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New Condoms for Women Not noisy When Used

Sabtu, 18 Juli 2009

New Condoms for Women Not noisy When Used

NEW YORK, Condom for women, a cheaper, more users, easier to use (friendly), it will be more effective in fighting HIV / AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Female condom was introduced to have started since 1993, but until now still be used simply to prevent pregnancy. Female condom is not publishing for the prevention of HIV / AIDS and STDs, so that the level of use is still very small.

The situation seems to be changed immediately, followed by female condom new version of Female Health Co was approved, months ago by the FDA. New version of female condom is use FC2.

Around 35 million female condoms were distributed to the world years ago, but the amount is very small if compared to more than 10 million male condoms. First the price of male condoms is cheaper. Also how to use them are more easily. The problem, many men in the countries of the risk of HIV / AIDS is high reject the use of condoms.

Although both have the same nature, they are, soft, transparent, FC2 made from synthetic rubber, not Polyurethane. With a synthetic rubber material, the production costs become cheaper FC2.

Former President of Female Health Co., Mary Ann Leeper, who is now a strategy adviser stated, FC2 does not cause the noise when in use. Please note, which the complaint against the noise that is the female condom, which caused the old version received less the women themselves.

With the cost of production that only a third of previous versions, FC2 can be expected distributed far more than now. For now, the price of female condoms are about 60 cents U.S. dollars, far more expensive than male condoms is 4 cents.

How about FC2? Female condom is a new version is said to have received various international organizations. Female Health Co. years ago even has to sell to the world as much as 14 million.

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