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First in the World, Dengue Fever Vaccine

Rabu, 25 Juli 2012

The scientists finally succeeded in creating the first dengue fever vaccine in the world. Giant Pharmaceutical Sanofi that is made vaccine is claimed to be able to protect against three types of viruses that cause dengue fever.

Efficacy or the efficacy of this vaccine in a while it was still awaiting the results of clinical trials in Thailand. If it is positive, then this could be a milestone in the development of dengue vaccine that has been awaited for 70 years.

In addition there are other pharmaceutical companies that are also developing a vaccine, but Sanofi product is more advanced in a few years. This new vaccine is predicted to be widely circulated in 2014.

Dengue fever is a borne disease from Aedes aegypti mosquito. This disease has the symptoms of pain in the joints of bones and has killed three million people around the world. Dengue fever itself caused by four types of virus, and when infected with one virus type does not give immunity to the three other types of virus. Children are most susceptible to death from this disease.

Although Sanofi vaccine is claimed to provide protection to the four types of virus, but a study conducted in Thailand showed only three types of virus protection. According to Sanofi it is still analyzing why the vaccine was only able to provide protection against three types of virus.

"We must return to the initial data to find the cause, and still waiting for the present phase III study was conducted in Thailand," said Pascal Barollier, a spokesman for Sanofi.

Phase IIb study in Thailand involving 4002 children aged 4-11 years. The study was conducted during the dengue epidemic.

Sanofi Pasteur himself was said to have invested 423 million U.S. dollars to build a new plant in France in order to develop a three-dose vaccine. According to the plan, Sanofi will publish new research results in scientific journals in September and presented his findings at a meeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene in Atlanta in November.

Good Quality of Sperm

Minggu, 22 April 2012

Preparation for pregnancy is not only the duty of women. Men, as husbands, must take responsibility in maintaining the quality of his sperm to produce a fetus that has a good condition.

"Sperm (good) should contain zinc, vitamin B12, B6, A, C, and D, calcium, selenium, nickel, DHA, and leucine. All that can be obtained from a healthy and balanced diet," said Dr. Noroyono Wibowo, SpOG (K), Chairman of the Indonesian Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology (POGI), in a talk show hosted by SGM on Complex Mother Presinutri Sarinah Thamrin, Jakarta, Thursday (04/19/2012).

To have a healthy diet and balanced, then the husband suggested eating a varied diet every day. Complete meal, but that's it, it will not help her husband improve his sperm quality.

"The content of nutrients or nutrient found in meat, not necessarily all in the egg, fish, or tempe. So, eating a varied diet every day will help your body absorb all the nutrients it needs. This would help improve the quality of sperm. So, do not No single food or a principal who can improve sperm quality. All should be eaten, but it turns every day, "said the doctor who was familiarly called this dr Bowo.

Bowo added, in addition to a healthy diet, balanced, and varied, the husband should also exercise regularly. Exercise can keep her husband's body to keep it dynamic, so that during penetration can be more robust and durable. This will be useful to the satisfaction of the wife, as well as encourage the entry of sperm into the uterus properly.

They also advised not to smoke, because smoking shown to decrease 42 percent of sperm quality. For expectant mothers, smoking will also reduce the quality of the fetus, although it does not result directly. So, if you want a healthy baby, a husband and wife should avoid smoking at least three months before planning a pregnancy.

Bowo last suggestion to maintain the quality of sperm is a regular sleep pattern. Men who like staying up would not have good quality sperm can fertilize an egg for his wife. Therefore, if the couple is planning a pregnancy, the husband (and wife) should have enough sleep time and quality.

In addition to maintaining the quality of sperm, there is a good husband and a wife to check levels of nutrients in their bodies before planning a pregnancy. Thorough examination usually spends at least $ 2 million. "After the examination, if the husband or wife is known to have nutritional deficiencies, nutritional therapy should undergo in order to pre-pregnancy nutritional needs are met. It is important for the fetus that will grow in the future," said a doctor who practiced in Bunda hospitals, Menteng.

Examination of nutrients will help to indicate whether the mother deficiency or excess nutrients. This examination will also be beneficial to plan what nutrients will be consumed during pregnancy in the future. Starting from the menu to the number of dairy foods should be taken, can be determined after this examination.

For Bowo, prepare for pregnancy as well as preparing to build a house. Starting from the condition of the soil, building materials, to design interior and exterior must be considered before the house was built. "Especially for a baby, all you prepare is a fetus, baby, human potential, which is more valuable than your home. Do not let the pregnancy is underestimated," he concluded.

