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Top 6 facts about Menstruation

Sabtu, 31 Oktober 2009

Top 6 facts about Menstruation

Hormonal changes that occur during the menstrual cycle were cause interference, the disruption to talk to diarrhea. Consider whether you also have the following 6.

1. The first week of your hormone cycle is a good week to start a diet. According to the results of a study conducted at Tufts University, you've begun to eat up to 12% this week, and have fewer hormones associated with the desire to eat.

2. Quit smoking during the second half of your cycle is also recommended. A study in 2008 which was held the University of Minnesota showed that estrogen is the hormone that gives us encouragement to enjoy addictive substances like nicotine. When these hormone levels decreased in the third and fourth week, the desire to smoke goes down, so actually it easier for you when they want to quit smoking.

3. According to the same research from the University of Minnesota, progesterone contrary to your verbal skills. As a result, you will often wrong way, and loss of reasoning. This hormone can also cause constipation and bloating, so you should eat lots of foods that contain fiber and water.

4. You experience PMS can be contagious to others. When you find the couple went along with the menstrual cycle moody when you arrive, immediately calm him. It is still much more research needs to be done, "But there is other evidence that the monthly fluctuations in testosterone may also produce PMS-like symptoms in men," says Jed Diamond, a psychotherapist from California is also the author of Male Menopause. In a study presented at the Society for Menstrual Research, at the 11th Biennial Conference, the men who fill in questionnaires complaining about the mood swing that happens every month, similar to that experienced by the women surveyed.

5. When you board with female friends, they could get a period at the same time with you. This is caused by the lunar cycle. The experts also said that the chemical signals in the body of a woman may be caught by others, and women living together may share the same source of stress, so influential at the time of their menstruation.

6. Menstrual period can also cause your diarrhea. The same chemicals, which trigger uterine contractions to help remove the blood, can inadvertently cause the lower intestine to join contract.

Vaginal and Clitoral Orgasm

Kamis, 29 Oktober 2009

Vaginal and Clitoral Orgasm

Orgasm, its arrival is always eagerly awaited in the cycle of sexual relationships. New orgasm appears when a person experiences sexual stimulation occurs intense. Well, orgasm is the culmination of these stimuli.

Nearly all men can achieve orgasm every sexual intercourse. However, it is not so with women. In women, there are two types of orgasm, the clitoral and vaginal orgasms.

Clitoral orgasm is achieved through clitoral stimulation to the organ. This organ is located at the top of her genital lips and a little closed. Just as with the male penis, the clitoris has a lot of sensitive nerves that moment. When the clitoris is stimulated, blood flow to organs and make this little bit bigger.

Next comes a sense of pleasure that came from that section and spread to the head or down through the thigh to the foot. Breast nipple becomes hard and the skin becomes a little warmer. Vaginal muscle contractions and vibrations felt bumpy outer genital area to mark the arrival of orgasm.

If the penis has the function of procreation and urination, the only goal of the organ of the clitoris is to give pleasure. Based on a survey of women who masturbate, 84 percent claimed to have an orgasm from stimulation of the clitoris.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, since thousands of years ago has informed the importance of organ clitoris. He also believes that women can ejaculate a topic that remains controversial to this day.

For clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm can be done in three ways, there are oral, using the hand (masturbation), or sexual relations. Stimulation with oral and hand are more effective than a sexual relationship. One position is believed to make women reach orgasm is the woman on top. With this position, she can adjust the stimulation to the clitoris itself so as to accelerate the occurrence of orgasm.

In the meantime, acquired vaginal orgasm can through stimulation of the vagina. Some have called this type of orgasm as the G-spot orgasm. To note, vaginal orgasm can not be achieved if only relying on vaginal stimulation alone because most of the penis can not touch the G-spot.

Some sex positions that allow the penetration of the can be done to achieve this vaginal orgasm. Stimulate the G-spot by hand can also be an option.

Causes of Abnormal Keputihan

Selasa, 27 Oktober 2009

Causes of Abnormal Keputihan

Keputihan experienced by women are made uncomfortable, but do not discharge any of the normal there. What actually causes vaginal discharge? Discharge is caused by glands in the uterus and vagina carry out cells - dead cells and bacteria with mucus expenditure, this solution causes the vaginal mucus us keep it clean and helps to prevent infection.

Actually proper when a woman has vaginal discharge, the number and color can vary, ranging from clear to slightly yellowish, such as milk, is associated with the menstrual cycle. You also may notice a difference in the amount of vaginal discharge or odor from it.

