrough in the field of medicine. Tail cells are cells that can reproduce differentiated themselves to generate other cell primer.

Theoretically the cells can be a primer in the various body cells, such as heart cells, brain cells, pancreas, or blood vessel.

Still in doubt

Some experts believe other states have not been with the creation of sperm cells Nayernia and his team. According to the critic, the sperm cells are created abnormal.

"From paper to Professor Nayernia that I read, I'm not sure which comes from the sperm cell tail embryonic can be accurately referred to as spermatozoa," said Allan Pacey, senior lecturer in Andrology at the University of Sheffield, UK.

In statement, Pacey said, sperm creation Nayernia not have the size, shape, movement, and sperm function as the original.

Like Pacey, Azim Surani, professor and field physiology reproduction of the University of Cambridge said that the sperm that created a team of experts from Newcastle is still far from the actual sperm cells.

Although Nayernia said her sperm cells show all characteristic of sperm, but critics say the creation is only open a new horizon in the research is still early and can not be used to fertilize egg cells.

According to Nayernia, current law prohibits the government is still the UK's embryo creation of artificial sperm laboratory. In fact, according to him, the main reason of making sperm is to find out the cause of infertilities, not to fertilize egg cells.

The hope there is law to allow scientists to try this so that sperm cells can produce an effective therapy to treat infertilities.

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