Shaving Armpits Adverse Effect

Kamis, 05 April 2012

One body part that is still often never looked is the armpit. Maybe because you feel that the armpit is the part that is always closed and is rarely seen, so it does not need to be given special attention.

"When in fact, the armpit is the most 'abused' from other parts of the human skin, for example, always moist, contains lots of bacteria, and is always closed. This is the reason why we should give more attention to this part," said Eka Sugiarto, Marketing Manager Deo Unilever Indonesia in talk show "The Little Secret for Your Beautiful Underarms" in St. St. Regis Resort and Spa, Bali.
And if not treated it clean, underarm hair will blend with the sweat and bacteria, and produce odor.

According to research conducted by Unilever in Beauty Understanding the 2011 survey, about 78 percent of women in Indonesia choose to use deodorant to her armpit hygiene care, and about 89 percent voted to remove underarm hair.

In Indonesia, there are two ways to remove underarm hair is the most popular, is to shave and remove underarm hair. About 55 percent of women choose to shave, and 37 percent would prefer to pull out the armpit hair. "Shaving is way easier, faster, and not painful than plucking," said Eka.

The dangers shave armpit hair
Axillary skin contains a layer of skin that is slightly different than other skin types. In this underarm skin layer there is a layer which contains a fair amount of cholesterol, ceramides and its little content (cell adhesive). This skin layer structure makes underarm skin is more sensitive than with other body parts.

Armpit hair shaving process was dangerous and it can ruin the appearance. Because when we shaving our armpit hair about 1/3 the skin around the armpit or 2-3 mg would help exfoliate the skin. "Without any need to be shaved, the skin will peel off naturally. However, by shaving the skin is forced to peel," he explained.

Who were forced to peel the skin will make the skin younger who are not ready to "perform" up to the surface too quickly. As a result, young skin will be healthy should be a layer of dry, rough, damaged, due to injuries suffered irritation, and skin underarm turn black. Evidently, about 68 percent of women who shave armpits feel that the skin turned black. Approximately 83 percent of women experience irritation after shaving, and about two of the three women find their skin becomes rough after shaving.

A skin condition like this will definitely ruin the appearance and your self-confidence, especially when wearing a sleeveless dress. In addition, the skin of the armpit feels sore and tender.

Jenna is A Man

Beauty contest for transvestites or transgender may have been ever held, but apparently not the Miss Universe contest provides an opportunity for transgender persons to participate. Jenna Talackova (23), one of the finalists of Miss Vancouver, denied intending to enter the competition as Miss Universe Canada. Because, Jenna was born a male, even though he was undergoing hormone therapy since age 14 and sex-change operation at age 19.

Jenna, although the application forms stating that he is a woman, is considered not eligible to compete. "However, we appreciate the purpose and his determination (to enter the competition), and wish the best for him," declared Miss Universe Foundation.

Miss Universe also did not care though Jenna had previously reached the final in the competition Miss Vancouver. After registering for the Miss Universe of 2012 is, in fact he has been elected as one of 65 finalists. But the participation is canceled by the foundation, although according to The Province there is no regulation on sex change.

No wonder Jenna felt disappointed. "I am very disappointed with the decision taken by the manager of Miss Universe," he said in a statement on Monday (3/26/2012) ago. "However, I will turn this situation into something positive, so that later other people with similar situations are not discriminated against."

On the other hand, the chairman of the pageant was confirmed that there are regulations related to the sex of the contestants at birth. Jenna mentioned in the registration form that he was born female, but later admitted that he was born as a man, according to Denis Davila, national director of Miss Universe Canada.

"He feels like a real woman, and he was a true woman. He did not think people would question it," said Davila. "He hopes we will put it back into the competition, but the rules are very clear. We have no way to enter it again."

Although many people agree on the decision of Miss Universe, not a few who give the support to get back Jenna join the competition. A petition from managed to collect 20 171 signatures to change the decision to disqualify Jenna from beauty pageant owned by businessman Donald Trump is.

Red Dress Invites Sex Desires

Rabu, 04 April 2012

Shown with red-colored clothes or shades not only attract attention because of its striking. Women red dress also has a different image than the others. In the eyes of men, red dress identical to the sex drive.

Red is always associated with love and passion. But do not stop there. In the view of men, red has two meanings. First, women who wear red more sexy and have a higher sex appeal. Second, he assumes women's red dress was also eager to get laid.

You can just deny it. Because you could be wearing a red dress for example because you like this bold color, or like fashion models. However, a study shows men are often linked to the sex of this red dress.

