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Alcohol Can Reduce Sex Ability

Sabtu, 11 Juli 2009

Alcohol Can Reduce Sex Ability

For those of you who consume to alcohol before sex, since it is customary at this time it stopped. The beverage can thus decrease the ability to perform in sex.

This is expressed by Dr L Tobing Naek in His Consultant Show in Reality magazine, Saturday (11/7/2009).

"If in consume alcohol added again dose, can reduce the ability of the sex," he said.

Therefore, he recommends that practices in the alcoholic beverages in the sex can be reduced, even eliminated, because it only just a habit.

He explains, are usually people who do have sex before the alcohol is intended to lower barriers to have sex. Obstacle is, as timid, or hesitates.

Therefore, usually this is done by couples who are not in the marital bond.

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