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Varicella-zoster virus

Minggu, 28 Februari 2010

Varicella-zoster virus

Herpes Zoster is a disease caused by varicella-zoster virus that gives the skin rash. This rash will then be developed as smallpox and indeed this skin disorder leading to pain. Herpes zoster usually results from reactivation of varicella-zoster virus. So, someone who has recovered from varicella (chicken pox) may have shingles.

In chicken pox, abnormalities can be about the whole body, while the shingles in accordance with the neurological disorder that only certain parts of which have neurological abnormalities. Therefore, abnormalities are usually limited to certain areas and only half of the body. This means that these abnormalities only on the right or left alone entity. Indeed the very immune disorder can be widespread decline, even to cross the other body parts due to neural attacked more than one (multiple).

Typical symptoms of herpes zoster vesicular rash (aqueous) with unilateral spread, spread is limited to 1-3 dermatomes. The most common areas affected are the chest and arm regions while other regions may be affected as well, such as the face. If the attack of herpes zoster involving the face and eyes pain can be imagined will become great. In fact, if the eye disorder was handled properly, it has the potential to cause blindness.

Fever and muscle aches

Before the symptoms of the skin, usually have no symptoms of introduction include fever, weakness, and muscle and bone pain. After 4 to 14 days, then the skin disorder arises. It is true that shingles will disappear itself. Administration of drugs (acyclovir) will accelerate healing. In young people, treatment may cause a bit of blackish marks on the skin. However, in older people can occur post herpetic neuralgia. This is pain that occurs because of nerve impulses and the pain is still there despite the herpes on the skin has healed.

In elderly people, a longer recovery period and the incidence is more frequent neuralgia. Prevention of infection with varicella vaccine is expected to also prevent shingles in addition varicella disease. There is cross-immunity between varicella and herpes zoster, but apparently cross-immunity that is not too strong for elderly people is now available shingles vaccine. However, in Indonesia, this new vaccine does not exist. Hopefully in the not too long already available.

The pain of post-herpes zoster can be reduced by antinyeri therapy. If the pain medication was also missing, you can ask your doctor for help neurology or neurosurgery to act on the nerves involved. So, I suggest you take your grandfather to a psychiatrist to cope with pain was very disturbing.

Female Drug Smugglers in Trend

Kamis, 25 Februari 2010

 Female Drug Smugglers in Trend

JAKARTA, Drug smuggling has changed its MO. If most smugglers used to be male, now more and more women are being used to do this.

Another change is, in the past most of them used to be Africans, now Middle Easterners are becoming regular drug mules. The fact is based on the observation by the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) throughout 2009, on the change of modus operandi of international narcotics circulation. Thus, stated DR Sri Suryati, member of the United Nation's INCB when contacted by, Wednesday.

Sri revealed that the international drug syndicate now tends to use new MOs in distributing drugs between countries. "For example, in South East Asia, the MO used to be by swallowing, in other words storing in men's stomachs. Now there's a new MO, which is by using young women as couriers."

She believes that narcotics producers employ such methods to lessen the possibility of detection by authorities in each country. "It's one of their ways to avoid the authorities. They realize that their previous MO, by using men, has been detected by the authorities and because of that many smuggling attempts have been thwarted. Therefore they look for other ways unnoticed by the authorities, one of which is by using young women."

The INCB also mentioned that in Indonesia, for the last few years, there has also been a new trend in drug smuggling. Drugs used to be smuggled into Indonesia by black foreigners from African countries. But now, there's a tendency for Middle Eastern couriers.

"By using foreigners from the Middle East is also one of their ways to fool the authorities with ways not yet detected. I think Middle Easterners are used because they're more reserved compared to Asians or Africans, thus the chance to interact with other people around is smaller, which also means the chance for detection is smaller too. Sometimes they use people in burkhas or veils to carry drugs and fool the authorities."

Despite the new trends though, Sri admits that the MO to employ African couriers is still in use by the international narcotics network to smuggle drugs to Indonesia.

Secret Sex of The Emperor of China

Jumat, 19 Februari 2010

 Secret Sex of The Emperor of China

Just like the kings in different parts of the world, the emperor of China was also likes hunting. There are times when the kings out with loyal servants and guards. Rabbits and deer often become the main target of the King shooting arrows.

Apart from delicious meat, these animals are extremely agile and great flight of not less than the horse’s emperor and his steed. Thus, if the emperor could be physical as well as horseback riding when the golden robes of sweat glistening king was exposed to the sun more passionate desire to hunt. Moreover, the kings not only motivated by the difficulty of getting the animals were lively.

"There are drugs that are looking for the emperor!" said Dr. Rahmat, traditional healers China (Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM) in a conversation at the Clinic Shanghai, where he practiced.