If you are experiencing fertility, lactation or in a state of arousal, vaginal discharge obtained quite naturally. The smell can also change if you're pregnant or not clean in your own hygiene. Maybe it would be better if you know what conditions could cause these abnormal vaginal discharge.

Changes in the balance of bacteria in the vagina may affect the color, smell and texture of white. Here are some conditions that can cause changes in the balance of bacteria and the levels (pH) vaginal acid:

  1. Rata PenuhThe use of antibiotics or long enough streoid causing bacteria "good" guards dead and the pH of vaginal yeast thrives.
  2. Bacterial vaginosis, a bacterial infection that often occurs in pregnant women or in women who have many sexual partners
  3. Use of birth control pills because hormones influence the balance and imbalance in pH occurred
  4. Cervical cancer
  5. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, which is a sexually transmitted infection
  6. Uncontrolled diabetes so that high sugar levels cause the sugar in the urine and blood and cause bacteria to flourish.
  7. The use of vaginal washing soap for disturbing the pH balance of the vagina
  8. Pelvic infection after surgery
  9. Pelvic inflammatory disease
  10. Trichomoniasis, a parasitic infection that is usually due to sex is not safe
  11. Vaginal atrophy, thinning and dryness of the vaginal wall because of menopause
  12. Vaginitis, an inflammation condition and irritation around the vagina
  13. Fungal infections

"Sexomnia", Sex While Sleeping

Minggu, 25 Oktober 2009

"Sexomnia", Sex While Sleeping

While annoying to women, many men who fell asleep after making love. However, there was more annoying than that, the people who have sex while you sleep. These conditions by the experts called sexomnia.

Three researchers from the University Otawa, Toronto, and the Toronto Western Hospital, described as a combination of sexomnia having a wet dream and sleepwalking.

Interestingly, according to a study conducted by researchers, most pairs of people who do not mind sexomnia the partner conditions. Most were happy and did not care to have sex with a partner who was in unconscious condition.

The disorder is found sexomnia experts as they interviewed patients at a sleep disorders clinic. This is called Sexomnia different variation of sleepwalking. However, previously also been known to the sleepwalking patient who did not indecent when they were asleep.

In a study conducted in Canada was found in 11 cases sexomnia and nearly all are men. A 35-year-old husband described himself as going through an erotic dream, then realize that dream with his wife unconscious. He realized his behavior when his wife told the next day.

A lover of the 43-year-old man also told her, her partner is often to have sex while asleep. Even so, this girl did not mind because, she said, her boyfriend turned into "others" while asleep. "He was more gentle, romantic, and trying to satisfy me," he said.

A wife feels her husband's behavior with Asperger's different sexomnia. "We fell asleep, she had become aggressive in bed," he said.

Although the number of cases found sexomnia still small, but experts suspect the number is likely much greater. This is because not many patients who consult a doctor because it did not consider his condition as a problem.

Anal Cancer

Kamis, 22 Oktober 2009

Anal Cancer

Farrah Fawcett, the famous artist thanks to her role in the series Charlie's Angels, died at the age of 62 years. News of her death has not been exposed to the media for "lost" by the news that Michael Jackson's death occurred on the same day. Fawcett died of rectal cancer she had fought for three years.

According to the American Cancer Society, in 2009 cases of rectal cancer will increase until 5290 and approximately 700 infected will die. Although her disease is still a lot attack men, women also have a risk of this type of cancer.

Rectal cancer associated with the same virus that causes cervical cancer, the human papillomavirus, HPV-16. However, there are several other risk factors for cancer include smoking, having sex through the anus, the opening of the rectum is not normal, have more sexual partners than one, the age of 50 years, and anus often experience swelling (inflammation) or irritation.

Symptoms include feces from the rectum of expenditure that is not normal, pain, bleeding, and itching around the anus. But, unfortunately, these symptoms are generally considered practically so often overlooked.

The prevention of course with no has sexual relationship with someone who has the HPV virus. Early detection can help prevent the spread of this disease. If you are sexually active sexual intercourse through the anus, it could not hurt to regularly go to the doctor. The way the investigation with anal Pap tests, but not everyone is recommended to do this process. You can consult your doctor for more information.

Anal cancer treatment is same with other cancer treatments, such as by surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. However, there were few alternative treatments are done. The disease is not much exposed, but what happened to Farrah Fawcett brought the news about this issue more widely. Farrah had a chance to make a video documentary about her journey against the disease, including when she tried alternative medicine. From this documentation, the fans around the world can catch the suffering, fear, and hope for recovery.

Men Imagining Sex Every 7 Seconds?