Researchers from the University of Rochester showed that men judge women dressed in red have a sexual attraction and sexual desire higher. The research is published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

This fact is obtained from research involving 25 men. The men were given pictures of the same woman, wearing two different clothing, T-Shirt white and red. After seeing the photo, the researchers asked the respondents men, "where a sexy female models and are passionate about?”

In response to questions provocative this, the men gave a high value on a woman dressed in red than the white shirt. Only with the red dress, women are considered more sexy and eager though he was the same female figure wearing white.

According to this research, when women dressed in red and she was showing herself that she has a burning desire. In fact, in the women's side, dressed in red to be one way of increasing confidence. Not to attract the opposite sex, let alone invite a man's sexual desire.

Whatever the outcome of research related to the red dress, then you should not limit yourself to wear it. You also do not need to be more careful. Be reasonable, but also understand if later he showed signs of sexual attraction because you see a red dress. Even when you're just wearing a red shirt though.

All you need to do to respond to signs of sexual interest in men is expressly stated, are not you wearing a red dress with her desire to vent. Yet another case with the husband. You can actually use a red dress to make a couple more eager to make love.

5 Ways to More Passionate Couples

Married couples who have undergone long marriages often lose their appetite for sex. Sex no longer a priority because more couples put the interests of the family than married couples’s intimacy in relationships.

Sex therapist and counselor, Mary Jo Rapini, revealed, many women claim to rarely hug or touch her husband because of him always lead to sex. While women feel too tired for sex.

"If you want to build a healthy family, you have to start from having a healthy marriage. If you want to have a healthy marriage, you need to build healthy communication. Married couples can build healthy communication, if it is able to talk about sex with your partner. If you are going married couples talk about sex, then you must understand what sexual needs as an individual, "she explained.

In order for sex married couples still excited, Rapini gave five suggestions:

1. Your mind is the biggest sex organ. You have to enjoy sex and regard it as something fun. If you are angry or anxious in pairs, to control your mind first and are immediately overcome anger. Anger will not bring good sex on a partner let alone to make you feel sexy.

2. Self-esteem. Appreciate your higher self. You do not have to have the ideal posture for enjoying great sex with your husband. If you have a body contains, accept yourself as a person who has the most beautiful aspects of a woman. Most people also have cellulite, acne, and wrinkles, so do not let these things ruin your beautiful smile and self-acceptance. Learn from the man who had a high respect for him, whatever he has included a variety of physical shortcomings.

3. Feel free to fantasize. The more often you have sex, the greater your desire for sex. So, take some time to think about sex. Many options do, like reading romance novels, listening to music, watching movies. Afterwards, involve your partner to share the fantasy.

4. Understand your body. Touch your body; identify which parts are most sensitive. Which are parts of the body that makes you happy when touched? Your knowledge about the body itself becomes important, because it can help couples to provide sexual satisfaction to you. Your partner can not read minds, so tell it what it will please you.

5. Foreplay. To get a healthy marriage, start with the foreplay in the morning the sensation last all day. Make sure you are connected to each other all day and he did not forget to send a short message or call. Intercourse is only a small part of sex. Most important is intimacy. There are many ways to build intimacy with your partner in marriage. One of them gives a splash of sex since the start day.

When is Pregnancy Twins Detected

Multiple pregnancies are common today among celebrities in Hollywood. Whether it occurs naturally or through artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization (IVF). To be sure, pregnant women who are carrying twins hoped would be eager to know the certainty of whether the program succeeds or not.

To know the certainty of the course you have to perform an ultrasound examination. At 12 weeks gestation, usually you can find out via ultrasound. But sometimes you can also get the assurance at a younger gestational age, especially if you are undergoing IVF or had miscarried.

"In cyberspace, no woman could possibly know that she was pregnant with multiple fetuses. So, to be known through scanning, and you can find out from the age of six weeks of pregnancy," said Patrick O'Brien, spokesman for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists , and obstetric consultant at University College Hospital, London.

Ultrasound examination since the early gestational age needs to be done if pregnant women experience some bleeding or pain, or if you are undergoing fertility treatment or had a miscarriage.

Of the examination, the doctor can see the development of the placenta and membranes, fetal membranes to see if you are identical or not. Not identical twins will develop its own placenta, while the identical twins can share, or have their own placenta, depending on when the fertilized egg that splits.

Many women who produced twins, but one can not develop in the fetus early in pregnancy, so that die in the womb. Well, the "disappearance" is also one of the fetus can be detected via ultrasound. Fetus is likely to disappear by the mother or fetus absorbed the other twin.

"So, maybe you've seen on ultrasound twins first, but later the fetus was not there. That's more known now because women have undergone scanning since the beginning," said O'Brien.