Each time a deer or a young deer arrows pierced the king, cut straight horns. "Well, the blood that flowed from the horns, so the most a few drops, put in a cup that had been given wine to be drunk immediately," he said. And that is a sovereign remedy for the king's virility.

Tens of thousands of
This is a quick story that is often manifested in the stories of ancient Chinese literature. Sip a drop or two drops of blood from deer antlers is a small herb used by Chinese emperors to increase stamina and virility. "There are thousands of ingredients used," he said.

Thousands concoction is a combination and variation of several herbal ingredients or Simplicia called the doctors as a booster libido and stamina.

According to Drs. Grace, the essence of the herb was basically to improve or strengthen the energy (ginseng, Astragalus, at the root of zinc), strengthens the blood (dang qui, chuan Xiong) and kidney (antlers, how Morinda officinalis, stem and root parasites, and cistanche salsa which in China is called roucongrong).

Herbal Remedy to be the only means for physical exercise such as tai chi and kung fu is not always done the emperors, although there is also a physical training is to strengthen stamina in bed. "Taichi useful to strengthen the waist," said Sinse David Sungahandra.

The recipes are certainly different levers between physicians from the emperor of the imperial physician before or after. "The recipes are important to the emperors as their every day busy with affairs of state," said Dr. Rahmat.

What else should attend the emperor's concubines were a number of decades. So, with a tight schedule, the emperor must follow the protocol. Starting from drink recipes to determine the day and concubines who have visited.

Since the afternoon, the concubines who already knew the emperor would visit should be prepared. "Massage, bathing, and grooming are a beautiful part of the protocol that must be lived the concubines," said Dr. Rahmat.

For the emperor, the procedure was so complicated. The king is bathed and given medicine that afternoon, before making these concubines "turn back" in the evening.

7 Types of lubrication fluid

Kamis, 18 Februari 2010

 7 Types of lubrication fluid

As has been presented in previous articles (The Sex Assisted delicious liquid lubrication), the liquid lubricant is used to help you reduce pain during intercourse. Another advantage of using a lubricant is to enhance the enjoyment of sex.

However, you should identify the types of fluid lubrication, in order to find a liquid with the most suitable raw material for yourself.

1. Lubricant with warm effect
You may have heard that promise lubricant warm sensation when exposed. Apparently this is true. Lubricants of this type can provide sensation during intercourse, especially if used outside of the condom. But be careful, do not use too much. Just one drop of a coin. For female sex organs are more sensitive than men. Warmth can turn into heat if the liquid is too much.

2. Water based
Most of the lubrication fluid on the market based water. This type is safe for most people who have intimate organ very sensitive. However, water-based does not mean free from irritation. Therefore read the label before buying. If you are sensitive to certain ingredients, you should avoid materials that contain propylene glycol or chlorhexidine which often causes irritation in women.

3. Oil-based lubricants
Lubrication with oil-based materials is fairly good, because it is not too wet or sticky. Most doctors recommend this type of lubrication. Shortcomings, this type of lubricant can tear the condom from latex material. To prevent tearing condoms, use condoms from polyurethane materials. In addition there is also a saying that this type of lubricant suitable for men, but not for women.

4. Lubricant with the smell
Lubricant with a particular smell is usually used when the couple wanted to perform oral sex, but the woman was reluctant. There are various kinds of scents offered, usually fruit. Find out if this type of lubricant contains sugar or not. Those who have a tendency to diabetes was not able to use this type of lubricant.

5. Silicon based
The best way to use silicon-based lubricant is in the water, or in the bathroom. Silicon will be damp and not easily damaged even used in the water. Lubricants are suitable for this type of massage.

6. From natural materials
Lubricant from organic materials, natural or environmentally friendly are sold at drug stores or pharmacies are still rare. However, this type of lubricant does not have many additional chemicals or addictive substances that can make us allergic.

7. Homemade lubricant
Ever heard lubricant made from egg whites or peanut oil? Is this a safe way? Be careful with the way that might hurt or make sex organs become irritated. I have found no specific studies on the lubrication of the egg white or peanut oil. Be careful to avoid infection.

Woman Who Cried Rape and Claimed Compensation after Sex

Senin, 15 Februari 2010

 Woman Who Cried Rape and Claimed Compensation after Sex

A woman who accused a student of rape after dragging him into a public toilet for sex was spared jail today. Bisexual Sarah-Jane Hilliard, 20, seduced Grant Bowers when the two bumped into each other during a night clubbing.

Mr Bowers, also 20, attacked the 'ridiculous' suspended jail sentence she has been given. He was arrested and thrown into a police cell after she claimed she had been attacked.

It was more than a week later that he learned he would not be charged - during which time Hilliard, who was in a relationship with a woman at the time, had already contacted the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board in the hope of claiming up to £7,500.

Similar cases typically attract jail terms of between four and 12 months. But Hilliard walked away from court with a 12-month sentence suspended for two years, despite forcing her victim to give evidence at a trial because she refused to admit perverting the course of justice.