Rabu, 21 Oktober 2009

Men Imagining Sex Every 7 Seconds?

Many myths about sex that circulated in the community. There is a right, there is not. There is nothing wrong to know what is scientifically true, and which can not be explained, to increase our knowledge. Does your knowledge of these myths is good enough?

1. Unable to get pregnant if you have sex in the water.
If a healthy woman and a man healthy sex without contraception, so the woman could get pregnant. Similarly, if it intercourse is performed in water. If no sperm are alive and healthy to meet the egg in the uterus to meet the woman, then she remains a potentially pregnant. This myth can be considered wrong.

2. Men can not pretend to orgasm
"They can, and they do it. In a study conducted at the University of Kansas, as much as 35 percent of men admitted they pretended orgasm. Even someone has to do when oral sex. Of course, men can not fake ejaculation, but they could pretend to be as bellow and do certain movements. Why? Like women, they could fatigue, stress, as well as difficult to reach a climax, but still want to make their partner feel good.

3. Oral sex 100 percent safe
"Transmission of HIV virus through oral sex is rare, but you will still be infected with sexual diseases, such as gonorrhea (gonorrhea disease) and herpes. In a recent study report found that women who had oral sex with 6 men or more had higher risk of oral cancer. This likely caused by a viral infection of the human papilloma virus, the virus that causes cervical cancer. If it will do, try to use a condom with a sense.

4. Men think about sex every 7 seconds
Assume that the man has 16 hours of time awake during the day. If he thought about sex every 7 seconds, then it means he thought about sex as much as 57,000 times a day. This amount is roughly as much as the amount a person to breathe when he woke up (not sleeping). In fact, if someone thought about sex all that often in one day, he would not be able to do anything (and certainly it will make people mad).

5. Women can not have sex while pregnant big
"Unless prohibited obstetricians, women who were pregnant still able to have sex. In fact, research proves that pregnant women who engage in intercourse to prevent premature birth. There are even some women who felt their first orgasm while pregnant, perhaps because of changes in hormone levels. Position is the key. Most pregnant women stated that the spoon position and the woman-on-top is the best.

6. Female masturbation only when they were still single
Not true! In a recent study reported that more than 40 percent of women had husbands masturbate often. And the fact, women who masturbate while have a husband are already has reported more satisfaction in intercourse. Maybe because they become more attuned sensitive points of their own, so he could direct her husband.

Are there any other myths about sex you've ever heard and have not found the explanation?

How Much Expectant Mother can Drink Coffe

Senin, 19 Oktober 2009

How Much Expectant Mother can Drink Coffe

When you're pregnant, there are lots of food and drink restrictions set by the doctor. Among other things, never drink coffee, tea, and soft drinks. Why?

Coffee and tea contain caffeine which stimulates the central nervous system, increase blood pressure and heart rate. In addition, caffeine consumption can also increase the frequency of urination. Possibly, some important vitamins such as B and C go to waste. That is why, coffee and tea consumption during pregnancy should be limited. No more than 400 mg of caffeine per day, or about 3 cups of coffee per day with an approximate 1 cup of coffee contains 100 mg of caffeine. As for tea, the maximum allowed consumed 8 cups a day.

High sugar

While soft drinks full of high sugar content. There are about 250 calories of soft drinks in one glass. Moreover, the sugar in soft drinks is the sugar fructose, which is a synthetic sugar chemically extracted from corn. As a result, blood sugar content could rise rapidly. Pregnant women were at risk of diabetes mellitus during pregnancy, while the fetus will be overweight.

In addition, consumption of large amounts of sugar can disrupt the function of the nervous system, since the sugar in the body must be broken down into energy, while the sugar-solving process requiring vitamin B6. Logically, the more sugar is consumed, the more vitamin B6 is depleted. In fact, lost vitamin B6 would disrupt the function of the nervous system, with one of the effects of extreme fatigue and easily distracted as well as in stress conditions. That is why; during the pregnancy we should avoid the consumption of carbonated soft drinks.

Apart Baby, What's Out At Birth?

Minggu, 18 Oktober 2009

Apart Baby, What's Out At Birth?

"Maybe this question sounds silly, but I've heard that sometimes we'd like to defecate while pushing during the birth process. I want to know the truth all these things." Thus a letter from a woman, between fear and curiosity.

This is a very common question, and not at all stupid questions. This woman concerned, when the pushing, she also took out the dirt, so it will pollute the baby. In addition, there may be some other substance which is also issued at the same time trying hard you push the baby out, either liquid or gas.