The fetus is missing is likely to occur in the first eight or 10 weeks. So far the loss of one twin fetus will not harm the fetus is still there. Up until now, has never been done long term studies on the subject.

"Push-Up Bra" Make Women More Confident

Sabtu, 24 Maret 2012

One of the products are very successful in understanding the needs of women is a bra with additional padding, or push-up bra. Use of push-up bras make women who have breast mini is no longer self-conscious, even able to boost her confidence according to medical research from the University of Manchester.

The study led by psychology professor Geoff Beattie is the world's first academic study that looked at the effects of the use of a bra on a woman. Beattie found, bra cleavage is able to create successful raise self-esteem of women. Thus, should the breast implant procedure is not needed anymore because we can give the impression of fuller breasts with this bra.

"These results indicate that you no longer need to do surgery to get a cleavage boost confidence," she said.

How exactly the teams are found this conclusion?

The team analyzed 60 videotapes of female respondents aged 20-55 years in the three groups of interactions. The tape shows how women react when wearing push-up bra, and then when wearing a regular bra. Seen, there are three key behaviors that can be associated with self-confidence, that smile, make eye contact and hand gestures.

When women wear push-up bra, her smile rose to 73 percent, then the hand movements do to make you feel good, like sweeping the forehead or chin stroking (signs of low self-confidence) was reduced 64 percent. The act of avoiding eyes and looked also declined to 41 percent.
This is proof that what is worn by women can have a positive influence on their behavior.

Charlotte Casiraghi, the New Face of Gucci

Sabtu, 03 Maret 2012

Grandson of Princess Grace of Monaco who is also the daughter of Princess Caroline, Charlotte Casiraghi, was elected as the new face of Gucci. This luxury label has long been in a relationship with a beautiful daughter who is also an equestrian athlete, with a riding costume designed exclusively for two years. That is, the costume is not made public, and among them Charlotte subjected to the Global Champions Tour in 2011.

Since her horse costume design, creative director of Gucci “Frida Giannini” realizing the potential of the 25 years old daughter as inspiration. Moreover, the world of fashion is not something new to Charlotte. Month of September 2011, she appeared on the cover of Vogue Paris issue, and is often present in the front row for a variety of shows from top designers such as Stella McCartney, Diane Von Furstenberg, Etam, and Yves Saint Laurent.

"Charlotte reflects the modern royal family, which opposes the natural elegance of contemporary styles," said Giannini, saying that Charlotte is one of 15 personal fashion icons.

Charlotte, who became “the throne of the Principality of Monaco-4” claiming a lot of advice from her grandmother and her mother which is often performed officially in her heyday. Now she replaces actress Evan Rachel Wood for this prestigious new role.

New Outlets in the Excelso, Kuningan City

Rabu, 22 Februari 2012

After successfully opening three stores in Pettarani Makassar, Summarecon Mal Serpong, and Solo, Paragon months ago, Excelso re-open a new store in the Kuningan City. The mall was chosen to facilitate office workers who want to relax after work. Kuningan City Outlets is also the first outlet mall located in a busy office area. This year, Excelso also plans to open 100 new outlets throughout Indonesia.

Kuningan City stores which opened in February 19, 2012, presenting a warm decor and comfortable, with capacity of about 64 people. To celebrate the opening of these outlets, Excelso offers 20 percent discount for every purchase of food and drinks until March 31, 2012.

Creation of tuna
To accompany the time to relax, Excelso offers a diverse menu of snacks and meals weight. "For his latest creation, presenting Excelso processed tuna in spaghetti and nachos," said Praise Sulistyowati, Public and Media Relations Excelso, at the opening Excelso in the Brass City, Jakarta, Wednesday (22/02/2012) then.

Spicy Tuna Pasta menu (can be selected in a kind of spaghetti or fusili pasta) gives a topping of fresh tuna meat with a slightly spicy blend of pepper and red pepper slices. For those who like spicy, this pasta may tasteless spicy. But you can add chili sauce to add strength to it.

As a snack, Tuna Nachos coffee can be enjoyed as a friend. Mexico corn chips taste sensation combined with a topping of tuna and sweet corn, and the splash of melted cheese, also was quite filling. As for the new coffee creations, presenting Excelso Excelso Kalosi Toraja, and the Floating Island-Avocado Coffee, this combines the pleasure sensation of cold coffee with a delicious juice of fresh avocado.

J. Crew "Chic" style, Michelle Obama's Favorite

Minggu, 19 Februari 2012

Not only fashion style of the flare Kate Middleton discussed even is referenced in the fashion of many women around the world. First lady Michelle Obama also has a fashion sense that is not less popular.

