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Beautiful Hair

Jumat, 26 September 2008

Get Beautiful Hair Without Chemical Substance

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Everyone want look beautiful and fresh every where, every time. And one of the way we must keep our hair to settled it’s reflected shine, vitality, and healthy. But we must choose the save way to take care our hair. And its not always need much money. We can take care of our hair with traditional and easy way, and we can do it alone, we haven’t to go to console. And u just need 45 minutes to get healthy hair in your spare time. But I suggest to you, be space and continoesly is prefer.
And now I want to talk you all about hair remedies steps.
Wash our hair before getting treatments, after that prepare hair remedies cream that usually you use.
  • Cream that you choose must appropriate with your needed and the advantages that you want, after that spread it to all your hair part beginning lower until upper ends.
  • Beside that get a massage in all part of your head, in order that the cream can penetrate into your hair easily.
  • After that, steam your hair as long as 10 minutes in order that our head’s pore can be open and the cream can penetrate more easily.
  • Wash your hair again
  • And drying your hair with hairdryer or warm towel
  • Give hair tonic or vitamin in order that our hair more shiny and healthy
Now I want talk to you bout the kind of nature creams
  • Coconut oil
It’s used for dry hair to make more damp.
  • Egg
It’s used to make our hair more fertile and healty
  • Orange and chamomile
To make our hair free from dandruff
  • Orang-aring
A traditional plant in Indonesia that can make our hair look black-shine

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Dr@ms oF g1Rls

Sabtu, 20 September 2008 myspace graphic comments
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Be a Power Girl..
Hello girls every where you are, this is show time, show our power. Basicly each girls have a chance to change her life with her power, her pretentious and her confidence. Yeah,,,, the power to get our happiness and our freedom in our hands. So why we have to afraid to dream? Show to the world that we are strong women. And now I want to talk to you 5 steps to help you more focus to get your dream.
  • Study
Don’t stop to study. Every where, every time are knowledge. Take free and enhancement our paradigma are the first step to get our confidence. So study every thing that you can do. We must know that study is haven’t to in formal forum. We can improve our knowledge by reading book, joint in book’s club or searching and browsing internet are one of way to ground our brain. Remember it “A Smart Girl is A Power Girl”. myspace graphic comments
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  • Stand Alone
Do you remember when did you go outside without phone? Ever you eat in restaurant alone? Make yourself safety with this condition, and make sure that you have enough power to face some conditions alone. Have a boy friend is not reasons to stop do anything that we want. Build your confidence and do news thing in your life.
  • Traveling
Traveling will make you show different conditions and it will give you new ideas. Each trips will give you chance to learn something new. Not only about this (locations where you traveling) culture but also our self. Firstly, may be traveling give scream thing in our head, but by traveling we can meet something new from exceptional thing there.
  • Giving
When you help someone else, this means you help your self. Give anything that we can do to our surrounded and you will get their requital in different way. Giving is not only in big thing. Say good morning and ground kinship are one of this example. Open your heart for someone else and they will do the same thing.
  • Big dreams
Don’t afraid to dreaming, because no overdream and never to get. The power girl know, they can get anything that they want. If you sure about your dream, you have sure you can get it. But you have to try harder to get it. And believe you can do that.
I think that’s enough girl….
May be in other day I will give you something new.
Ok guys see you soon…… myspace graphic comments
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Minggu, 14 September 2008

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The Secrete How to Get Inner Beauty
I think this is an unstudied thing if all women want to look more beautiful in every chances. Because of they believe that beautifulness can improve their confidence. Any method they do to get outner and inner beauty. For example they do diet program, eat diet pill to get slim body, till plastic surgeon program. But many girl of them must indemnify big sorrow because of their strive give bad effect for their healthy.
Ok girls… you unnecessary and despair how to surmount this problem….. and to get nature beautiful. Now I want to talk to you all how to get inner beauty.
  • Identify you potency and debility
We know that every thing in this world is made with their potency and debility. But don’t feel that you debility is your lack. You must think with different way. Positive think is good way to improve our entrepreneur. We must do any thing to improve our potency. Try to implicate your friends, families, or may be psychologist to that can give positive suggestion to you. May be we can find our dream from them.
  • Look for our avowal
A women is a beautiful one if they ever get avowal from other person if they are beautiful. Beautifulness is not usual bring to bear on our face and our body. But you can show who you are by your achievement . and it will how brilliant girl you are. And I’m sure it will make other person look up to you.
  • Spruce and attend our self
I know some of us is career women, and I know your day is so busy. But don’t forget to attend our self. Include about our stylish, fashion, and character.
  • Don’t forget who are you
Don’t forget who are you. Don’t be other person. You have something picturesque that just yours. And use it to make this world more colorful.
Come on girls….show your beautifulness. This world is waiting for you. Show up who are you.