Furious Mr Bowers - who is afraid to speak to women since the false allegations - said: 'It's absolutely ridiculous. That's not even a slap on the wrist.

'She's been let off and I still have to sneak around because there are still people after me who think I did it.'

His father Tony, 48, added he was 'dumbfounded', saying: 'My son was facing up to ten years in prison for rape on the strength of her lies. The least I expected was for her to have been given a prison sentence.

'My son cannot come and visit his parents unless it is under the cover of darkness, he's lost his flat, and we cannot even know where he is living for his own protection.

'He is the victim and he has lost his freedom yet she has still got hers.'

During the trial, prosecutor Andrew Jackson read extracts from Mr Bower's victim impact statement, which said the teenager sat crying in police custody fearing he was going to prison.

He told the court: 'This incident has changed him. He speaks of his lack of confidence approaching young women, not trusting them and having trouble sleeping.

'He was physically sick through worry, constantly teary and feeling like he wanted to cry.'

Hilliard, from Basildon, Essex, told police she bumped into Mr Bowers at a nightclub called Liquid in the town on July 26, 2008. She claimed she shared a taxi with him and a friend before stopping at the railway station to use the toilet.

The telephone sales worker, who had been drinking, said she went into a cubicle and the next thing she remembered was waking to find her underwear and trousers around her ankles.

She claimed she only realised she had been raped when Mr Bowers sent her a text message the following day in which he mentioned they had 'gone all the way'.

Mr Bowers, also from Basildon, was arrested on July 30, 2008, at his father's home and taken to a police station where he had DNA swabs taken, as well as fingerprints and mugshots. He then spent four hours in a cell before being interviewed for two hours.

Hilliard's lie began to unravel when police were unable to find CCTV footage of the pair leaving the club.

A friend of hers eventually admitted they had been at another nightclub, called Colors, and detectives trawled through more CCTV footage before discovering footage of Hilliard and Mr Bowers, who was 19 at the time, kissing and holding hands before leaving.

Eight days after the rape allegation was made, officers contacted the teenager to tell him they believed his version of events before arresting Hilliard.

She was convicted in May last year after college student Mr Bowers told a jury at Basildon Crown Court he had walked to the station with Hilliard and she pulled him into a cubicle for unprotected sex. Afterwards, she warned he had 'better be there for the baby' if she fell pregnant.

Judge Christopher Mitchell gave Hilliard the suspended sentence, ordered her to carry out 300 hours unpaid work, and pay £2,000 costs after hearing she had 'deeply personal issues' including suffering abuse from a relative.

Jacqueline Carey, defending, added since the conviction her client had been assaulted by two men, had the word 'bitch' scratched onto her car, and lost friends and her partner.

Miss Carey said she had also suffered 'extremely unpleasant' comments on Facebook, saying: 'One wished Miss Hilliard had been raped then she would understand what rape victims went through.'

Describing her client as 'hard working', she added that she had a number of 'deeply personal issues'.

'Since her conviction, her relationship with her partner has ceased and a number of friends, due to the publicity, are no longer friends with her.'

Judge Mitchell acknowledged that Hilliard had problems: 'I have come to the conclusion that the doctor is right in saying you ought not to go to prison.'

But he warned: 'This case is no precedent at all for future cases of women who make up false allegations of rape.

'You alleged that you had been raped and as a consequence of that allegation, a young man was arrested, held in custody for four hours, interviewed and subsequently bailed.

'But for six or seven days thereafter he had the concern, the worry, the fear that he was going to be charged with rape when he knew perfectly well that you had consented to the intercourse and that you, on his account, had frankly initiated it.'

The judge added: 'False allegations of rape have a terrible knock-on effect.

'When women who have actually been raped make complaints there is always the background of people like you who have made false allegations and that's why it's considered so serious.'

Last year a GP was spared jail by Judge Christopher Mitchell despite smacking female patients’ bottoms, grilling them about their sex lives, and pressing his groin against a Swedish student's arm.

Married Rajinder Aggarwal, 54, was instead ordered to pay £3,000 and do 80 hours of unpaid work. Hilliard refused to comment as she left court.

Chocolate, Reputation and history

Minggu, 14 Februari 2010

Chocolate, Reputation and history

Day love is gone, but maybe you still have gifts given pair of chocolate? Chocolate may be the most popular foods on this Valentine's Day.

Chocolate has long been a high reputation. Foods or beverages made from brown seeds was the admiration of many people, not just because it delicious, but also it has a plus in improving mood and affect the appearance of a surge of love.

Brown tree, whose fruits contain seeds that can be processed into a snack of chocolate, was first discovered 2,000 years ago in American tropical forests. Meanwhile, the Mayans are the first people who eat chocolate (250-900 BC). They mix the brown seeds with various seasonings to make a drink that is believed effective.