Michelle Obama managed to establish himself with the imaging appearance of a simple but still shows its charm as a persona. Through one of her favorite fashion labels, J. Crew, she shows how women can be regarded also appear attractive with no excessive force, especially regarding the budget.

J. Crew fashion label even surprised when Michelle mentioned the brand name during an interview on the television show "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" a few days before her husband, Barack Obama was elected president of the United States. Michelle is also known for advanced solid match outfit includes selecting minimal clothing budget but still look stylish. While attending the television talk show, she wore a pencil skirt for $ 148 dollars; a yellow tank top and brown blend for 148 dollars and 118 dollars a yellow cardigan. Overall, the appearance of a would-be first lady (at the time) worth 414 dollars or about Rp 3.7 million. J. Crew fashions neither chosen nor exclusive collection for women can be found all through online shopping. Since then, the label more closely with the figure of Michelle J. Crew. J. Crew came to be known as Michelle Obama's favorite fashion label.

Chic style

J. Crew label not only get an appreciation of Michelle Obama, but also at the fashion event in 2012 New York Fashion Week for Fall / Winter which took place 9-16 February 2012 ago. J. Crew-style chic appearance is displayed through a collection of Fall / Winter 2012 which was exhibited at the renowned New York fashion stage Fashion Week 2012.

For this latest collection, J. Crew uses quality materials from fur (fur materials), leather and animal print. Label the middle class is also choosing clothing patterns and bold motifs, textiles are easy to mix and match. It may be, Michelle Obama is fond of this label allows users due to solid match fashion but still highlight the character.

However, there are differences in the collection Fall / Winter 2012 J. Crew this time. Fashion label who runs fashion retail stores and factory outlets nationwide, featuring a different version of the dress. J. Crew to raise the level of fashion, both in terms of style is also the price, compared to its usual fashion products.

J. Crew's growing fashion design, even adopting the style of European fashion. Coat models, including the use of fur materials have appeared in recent collections of J. Crew in New York Fashion Week. Stripes are also prominent, including the selection of bright bold colors. Through this latest collection, inspired J. Crew solid match clothing, including blends the line pattern with a feather skirt,

A feminine, modern, bold, dynamic dominate the collection Fall / Winter 2012 from J. Crew is. One of them, a leather jacket paired with knee-length gray skirt (any color trends in 2012). This collection shows how Michelle Obama's favorite label is to follow the fashion trends but still make room for the individual to find his own style according to personality. Because the entire women's collection makes it easy to carry solid match fashion.

Is it safe to Having Sex in the Water?

Jumat, 17 Februari 2012

Looks like fun ya have sex in water. There is a distinct sensation that can not be obtained when making love in places where "regular". "As long as done properly, sex can be a variation in the water," added Dr Ferryal Loetan, ASC & T, SpRM, Kes (MMR).

Be fair, he added, when too many "acrobatic moves" that are used during sex. Having sex in the bathtub like in the movies, if not careful, may produce minor accidents such as slips and head kejedut. Moreover, if the bathtub is used too small, one-one instead of a romantic scene is obtained, but instead of irritation that arise because of the little accidents.

Medically sexual intercourse carried out in the water is actually safe. "Moreover, it can protect the natural vaginal bacteria that exist in the water so as not to get carried away," said the doctor and the medical rehabilitation sexology consultant who practiced at Friendship Hospital, Rawamangun, East Jakarta.

Instead water will indirectly beneficial to cleanse the body, including the sex organs. Unfortunately, there has been an incorrect perception about the devastating impact of sexual activity in the water. The definition is the possibility of embolism, a blockage in blood vessels alias. "That's not true," said Ferryal, "will Emboli may occur if sexual intercourse is when a woman is menstruating because of the time the cervix is open."

Slim chance of pregnancy
As a variation, make love in the clear water can excite to further relationships. Even so, Ferryal warned, "These variations should not do couples who long gestation."

Because, while in the water, would naturally protect the vagina so that no incoming germs. The condition can cause sperm was "rejected". If you have this, the chances of conception are very small.

Nightclub-style Fashion Festival

Sabtu, 04 Februari 2012

Fashion has always had a place anywhere and in the hearts of everyone. Everyone wants to fit their character style, with fashion trends as a guide, and then modify it to suit personal taste. Fashion is so closely related to urban lifestyle, the literacy information and look for a different sensation to enjoy fashion.

Fashion fans in Jakarta treat a variety of activities provided in contact with the world of fashion. Not only fashion week has which facilitated local designers to introduce a variety of creations and collections through a fashion show. Now, there is a unique option to present fashion closer to the end user.

