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Sperm Examination

Senin, 09 Agustus 2010

Examination of sperm (cement analysis, more precisely) is an examination conducted to measure the amount and quality of cement and sperm of a man. Understanding of different cement with sperm. Overall, white and viscous liquid that comes out of male genitalia in the ejaculate is called cement. While the 'creatures' small swimming pool on the cement-called sperm.

Cement analysis is one of the first-line examination to determine male fertility. This examination can help determine whether there is a problem in sperm production system or on sperm quality, which is the source of infertility. Please note, nearly half of couples who do not successfully obtain offspring, infertility caused by male partner.

There are two important stages in the examination of sperm, ie stage sampling and the examination stage of sperm.

At the sampling stage, a few things to note are:
  • Men are retrieved cement in good health and enough rest. Not in a state of exhaustion or hunger.
  • Three or four days before the cement was taken, men are not allowed to make sexual activity resulting in the release of cement. WHO recommends even 2-7 days of fasting ejaculation should, of course not limited to husband-wife relationship, but in any way.
  • Cement (sperm) was issued through masturbation in the laboratory (usually provided a special place). Sperm are then stored in glass tubes. If you're having trouble to remove the sperm in this way, discuss with your doctor.
  • Masturbation should not use a lubricant material such as soap, oil, etc.

Whereas in the second stage is the cement samples were examined in the laboratory. Some things that are checked include:

Sperm Count (Sperm Count)
Cement normally contains 20 million sperm per milliliter and 8 million are active. Actively moving sperm is very important, because it shows the ability of sperm to move from where she was sprayed into the place of conception (fallopian tubes, part of a woman's womb).

Inspection results are usually expressed in terms as follows:
  • Polyzoospermia: very high sperm concentrations
  • Oligozoospermia: Number of less than 20 million sperm / ml
  • ypospermia: cement volume <1.5 ml • Hyperspermia: cement volume> 5.5 ml
  • spermia: No cement
  • yospermia: There are white blood cells in cement
  • Hematospermia: There are red blood cells in cement
  • Asthenozoospermia: Sperm are capable of moving <40%. • Teratozoospermia:> 40% of sperm have an abnormal shape
  • Necozoospermia: sperm are not alive
  • Oligoasthenozoospermia: Sperm are capable of moving <8 million / ml
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Sperm shape (Sperm Morphology)
Checking the size, shape, and the picture is usually through the examination of sperm samples were stained under the microscope. The assessment classified into four groups: normal, abnormal head, abnormal tail, and immature sperm cells (immature germ cells, IGC).

Sperm movement (motility Sperm)
It said normal if 40% or more sperm can move normally. However, some centers said that laboratory normal values are 60% or more.

Money is not Everything

Selasa, 03 Agustus 2010

We talk a lot about money: How to get it, how to spend it, where to spend it, and how to save it. For all the time we devote to talking about, worrying about, and dealing with money, you’d think it was the most important thing in the world. If the time spent obsessing about money truly equated to its worth, then there would be nothing that you couldn’t do or have without money. Money would be the only thing that mattered. But is money really as valuable as our obsession level leads us to believe?

Money is important, obviously. Without it we’d have no roof over our heads, food in our bellies or clothes on our backs. Money allows us to do and have more things than we can without it. It’s a means to an end. But, for all that money is useful and good to have around, for all that it can buy, there are quite a few things that it can’t buy. Even if you have millions of dollars, there are some things that you’ll never have with money alone. So what can’t money buy? Read on.

It can buy a House But not a Home
If we have a lot of money we could buy a home who we want to, but can we buy a home atmosphere?Houses of bamboo walls whose residents love each other far more pleasant than the marble-walled homes with residents who claw-scratches.

It can buy a Bed But not Sleep
In America there is a hotel that promotes the most comfortable bed in the world. Any guests staying there were asked to choose their own pillows available both size, thickness and amount. After choosing the best pillow that will make them sleep well, they are even allowed to buy the hotel bed complete with pillows, bolsters and blankets! Apparently the hotel was popular. Why? These days many people are not able to sleep soundly. That is why I agree with the phrase, "The best pillow in the World Is a Clear Conscience!" Cancel the most good (soft) is the world's conscience

It Can Buy Computer But not Brain
Up whenever your computer can not replace your brain

It can buy a Clock But not Time
We can accelerate our money to the destination and facilitate our lives, but can not buy the lost time

It can buy you a Book But not Knowledge
In the house of the rich, respectable and community leaders. In his living room a large and beautiful, I often see a glass case containing the free, and some even more than one version. When visiting the house of a friend who is quite close to me, I try to take one free it from its place. Turns out there was dust stuck on it. What does it mean? Thick book that is never touched, much less readable! Not surprisingly, even though his house full of books, not necessarily the owners have a broad insight.