For the Mayans, chocolate was a symbol of life and fertility. Therefore, brown fruit often was present in the religious rituals, including weddings and believed to be the food of the gods.

In the region of Central Mexico, the Aztecs believed, people who ate beans from cocoa trees will have wisdom and strength. They also believe chocolate contains good nutrition for health and have the benefits of an aphrodisiac. Aztec king Montezuma drank even have a brown habit every day to increase libido.

Chocolate was brought to Europe began in 1519 after Montezuma offers a spicy drink to the travelers Spain, Cortez, and the army. Cortez then brought cocoa to Spain and promotes it. However, for century’s chocolate is beverage known as the nobles.

Chocolate's reputation as an aphrodisiac food is very popular among the French nobility. Art and literature more nuanced erotic content inspired by chocolate. Casanova, the Italian traveler who is better known as the conqueror of women, told always eat chocolate before sex. The linkage of chocolate with passion plant persisted until today.

Then, since when chocolate is identical to the celebration of love on Valentine's Day? The literature mentions, since the 17th century, the couple had begun to give gifts on Valentine's Day and something sweet often made choices. Only in 1868, Richard Cadbury introduced a box of chocolates as a Valentine gift.

Efficacy of an aphrodisiac
Although the traveler’s love of history is always told to consume chocolate, contain chemicals found Phenyl ethylamine (PEA) or "love drug" in a little brown. PEA is believed to affect mood, attention, and energy. When someone feels very happy or euphoria, the body will issue a PEA.

However, some researchers say, the flavonoid in chocolate can bend blood vessels so that blood flows smoothly, including those leading to the sexual organs. That's why many people who believe chocolate expedite matters in bed.

Black Chocolate

Black is often considered lower than the white. However, do not try to use the same formula for dark chocolate. Because the efficacy of dark chocolate more than white chocolate.

Benefits of dark chocolate are already visible from the womb. As a food, either packaged in the form of a snack-bar and he made directly from the cocoa powder processed with added sugar, milk, and flavouring (flavorings and fragrance).

Cocoa powder plant their own seeds are believed to contain the active ingredient. One of them, gang members flavonoids, epikatekin, which includes powerful antioxidants. Research has proven that, 1.5 ounces of dark chocolate has about 800 milligrams of antioxidants, almost the same amount (or maybe more) with the antioxidants found in a cup of black tea or red wine.

The researchers believe flavonoid compounds that can neutralize harmful effects of free radicals intent on destroying the cells of body tissues. They believed could suppress the oxidation of low density lipoprotein (LDL, aka bad cholesterol) so as to prevent blockage of the artery vessel wall.

In addition to preventing heart disease, dark chocolate is also believed to protect the body from a stroke. A study at the University of California revealed that dark chocolate prevents blood clotting. As is known, freezing blood is one of the conditions that make someone a stroke.

However, controversy still colors the various real benefits of dark chocolate. On the one hand, there's no denying Khasiatnya, especially after it supported a variety of benefits of research and scientific evidence. However, on the other hand, there are many "dark side" of dark chocolate that has not been solved.

That is why, the doctor may recommend patients to eat more dark chocolate, at least for now, still very small. "If traced deeper, dark chocolate still contains too much fat and sugar, to be recommended in a doctor's prescription," said John Erdman, a nutritionist from the University of Illinois, USA.

Found, Genes Cause Premature Birth

Senin, 08 Februari 2010

Found, Genes Cause Premature Birth

Apparently, there is a link between DNA factors with premature infants (less than months). Scientists from the United States managed to find the difference between DNA in infants born prematurely.

Premature birth is one of the biggest factors in health and development of the child. Premature babies more likely slow in mastering a skill than a month the baby is born.

Although medical complications and infections known as the factors causing the baby was born less month, but most cases of preterm birth is still a mystery.

To find this explanation, the researchers from the U.S. National Institutes of Health conduct a study of DNA variants in 700 genes 190 women who gave birth to premature babies and birth babies. Umbilical cord bloods of their babies are also screened for variants.

Revealed that the gene variation is more often found in the mothers who gave birth to premature babies and also this baby it self. Babies who carry the gene "interleukin 6 receptor” will tend born prematurely. This gene is believed to play an important role in regulating the immune system to fight infection and inflammation.

In the event of infection, the gene will send a signal to the body to prepare you in labor. Levels of interleukin 6 gene are too high in amniotic fluid and baby's blood is thought to cause the baby is born before his time even though no infection happened.

"Our hypothesis is the mother or the fetus receives a signal for an early delivery if the environment in uteri is not comfortable. For example when there is infection in the uterus, the signals sent bodies to give birth soon have the benefit, among others, to protect the mother from infection so that he later was get pregnant again, "said Dr. Roberto Romero, chief researcher.