For the first time, X2, famous nightclubs in Jakarta held a four-day fashion festival, brings 16 talented young designers. The event, titled X2 Runway Festival 2012 takes place 25-28 January 2012 held alternately in X2, Equinox, Diagonale located in Plaza Senayan, Jakarta.

For four days, after midnight, starting at precisely 00:30, X2 Runway Festival 2012 presents four that introduces the latest collection of designer or design of its flagship, with different themes.

"Actually, fashion shows have become a monthly activity, but this was the first festival was held in the concept for four days and involves a lot of designers. Another night club also held a fashion show, but for the concept of the festival you want to become his trendsetter. Festival is also a way educate visitors about fashion trends, and expected to be an inspiration style of dress appropriate to visit a nightclub, "said Eko Susanto, Events and Promotions X2 told Reuters on the sidelines Female, Friday (27/01/2012) morning.

According to Eko, fashion events held at the nightclub provides its own challenges. Starting from the impression of a nightclub that is identical to something that is sexy, a designer who has a lot of consideration to participate, to find professional models who dare to appear in fashion show at midnight tonight.

"This activity can be a means of promotion for designers to buyers directly. Because fashion show is held several times a month that usually only bring in a designer, visitors interested in the fashion that was exhibited," he said.

Eko explained, fashion events at the club night to educate visitors about the way X2 dress codes in nightclubs. This premium night club is known for strict selection of visitors. There is a kind of "dress code". This club applied for visitors who want to find entertainment.

What kind of rules in a dress at nightclubs? Fashion show is the source of their inspiration. But Eko explains some of them, "Visitors who look too casual we rejected, including the wearing of sandals. Visitors should also be fashionable club,"

This nightclub needs to inspire young designers responded to dress in between Erdan, Roy Mulyanto, Andi Saleh Yoyok Prasetyo, Yudhishthira, Paula Meliana for Eva Bun, Dindin, Elva Marliah, Salim Rashid, Afril Grhalavanja, Ichwan Thoha, Ririn Rinura, Rosaline Lie, Mimi Ghozali, Hengki Kawilarang, Ivan Gunawan & Ovie Wu.

Each designer is challenged to present a collection defined according to the theme of the organizers. Eko said, there are four themes namely Raising Star, Avant Garde, Unique & Colourful, Fashionista. Each designer then translates these themes in a fashion collection that 90 percent intended to womanhood.

On the second day, night clubs are filled with 500 guests who witnessed the fashion style of famous stars. On the second day, unique and imaginative clothing enliven the festival. One of them, Paula Meliana to translate the concept of avant garde fashion by presenting black and silver models of the canal are also two pieces with a sexy silhouette.

The theme of construction, Paula uses unusual materials such as nails, wire as an application on the clothing and are designed using special materials and techniques so that users remain comfortable and safe to wear.

"This dress is more suitable to stage clothing or clothing that is thematic for a specific event," she told Reuters before the show Female.

Designer, Ivan Gunawan, also took part in this event by displaying a collection of ever show at Jakarta Fashion Week last November 2011. "I did not create a new collection for this event. But my clothes fit for the needs of fashion show at the nightclub, memorable sexy body shape, but still comfortable and practical use," he told when met on the sidelines of the Grand Wedding Expo in Jakarta .

For Ivan, participated in fashion events at nightclubs are right on target. Because designers can directly introduce a fashion collection is tailored to the needs of visitors to night clubs.

Kate Middleton Dare to Say "No" to Fashion

Habit of wearing the same clothes several times when appearing in public was invited comments, that a noble girl should not do it. After all, she took no notice of such comments. This shows that she knows what she likes. And she was praised by designer Katherine Hooker.

"Despite it is very conservative, there is something that makes her different than just a sweet girl with a well-educated," said London-based designer who her coat designs often worn by Kate. "I think many people consider she is boring dressed and she should be more fashionable. But I think she's a very powerful, with a strong personality."

According to Hooker, Kate also dares to say "no" if she does not like something. "There are some things that absolutely refuse. She really knows what is appropriate for her, what she likes, and what is not," she said.

Not long ago, she was also dubbed as the "Hat Person of the Year" by The Headwear Association, thanks to a compelling performance in a variety of events with attributes headpiece. The Duchess of Cambridge won 91 percent of the votes in an online poll, beating a number of famous names such as Rachel Zoe, Ne-Yo, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, and Charlie Sheen. Kate is a third figure who won the highest award from this association. Last year, this title was won by Johnny Depp. While the first person who win this award was Brad Pitt.