It can buy you a Position But not Respect
With money you can buy a position, but if you know someone who will respect you so?

It can buy you Medicine But not Health
There was a mother who grew up in Hong Kong. When she was pregnant, because they want themselves and their children healthy, she drinks a lot of drugs that are expensive. As a result, fatal, children born with normal body but the mental disability. I had never known a young businessman when his father ill buy expensive medicines from France, but nonetheless his father's life can not be saved. Drugs was necessary, but how well, we still can not buy health itself.

It can buy you Blood But not Life
Our Life On Gods Hand

It can buy you Sex But not Love
Practice of prostitution is as old as human civilization. That is why in every major city around the world, even in countries that seem very spiritual, we can find complex prostitution. Sex can be bought with ease, but, if we can not buy love? When interviewed by a magazine, a prostitute said, "Although I had sex with many men, I never want to be kissed. My lips can only be touched by people I love, that is the man who would become my husband. Not adventurer in love!

A Ticket to Anywhere in the World but not to Heaven
Do you believe in heaven? this place just can buy by your hearth not by your money.

It Can Buy Smile But Not Happiness
It’s a cliche that money can’t buy happiness, but it’s also true. It can buy you some fun and fleeting joy—a cool vacation, a big TV, a fast car—but it can’t buy the true happiness that comes from liking yourself, having stable relationships, and good a familial support system.

Some people succeed by being slimy and paying/bribing their way to the top. But these are the exception and I would hope you wouldn’t aspire to that. Success comes from hard work, applying your gifts in the best way possible, and paying your dues to move ahead in the world. There is very little that money can buy you to help you succeed. It might be able to buy you some training or equipment, but the majority of your success is determined by the work you put in, not the money you spend.

True, you can buy things that make you fit in—the latest cars, clothes, shoes, or electronics—but these things don’t represent true acceptance. If you really want to be accepted by your peers (beyond high school where a pair of shoes really does make you part of the in crowd), you’d do better to focus your energies on making yourself valuable to those around you. Being a good friend, a kind and helpful person, and someone who excels at what they do will go further to gain you acceptance than the stuff money can buy. 

Happy, well adjusted kids
Money can buy your kids a lot of clothes, toys and gizmos, but it can’t turn them into secure, responsible, well-mannered, intelligent people. That only comes from the time you spend with them and the things you teach them. Money might be able to help with some aspects of parenting but it’s been proven many times that kids, once their basic needs are met, benefit more from parents spending time with them than the amount of money spent on them. 

People are born with certain talents. Money can certainly nurture a talent. You can buy music lessons or coaching sessions to nurture your talents, but money cannot buy a talent. You can learn to do certain things well—I’ve learned to play the piano after years of lessons—but the true gift to do it well can’t be bought. Even after years of lessons, I don’t have the ability to make the piano truly sing, whereas others in my family have had that talent from birth.

If money could buy peace, I think we’d be there by now. Think of the amount of money that governments have spent over the years in the name of “peace.” Has it worked? Nope. Peace isn’t something you buy. I think peace only comes from acting fairly, humanely, and treating others (people and countries) as we would want to be treated. And even then, it might not be possible. But for sure money won’t buy it. 

I’m not suggesting that you give up the pursuit of money and go on some monastic quest for deeper meaning. It is important to manage your money well, to educate yourself about money, and earn enough to secure your financial future. However, it pays to stop and think every now and then about the things you would still have even if you didn’t have money. Your family, your health, and your gifts and abilities aren’t determined by how much money you have. There are things that no amount of money can buy and it’s worthwhile to pursue them even as you worry about money. Money is important, but maybe it’s not the most important thing in the world.

Money is nice to have but it can't buy you the things that truly matter to make your life a happy life. Money you can lose and make again but there are things that if you lose them cannot be replaced. Money can't buy you a life

you can't be happy by just having money alone.

Money isn't everything
It often causes pain and suffering