In fact, when you are in labor, you use the same muscles you use when they want to defecate. According to Rebecca Odes and Ceridwen Morris, author of From the Hips: A Comprehensive, Open-Minded, Uncensored, Totally Honest Guide to Pregnancy, Birth, and Becoming a Parent, the need to push the baby out with the need to poop. You use the area, triggers, and the same muscle. So, do not be surprised if you can remove the dirt while pushing to remove the baby.

However, this is the norm. Before you realize that "something" happened, the nurse who helps the doctor to handle your delivery will be immediately cleaned. They've been dealing with it, and nobody will feel disgusted to see it. When your husband or your families accompany any in the delivery room, they probably will not notice.

In fact, taste like poop likely occur in the early stages of your labor, or before the baby's head appeared. Women often experience diarrhea before labor, because the hormone progesterone relax the small intestine along with everything else. The nurse may also conduct an enema (injection to wash the stomach) before the time of labor. If nurses do not do it, you may ask. But you need to know, even if you have the stomach to empty before, when you start pushing, you can still push your digestive cycle.

In short, there's nothing you need to worry about these things. If you are trying to push, but at the same time also did not want to push too hard, you're just going to add to your workload. Gave birth to a baby is an intense event, so that women will tend to shift priorities in an effort to remove the baby. When you finally managed to push the baby out with the complete and perfect, will concern the presence of poop will soon disappear.

How to overcome the turmoil Pregnancy Hormones

Kamis, 15 Oktober 2009

How to overcome the turmoil Pregnancy Hormones

Talk about reproductive hormones, we will meet with the two lovebirds: progesterone and estrogen. Two "friends life" we are very volatile, so often made furious. Many people call the female hormones, because an important role in the body of a woman. In fact, both these hormones are also produced by the body of a man, though not much.

When you're pregnant, estrogen production is very large. Within a day, the amount even greater than that produced by non-pregnant women for three years! This is because the primary role of estrogen in controlling the development of important organs in the fetus. This hormone also “forces" our bodies to adapt to the presence of the baby, such as by making the uterus becomes large. No wonder that many physical and psychological changes occur in women, during the nine months of pregnancy.

Receive the effects:
* Presents a red rash or acne on the skin.
* There is stretch mark.
* Breasts enlarged.
* Enlarged genitals. The vaginal wall becomes thicker.
* Itching in all parts of the body.
* Increased appetite.
* Stress.

Overcome with:
Acne medical without antibiotics. If the acne was very disturbing arise, should ask the doctor to prescribe these acne medications, because it is safe and does not affect fetal development. If you do not want to eat any kind of medication during pregnancy, try to overcome acne with simple ways. Reduce consumption of fat, and increased intake of natural foods rich in antioxidants.

Olive oil. The appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy can not be avoided, but can be reduced. Rub olive oil on the abdomen, after each shower. Perform regular basis during pregnancy. Olive oil will serve as a natural moisturizer for the skin.

Calm the mind. Go with the pregnancy with joy and full of positive thoughts. Eliminate the fear of childbirth. If you feel emotionally unstable, ask your spouse and other family members for more attention to you. This will suppress potential for stress in pregnancy.

Eat regularly. To cope with the increased appetite, always provide healthy snacks. So, when we suddenly hungry, no food can be eaten immediately. This also helps to relieve anxiety.

German Men is The Worst Lover

Rabu, 14 Oktober 2009

German Men is The Worst Lover

You are more tasteful to the northern men, and intend to seek foreign partners? Do not be fooled by look or a more handsome appearance. You even need to be more observant vote. Male German or English men, for example, should not have chosen. According to research, German men are the worst lovers in the world, while the British men ar not incompetent in bed. Why?

A survey conducted by research website, ask questions to women from 20 countries to assess the nations in terms of ability on the bed, and give reasons for their answers. No fewer than 15,000 women participated in the survey, and finally there is the conclusion that: German men become lovers of the worst because of sloppy (too smelly), while the British men took second place for being too lazy in the sex session. So imagine (Hugh Grant or Jude Law), they were inclined to let his partner the lead when having sex.

Other discoveries show: Swedish men too quickly completed, Dutch men are too rough, and American men are too dominating. Greek guy too "wet". Wales considered selfish men, and men too noisy Scotland.

Well, if you're going to marry a foreign man, you better pick up men from Latin countries (of course!). They were men who were rated as the best lovers. Men Spain ranked first, followed by a man Brazil, Italy, and France.