The Headwear Association, an organization that promotes the use of hats and headwear industry throughout the world, giving special attention to the best hats Kate. Of who wore velvet cabernet color at Christmas, and headpiece decorated with maple leaf design for Sylvia Fletcher Lock and Co., she wore during a visit to Canada, in July 2011.

Testicular Cancer

Kamis, 12 Januari 2012

Testicular cancer is the growth of malignant cells in the testes (testicles), which can cause enlarged testicles or cause a lump in the scrotum.

Most testicular cancers occur in less than 40 years of age.

The cause is not known for sure, but there are several factors that support the occurrence of testicular cancer:
  • Undesensus testis (undescended testes into the scrotum)
  • Abnormal testicular development
  • Klinefelter's syndrome (a sex chromosome disorder characterized by low levels of male hormones, sterility, breast enlargement (gynecomastia) and small testes).

Another factor that may be the cause of testicular cancer but research is still in its early stages of exposure to certain chemicals and infection by HIV. If in any family history of testicular cancer, the risk will increase.

1% of all cancers in men are testicular cancer. Testicular cancer is the most common cancer found in men aged 15-40 years.

Testicular cancer is grouped into:
Seminoma: 30-40% of all testicular tumors.
    Usually found in men aged 30-40 years and confined to the testis.
Non-seminoma: a 60% of all testicular tumors.
    Subdivided into several subcategories:
  • Embryonic carcinoma: about 20% of testicular cancer occurs at age 20-30 years and very malignant. Growing very rapidly and spreads to the lungs and liver.
  • Yolk sac tumor: approximately 60% of all testicular cancers in young men.
  • Teratoma: about 7% of testicular cancers in adult men and 40% in boys. - Choriocarcinoma.
  • Tumor stromal cells: a tumor composed of Leydig cells, Sertoli cells and granulosa cells. This tumor is 3-4% of all testicular tumors. Tumors can produce the hormone estradiol, which can cause one of the symptoms of testicular cancer, which is gynecomastia.

Symptoms include: 
  • Testicle enlarged or palpable weird (not as usual)
  • Lump or swelling in one or both testicles
  • Dull pain in the back or lower abdomen - Gynecomastia
  • Discomfort / pain in the testicle or scrotum feel heavy.
  • But it may also not found any symptoms at all.

Diagnosis based on symptoms and physical examination.
Other tests are commonly performed:
  • Scrotal ultrasound
  • Blood tests for tumor markers AFP (alpha fetoprotein), HCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) and LDH (lactic dehydrogenase).
  • Nearly 85% of non-seminoma cancer showed elevated levels of AFP or beta HCG.
  • Chest x-ray (to determine the spread of cancer to the lungs)
  • CT scan of the abdomen (to determine the spread of cancer to the abdominal organs)
  • Tissue biopsy.

Treatment depends on the type, stage and severity of the disease.

Once cancer is found, the first step is to determine the type of cancer cells.
The next stage is determined:
Stage I: The cancer has not spread beyond the testicle
Stage II: Cancer has spread to lymph nodes in the abdomen
Stage III: Cancer has spread beyond the lymph nodes, get to the heart or lungs.

There are four kinds of treatment that can be used:
  • Surgery: removal of the testes (orkiektomi and removal of lymph nodes (lymphadenectomy
  • Radiation therapy: using high doses of X rays or other high energy rays, is often performed after lymphadenectomy in non-seminoma tumors.
  • Also used as a primary treatment in seminoma, especially in its early stages.
  • Chemotherapy: used drugs (eg cisplatin, bleomycin, and etoposide) to kill cancer cells.
  • Chemotherapy has improved the life expectancy of patients with non-seminoma tumors.
  • Bone marrow transplantation: do if the chemotherapy has caused damage to the bone marrow of patients.

Seminoma tumor 
  • Stage I is treated with irradiation orkiektomi and abdominal lymph nodes
  • Stage II treated with orkiektomi, lymph node irradiation and chemotherapy with sisplastin
  • Stage III treated with orkiektomi and multi-drug chemotherapy.

Non-seminoma tumors: 
  • Stage I: treated with orkiektomi and abdominal lymphadenectomy may be performed
  • Stage II: treated with lymphadenectomy orkiektomi and abdomen, possibly followed by chemotherapy
  • Stage III: treated with chemotherapy and orkiektomi.

If the cancer is a recurrence of previous testicular cancer, some drugs are given chemotherapy (ifosfamide, cisplatin and etoposide or vinblastine).

