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13 Types of Compulsory Sex Couples made

Sabtu, 25 Juli 2009

13 Types of Compulsory Sex Couples made

Sex is the most fun activity, but if done with the same action only, the long run will be the most boring activity. Change this habit so that sex does not just become routine. Sexual experimentation is a key to maintaining long-term relationship fresh, fun, and mutually satisfying. Convey what the expectations and your needs of your relationship will make you and your partner more closely. "Sharing experiment requires willingness to accept (the desire pair), which will increase the intimacy," said Mort Fertel, wedding consultant in Baltimore and the creator of Marriage Fitness Program.

If you want to break in routine, the 13 types of sexual relationship you can try this.

Holiday Sex
Day, holiday or long weekend, a moment that fit to carry "obligations" you. Moreover, if in the days before you make a call reject diligent husband by reason of exhaustion. Do not make any promises on the holidays, including to the mall with her husband. Take advantage of free time to relax at home, the message that good food, watching movies in the room, and end with a make.

Make-Up Sex
Many couples want to make a sudden after a quarrel and fine. Why? For altercate dopamine release hormones, adrenalin and improve, so that makes you and your partner more enthusiastic. So, you need not fret if you are the quarrel with him. Sex after the disagreements will be a fun way to get good relationship. "When you and your partner each other of sorts, you should be able to forget it. Sex change momentum arguments are appropriate," said Fertel.

Sex Vacation
Holidays can be a good opportunity for you to relax and revive your relationship with him. "One of the advantages of vacation is that you can renew your sexual intimacy," says Fertel. If you are planning a trip all the detail, make sure you also make schedule events. For example, we stayed in the room until lunch time, or go back to the room after dinner to spend the time to relax.

Animalistic Sex
Pain hunt can also be viewed in a manner that is positive. He became aggressive, and this is fun, because you do not know what will he done. For example, he is no longer worry whether you have to remove the clothes or not, or whether the space around or in a neat, dark or light. That he wanted to run with all of nature.

Comfort Sex
Sometimes, you also need something simple, comfortable, and satisfying. This kind of sex can be a moment to express my sense of one another, or you support him the day after a heavy experience in the office. You can apply that position to become your favorites so that both can be mutually satisfying.

Hope-We-Do-Get-Caught Sex
Once when you were trapped in the event where guests are not guests-you know, a family meeting or boring? You can banish boredom with the breeze in to the hotel room, change room, or any personal space. Meet him at the there

Fulfill-Your-Fantasy Sex
Each person has a certain sexual fantasy. Once in a while, you will need to submit your sexual fantasy on her husband, and see how the reaction. When he was excited, try to ask what his sexual fantasy. Then, he Engage for practice it "It is true we do try our imagination, as far as it can still be done," says Fertel.

Quickie Sex
Because of to be done quickly, you should ignore the foreplay. Therefore, make sure you also want it. If you're reluctant, but willing to do just for fun, husband, hm .... You make a mistake. Once you agree, you can do so at any time. From simply receiving the call shortly before he make to the office, stealing time in the fitting room while you're trying something, or sneak out in between the coffee break during a seminar.

Romantic, Sensual Sex
Set aside the time (not leaving time) to be able to enjoy sex without a hurry, can be an opportunity to "luxury". Make it appear you do first with new husband: all prepared with the mature, slowly, with a styled romantic atmosphere, soft music, aromatherapy with the calm. That way you will enjoy every moment of togetherness to make the relationship more intimate feel.

All-Over-the-House Sex
Regional "colony" is your bed and room only? Try to do so in the other rooms in your home. The essence of sex is actually more a kind of spontaneity in the relationship. "Spontaneity is beautiful, fun, and stir," says Fertel. Often, according to him, people were trapped in the routines which they perform intimate relationship at the same time, the same place, even the same position. This will cause the sexual activity becomes boring.

Outdoor Sex
Ask the children to play elsewhere, or wait until they terlelap. After that, comes your turn to "play" on the page, in the garage, or in a room above the balcony. Leave the door open. Of course, you probably do not have intercourse in the terrace houses, along beaches, or in places where there will be many. Enough with each other cocker parts of you and the sensitive he is.

Position of the Week Sex Try a new position provides an opportunity for you to recognize what is comfortable and enjoyable for you and your partner. Who knew that you had not reached orgasme can find a position that allows you to get it? This will make you happy and relieved because there are ways to get enjoyment, and what does not work for you. Do as a distraction to make intimate relationships remain fresh, and prevent it becoming routine.

Marathon Sex
Rains are not so swift, but equally in all places. Usually this kind of rain will persist. No other activities that take one day be carried out except in the room and crouch in her hug. Making love seems relaxed with time will never pass away. Calculate how many times you reach your peak. When the sexual energy you have torrential fully, you will both feel so tired but satisfied.

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