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Bathroom Together, your Action Menu Roll

Senin, 27 Juli 2009

Bathroom Together, your Action Menu Roll

IF you want to have sex in the water, you will get double experience. Not only for treatment, but at the same time you will get orgasmic experience.

For you who want to open a bed with the action of the bath with him, Cosmopolitan give the steps.

Bathroom with under water

Spur appetite make a bath together with the pair. Bring along with a few couples seduce. Say you want to enjoy being water shower tandem with it.

If he receives a call, then you can start the swing action prankish. Give a kiss on the lips rage and come down to the neck. Perform the same way as is often done when you make love.

You can also stare in the eyes, and say that you are loving him.

The action menu bed

After fondling smooth action, it is now the time for the attack him. In this way, guaranteed to make direct will make Mr. P is turn on. Then rub the back with her soft. Then hug him from behind.

Paste the breast with the pair back. Let him feel the sensation of pressure your breasts. Then, you can touch his sensitive area.

Play your finger around its Mr. P Use the hands to touch and play to its Mr. P Then, whisper sentence so you want it tonight. Give soft caress on the back.

If the reaction is not known so couples and reply to you with flattery fervent desire. This good time to ended bath together and immediately switch to the bed.

Is interesting it?

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