Yoga for Having Sex

Jumat, 06 Januari 2012

A study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2009 revealed that women who initially did not feel happy with their sex lives, turns slowly undergone significant changes in her sex life. These changes include increased arousal, desire for sex, as well as better orgasms. Improvements in sex life is it is because these women are practicing yoga. Psychologist, physical therapist, and author of A Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription for Happiness, Dr. Elizabeth R. Lombardo, believes that yoga is very good for improving your sex life. The reason is as follows:

  1. Train the focus of attention. Much of the focus of yoga is to calm the mind and brain. Every day, you usually think about what things to do. Not infrequently it makes you tired and stressed. Thoughts like these that can easily affect your mind while in the room, thus reducing the desire for sex. "Maybe then you are physically in the room, but somehow your mind drift to figure out what, so it does not focus with your partner. This may reduce sexual pleasure," said Lombardo. Yoga can help you to organize and manage your thoughts and your stress better. Yoga can also calm the mind so that you can think clearly and focus on what is being done, such as sex.
  2. Better than Kegel. Kegel exercises that gave priority to simple contraction of the pelvic floor muscles is good to increase sexual arousal, as these exercises can strengthen the muscles that work when having sex. However, yoga is considered better than Kegel exercises. Because, yoga not only strengthen the pelvic muscles, but also help reach the muscle contractions during sex, so sex session for the better and longer.
  3. Reduce stress. "Yoga is one way to 'kill' the stress," said Lombardo. When you're stressed, you tend to lose passion for sex and felt I had no time for sex. Stress is literally able to reduce your libido, and can make you depressed. With yoga, you can relax the mind and reduces stress in the brain attack. This means that with a stress-free mind then your sex drive will increase. You would think to look at sex as something fun when you do not superstres.
  4. .ncrease strength and flexibility. Yoga is very good for muscle tone, flexibility, and endurance during sex. Developments resulting from endurance and muscle strength gained from yoga can help during sex, especially for those who like sex are attractive.
  5. Self-confidence. Yoga can increase your confidence, because when you are in excellent body condition and the ideal body shape, then you will feel more confident. This confidence also helps you feel more comfortable in the bedroom with your partner. "There are biochemical changes that occur in the brain when we practice yoga. This could help increase our confidence even though our body shape has not changed," said Lombardo.

5 Facts about Anti-Aging Cream

Rabu, 04 Januari 2012

One of the means used to reduce the signs of aging is to use anti-aging cream. One compound that plays an important role in anti-aging cream is retinol content is a derivative of vitamin A. Retinol, which is also called Retin-A or Renova, becoming the main standard in the products anti-aging creams. However, many consumers who do not know the facts about retinol, which may affect how much, work a maximum of retinol in the cream. Here are some facts.

1. Retinol damaged if exposed to light and air. Light and air can cause damage to retinol in the cream. Retinol is very sensitive to light, and if exposed to direct light, most likely this material will no longer be effective when used. A study conducted in 2004 and published in the Journal of Raman Spectroscopy showed that retinol is a substance that is not stable when exposed to oxygen in the air too much and often.

After using the cream for a month, usually cream is not going to work a maximum again as when first opened. This is caused due to damage caused by retinol exposure to air. You can delay the destruction of retinol in anti-aging cream by putting the cream in a dark room, or in an airtight container to maintain stable longer.

2. Retinol works better when used separately with products that contain acid. To work optimally, retinol requires a neutral pH. If we use a variety of cream products for the face, avoiding the use of anti-aging creams along with other products that contain salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or vitamin C. If you must use products that contain this acid, you should use separately and in the distance a long time. For example, use of vitamin C in the morning, and anti-aging cream at night.

3. Strength depends on the levels of retinol. The concentration of retinol in the cream affects the content of their effectiveness in work, and removes wrinkles on the face velocity. Typically, an anti-aging cream contains about 0.025 percent retinol. The content of this show the most out after use for 6 weeks, but not strong enough to remove wrinkles and black spots on the face completely.

4. Retinol improves skin to slough off your dead skin. How it works retinol is to make your skin look first to peel off the dead skin before it makes it look better. The best you have to do is use a cream with the lowest retinol content gradually until your skin has improved and no peeling. This will usually take between 6-8 weeks. Retinol will also make your skin more sensitive to the sun. So it is very important for you to use a sunscreen with minimum SPF 30 during the day.

5. Retinol work best at night. Anti-aging cream is best applied at night. This is caused by exposure to UV light less than during the day, and the highest temperature reached during the night. This will help the absorption of retinol into the skin so that it can work with the maximum. When sleeping, use a silk pillowcase to prevent the cream stick to the fabric.