"The results of this survey to be opening the eyes of men around the world, and women who often travel to assess the possibility of potential new lovers on these results," said a source from

Want to know the complete list of who the best and worst lovers in the world?
Rata Penuh
  1. Germany (too smelly)
  2. English (too lazy)
  3. Sweden (too fast finish)
  4. Netherlands (too coarse)
  5. American (too dominant)
  6. Greece (too sentimental)
  7. Wales (too self-centered)
  8. Scotland (too noisy)
  9. Turkey (too sweaty)
  10. Russia (too hairy)

  1. Spanish
  2. Brazil
  3. Italian
  4. France
  5. Ireland
  6. South Africa
  7. Australia
  8. New Zealand
  9. Denmark
  10. Canada

11 Reasons Men Delay Marriage

Selasa, 13 Oktober 2009

11 Reasons Men Delay Marriage

In Indonesia, perhaps no man who considered himself anti commitment. If any, were not many. What happened really was not anti commitment, but only postpones the wedding. What caused the he did not also discuss wedding plans with you, find out why below:

The he still wants to flirt around
Once he decided to get married, surely he will lose the opportunity flirting or dating another woman. Most of them try to defend this opportunity as long as possible, especially when they are not sure what they are looking for the woman herself.

Women mature faster than men
Of course, this does not apply to everyone. But in general, "self binding" is synonymous with "mature" for some men. This is what men fear, because growing up demanding greater responsibility. It because of they want to delay the process of becoming an adult as long as possible.

There was another woman in his heart
It is hard for men to be bound by a woman, if her mind were on other women. But this is not hard to imagine, really. Try your own if you have it. You are asked to accept the love of a man, when you are attracted to other men?

He has other priorities
Whether out of consideration for education expenses to be borne brother, career, hobbies, or whatever, he can choose to delay his plans to get married first. Men tend to be committed to other things are more demanding attention, and chose to deal with problems as best he could love.

He was less comfortable with closeness
You would not know what caused it difficult to close with a woman, unless you already know him very well. Maybe he had a bad experience with a former lover, or a child of divorce, so he was being extra careful with the marriage bond. The pain is still there in his heart may make it reluctant to commit to a woman.

Fearing the marriage will not work
Bond with another person would involve risk. Both parties must be willing to make sacrifices for their partner, which of course draining. For some people, marriage is not worth living, unless there is 100 per cent guarantee would work for all people. Indeed, we can not guarantee whether it is really impossible, but certainly not something that makes him retreat.

He has a lot of activity
Peer, a married man, said that he generally would not feel worried about the singles title in her, if she has a lot of activities that keep him busy. In the end all men will want to commit, but while he was still able to satisfy expensive hobby, or hanging out with as many people, the chance that he will use his best.

He is only doing it for sex
There are some men who choose to be single because they want to conquer a woman. They want to undermine a woman's heart is notoriously difficult pursuit, women older, single women are popular, and so forth. Be careful, if you feel something is not comfortable when alone with him, better not have passed. Do not you just become one of the victims?

He was selfish
Bind themselves to one woman alone would make him have to sacrifice their interests, time and energy to others. You must attend meetings with people you do not know, while you still want to watch football on television. Try, where lies the pleasures of life when it is committed to always face? One time, he would not be selfish anymore, but certainly not the present time.

He do not really love you
He may think you people are fun to have fun, but you are not necessarily someone who wants to live together forever. You might be difficult to understand, but if you think a very simple-he’s just not that into you, you certainly could soon forget. Come on, what's to expect a man who does not want you?

You are too pressed to get married
If you want him to commit, let him find his own moment. It is precisely when you always have made the topic "when we get married?” He could interfere with any idea of marriage itself. After all, you certainly do not want him to marry you because I have to, right? Think if this happen to you.

The combination of the above reasons can cause a man to survive to delay marriage. If you are patient waiting for the right time, is not impossible that he could not wait to marry you. If that happens then the he actually comfortable with the status of those going out forever, meaning he is not for you.

How Much Risk of Oral Sex?

Senin, 12 Oktober 2009

How Much Risk of Oral Sex?

Many find oral sex among teenagers who are dating. Not infrequently, this relationship also led them into sexual activity.

Without the support of good sex education, there are not rare diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, HIV and even going to attack. Therefore, there should have a correct understanding of this.

Oral on the penis

In theory, oral sex risk of certain infectious for couples because it can become infected due to the fluid that came out before ejaculation (pre-ejaculate) or by the incoming sperm.

If there was an open wound in the mouth mucosa, although small and not visible, could cause the risk of transmission of sexually transmitted infections because of this open wound is the entrance of viruses or bacteria into the blood vessel flow.

Although this risk is smaller than the anal or vaginal sex, in some cases, HIV transmission can still occur due to oral sex while partner does not ejaculate.