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One of Indonesian Wealth

Senin, 08 September 2008

Do you want have pure and soft skin?,,, ehmmm that’s not difficult thing. Furthermore in this modern times. Any skin care around us that can we found easily in many beautiful room. Modern teknologi give something new in beautiful world include skin care, begin of giving serum till laser teknologi. And it give maximum product in a view time.
But, now traditional skin care like lulur, have someplace in their fans heart. And it never lost in this modern life stile. Lulur is have known for along time ago, and now we know lulur as Body Scrub. We usually use lulur by take it in our skin.
And we just waiting until this lulur is dank. And than we have to scrape by our hands until all scrub fallen. Lulur cam cleanse our body from dirty, open all our pore so they can breath, u can do it twice or third in one month. I’m sure you will get maximum effect. Herbal lulur can stave off you from negative pollution effect, AC and stress that cam make our skin dry, black spot, even can send wizened. Before you use lulur u must make sure no injury in your skin.
Till now, well-nigh all of lulur use nature season like spice. Usually each beautiful center have their specific spice for their lulur. For example Teratai Spa, they use peculiar spice from Boreh Bali.
Boreh spice is original spice that is used by ancient people from Bali till now. Nevertheless lulur is just traditional skin care, mastery of beautiful again and again try to find new innovation to get the kind of newest of lulur.


Minggu, 07 September 2008

Ehmm…. Now I want to talk bout my place where I work.
Ya……. I be an operator internet café in AKASIA . And AKASIA is one of the biggest internet café in my town. It located in Slamet Riyadi Street Number 24 Sukoharjo 57514.
Phone (0271) 5879153 Fax (0271) 593795
Facilities in AKASIA Internet Café:
Ø 12 Computer Personal
Ø Full AC
Ø Card Reader
Ø DVD Room
Ø Web Cam
Ø Full Music
Ø Soft Drink
Ø Snack
Ø Printing
Ø Burning
Ø Scaning
Ø Good Service
And now I, Rani Maharani one of AKASIA operator want to invite you to joint with us and enjoy internet service with AKASIA Internet Cafe .


No one in this world that want their first dating with their lovely friend is failed. And it’s not impossible if they arrange good strategy to make their lovely friend aren’t boring and have big interested to continue their dating in next time.
But any of them have failed in their first dating, and any complex think that can make it not good. For example they can’t do good strategy in their first dating.
And now I want talk to you, something that have to do
  1. Wear correct cloths in correct time and condition
Clots is one of importance think in your first dating, so you must pay attention it more. Because it will make u more handsome or beautiful. You must choose cloth with soft color and make simple accessories . and it will be more attractive if u wear casual cloth, so you will look more relax.
  1. Choose good film schedule
Watch the movie in bioscope of course include in your schedule. And you can learn what the movie type that he/she like. And give he/she freedom to choose what the film that will you watch with her/him. But if she/he give this freedom to you, don’t buy the ticket direckly, but you must discus bout it whit her/ him.
  1. Don’t be emotional man
Usually In first dating your lovely friend show their big ego. Show your care with big attention. Don’t be emotional man when he/ she make you angry. It just an exam to show to her/ him who you are. So fell calm…….
Ok guys…
I think that all. I just want to help you all. Good luck guys

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who am i/first posting

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girls is somethink to learn
because thay are very complex
hv a unicly think hw to enjoy their life

so make them ur daily homework