Oral the vagina

The same thing can happen if the oral sex performed on women. Risk of HIV transmission can occur because infected vaginal fluids and blood can also be entered into the mouth.

Transmission can also occur when there is a small wound in the mouth couples to oral infection and sexually transmitted diseases have little cuts that are not recognized or mild irritation of the vagina.

HIV transmission in oral sex is lower than the anal and vaginal sex, but in some cases, transmission through oral sex with the vagina has been shown to exist.

Sex Therapist Was Making Love With 1500 Clients

Sabtu, 10 Oktober 2009

Sex Therapist Was Making Love With 1500 Clients

If the other sex therapists just give counseling only, this one therapist who did not shrink from direct practice the correct way to make love in front of his client.

As a sex therapist, primary job Mare Simone (54) is listening to its clients around the business problem and provide solutions bed. Rather than providing solutions through counseling, a woman from Chelsea, United Kingdom, it also gives examples of past practice.

Women who had served his profession for 23 years every day visited by the client, whether male or female, to seek a solution of sexual problems they experienced.

"The men generally have problems with erections or premature ejaculation. Not a few also requested his wife came to me because the husband could not satisfy them in bed," she said.

Meanwhile, the problems of women complained of include difficulty orgasm or have a spouse who can not satisfy. "I then showed them how to satisfy themselves and love their bodies as they are," said the woman was still single.

Simone is a certified sex therapist and a very good deal with his client. His client is not limited to the UK only, but also from various places, including the United States. "My clients come from all ages and occupations. They were recommended by my colleagues or former client of mine," she said.

Actually, how Simone perform work? Counseling sessions conducted by Simone begins with consultations to break the ice and make clients feel more comfortable with Simone. In subsequent sessions, clients are welcome vent about the issue, while enjoying a massage in the back of Simone so they are more relaxed and open about its problems.

After that, the next session will be filled exercises. In this session she and her client would take off his clothes and looked at each other's bodies in the mirror. "Usually they are less confident with his body shape. However, after making sure I do not judge or condemn, they are more open and confident," she said.

At the session, she also did the massage on the front of the body to show how to touch the correct body. "Finally, the practice session so they can learn how to control yourself and solve the problem," said Simone.

Not infrequently, Simone had to practice sexual relationship with a husband in front of her to show that men should be more sensitive to their partner. "Every client he should use condoms and sexual health checkup," she said.

No wonder that according to Simone, she had had sex with more than 1,000 men, mostly husbands or boyfriend’s clients. When calculated for a 23-year career, he has helped 10,000 clients who seek solutions of the problems of sex, and 1,500 of them to do directly with sex practices.

Simone doing the work called "replacement sex partner". About the way it works is not unusual that, Simone argues that it is not illegal.

"I did pay to live by sleeping with her husband or lover of people. But I'm not a prostitute. What I do is legal for medicinal purposes in their problems," she said.

Simone is not the only "substitute sex partner" in this world. Quite a lot of sex therapists who do work such as Simone's way, even a formal organization.

"People should be taught how to have sex. Some way had to be learned. Not everybody can do this naturally. And my job is to teach and correct their sexual problems," she said.


Outside the experience of "a bunch” was Simone has a past trauma that affects his sex life. "At the age of 19 years, I was raped by a friend after the party," she said.

Because of fear, she did not dare to report rape they experienced. Since then, Simone claimed to lose faith in men and sex. After getting married 10 years later, she still could not remove the trauma and did not dare to intimate touch. As a result, her marriage foundered.

Simone felt that the failure of her marriage caused by the rape that happened. Since then, she was determined to find a cure. She also began studying Tantric sex therapist and sex, which comes from the ancient Hindu. "Since then I began to be enlightened and believe that the rape was not my fault. I began to enjoy more sex without feeling embarrassed or guilty," she said.

Myths and Facts Reproduction, careful Wrong

Kamis, 08 Oktober 2009

Myths and Facts Reproduction, careful Wrong

Many things about the reproduction of the myth that women are not proven true, especially concerning contraception are still reaping the long controversy until now.

Myth to-1. You will not get pregnant if having sex during menstruation
Wrong! Many women assume that sexual intercourse without a safety during menstruation or at the beginning or end of menstruation will not cause pregnancy. In fact there are many women who might become pregnant at the time of menstruation. Why? This is because sperm can live for up to 5 days in the body of a woman's menstrual period and if too short (less than 28 days), the fall of fertility can be at times during our period.

Myth to-2. I am still in the nursing period and therefore will not get pregnant.
Wrong! True indeed fertile and infrequent periods when you're in a period of breastfeeding, but one day you will return periods and you will experience fertile unconscious. Thus pregnancy can still happen even if you are breastfeeding. Just info: many doctors recommend delaying pregnancy until 1 year after childbirth.

Myth to-3. Couples I always ejaculate outside, so I will not get pregnant
Wrong! This is one of the biggest mistakes that women believe that you still get pregnant even if your partner ejaculates outside. Why is that? Because it appeared before ejaculation, a small amount of lubricating fluid will come out and the liquid containing sperm, in fact: any penetration of the vagina by the penis can directly lead to pregnancy even if the penis is pulled out before ejaculation.

Myth to-4. I wash my vagina to decline virginity.
Wrong! quite a lot of women who believe in things like this, but did not and again I emphasize that vaginal washing fluid will not prevent pregnancy for at that moment the sperm might have got into the uterus to meet your egg! And just a little tip: Washing the vagina can cause irritation.

Myth to-5. I will not get pregnant when having sex for the first time
Wrong! Oh dear, you are dead wrong if you think so. Pregnant is possible if you had started menstruating. And did you know that young women more fertile than old enough so that they can get pregnant very easily. Do not trust your spouse says that says that you will not get pregnant the first time having sex! Continue using protection if you connect and play safe.

Myth to-6. I could not be pregnant or a sexually transmitted disease because it has been taking birth control pills.
True and False! It is true that birth control pills is one effective way as a method of delaying pregnancy if used with the correct rules. But these pills will not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases and only one way that really 100% in preventing pregnancy and it is to do a fast abstinence or sexual intercourse

Myth to-7. I just do not protected intercourse one time, so I can not be pregnant.
Wrong! a one-time enough to make a pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease and even HIV! Do not allow your spouse to convince intercourse which will result in regret. Remember that the risk is greater than novelty.

Myth to-8. I was old enough so do not be pregnant
Wrong! as long as you are still experiencing menstruation, whenever you will get pregnant. It is true, the fertility age decreased. But but only you can get pregnant unless you do not menstruate until 1 year old.

Myth to-9. I rarely have sex, so do not need birth control pills.
Wrong! It's hard to guess when you'll need birth control pills. Try another alternative, use a condom. Just info: there is now a wide condom sense, you could be experimenting with a variety of taste!

Myth of the 10th. I have a lot of women's health issues, so I guess can not be pregnant
Wrong! Although a doctor says you may not be able to get pregnant, you can STILL be pregnant. Stay put protection. Fact: the fact that really 100% effective in preventing pregnancy is to not have sex at all. Abstinence is zero.

Fantastic experience for virgins with adult toys

Senin, 05 Oktober 2009

Fantastic experience for virgins with adult toys

Virgins might suppose that adult sex toys are intended only for experienced users, but this is not true! Pay your attention at catalogue of any sex shop and you will see that many adult are intended to use not only by experienced users, but by virgins as well!

Women's body has many sensitive zones, but the most sensitive areas are clit and areas hidden in the vagina. This means that a woman can reach two types of climax - vaginal climax and clitoral climax. Most of adult sex toys that are intended for women are intended for a specific purpose: for stimulation of vagina, or clitoris, or some other erogenous zone. A virgin cannot experience vaginal orgasm, but she can use adult sex toys that stimulate other, external sensitive zones! So what are the adult sex toys that are designed also for virgins?

Clit Vibrators. Clit Vibrators. There are plenty of various clit vibes offered at sex stores for your attention: clitoral suckers, clitoral teasers and many other mini vibrators that provide incredible vibrations to your clitoris and make you enjoy fantastic enjoyment. You can select among two types of clitoral vibrating sex toys - manual clit vibrators and hands-free clit vibrators.

Manual clit vibes are those vibrators that are held by hands during application The nicest clitoral vibes are multifunctional vibrating sex toys that provide vibrations, pulsations and other vibrating patterns. With a hands free vibrator you have a fantastic chance to have your hands free and to use your hands for massage of other sensitive zones. Most women like butterfly vibrating sex toys and vibrating panties. Butterfly vibes are miniature vibrators that possess straps to wear on things. Vibrating panties are ordinary panties that feature a vibrating bullet that teases the clit.

Egg or bullet vibrators. Egg or bullet vibrators. These adult sex toys are truly universal, they can be used by users of any sex, and definitely, they can be used by virgins. An egg or a bullet vibe presents one or two bullet or eggs that have a cord that connects the adult toy to the battery pack. With this adult toy you can stimulate each of your erogenous zones, for instance clitoris, labia or nipples. Have fantastic solo play with an egg or a bullet vibe and be aware that this adult toy is great for sex with a partner!

Nipple adult sex toys. Nipple play provides great pleasure especially if you use nipple toys for this purpose! You will find many cute nipple toys in online and offline sex stores! Nipple vibrators are a great nipple adult sex toys that provide great vibrations, escalations and other vibrating patterns to your nipples.

Nipple adult sex toys do not provide only enjoyment. Those females who wish to make their nipples enlarged use nipple toys for nipple enlargement. Among nipple suckers you will see ones with rubber bands that are to be placed around the base of the nipple so that to force protrusion. Be aware that adult toys that provide suction can be used on nipples for no longer than 15 minutes!

Anal toys.Anal toys. Anal sex toys are universal, these sex toys can be used by males and women, as well as by virgins, but it is not recommended to virgins to use these adult toys, since these are meant mostly for experienced users. The best anal sex toys for beginners are thin and short butt plugs. Try clit stimulation having a butt plug in the anus - you might adore this sensation!

10 issues are often complain Sex

Sabtu, 03 Oktober 2009

10 issues are often complain Sex

According to experts of sex, there are 10 major problems that often occur in modern couples.

Addiction is any sexual activity that could not be controlled. For example, see the material pornography, masturbation, or visit localization.

Marriage age often makes sex life becomes monotonous.

Difficult to orgasm.
Research shows, as much as 35 percent of women have never had an orgasm, and 25 percent of women reaching orgasm difficult. Also expected, 70 percent of women can not reach a climax when the only sex through penetration alone. To achieve orgasm, they need the help of sex aids.

Premature Ejaculation.
These sexual problems complained of by more than 40 percent of men.

Not the same passion.
In general, men do have a stronger sex drive because they have the hormone testosterone 20-40 times more than women. In men, their testosterone levels will remain the same, whereas women are influenced by the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and age.

Hard erection
This problem affects 40 percent of 40-year-old male, and 70 percent experienced 70-year-old man. The majority are caused by stress and other health disorders.

Pain associated
In general, this condition is caused by a lack of stimulation. Post-childbirth, menopause, infections, irritation, and other gynecologic problems can also cause pain and pain during penetration.
Reducing of passionate sex can be caused by many factors. For example: stress, fatigue, pain, or emotional problems with a partner.

Addicted to pornography on the internet
People who are addicted to pornography on the Internet are usually reluctant to do for real physical interaction. As a result, her partner feels neglected.

Have a partner online
The proliferation of sites of friendship is the opportunity to "cheating". There was little left by the couple because the husband or wife just busy making out on the Internet with a lover in cyberspace.

"Vagina Toilet", Wash Vagina Alone

Kamis, 01 Oktober 2009

"Vagina Toilet", Wash Vagina Alone

Vagina toilet itself or "Valerie" may still sound unfamiliar in your ears. This is a series of intimate organs cleaning woman who has been sexually active. Therefore, it is a huge benefit for female reproductive health.

Although these activities initially performed better trained doctors, you can do it yourself. It is so easy, after teaching, living practice, finished.

First of all, prepare fresh water (we recommend using bottled water), clean towels, make sure you are not menstruating, clean and cut the tip of the nail polish so that short and not sharp as clean, if you're sick postpone this activity and consult a doctor.

After all the preparations are done, wash hands with soap, relax you, standing with one foot relax on the toilet seat and one on the floor. You also can do other positions as you want.

Start with flushed out of the vaginal area, then fold in both the outer and inner lips of the vagina with running water, if necessary to use soap. After that open outer labia lips and in the vagina until you find and start cleaning and vagina flushed with clean water flowing. Keep in mind that in this section you may not use soap to clean it up. Gently place it gently on the middle finger in the vagina and conditions relax very gently insert your middle finger into it to reach the cervix / uterus you.

Continue cleaning by tracing the entire cervix, fornixes until the entire wall of the vagina with a circular motion and gently rubbed the middle finger pointing out of the vagina.

Without removing the entire middle finger, middle finger rinse dirty and slimy with water flowing. It can be helped to clean thumb. When the middle finger is clean, insert a finger into the vagina clean and repeat this until no longer have the dirt on all parts of the sex organs, or until the middle finger to feel coarse.

Gently remove it with a soft middle finger from the vagina, clean middle finger, hand and outer labia, vaginal lips with soap and clean water. After that, dry with a clean towel by pressing and pressing it gently, do not need to rub rubbed.

Do this method whenever and wherever desired. Priority after intercourse and routinely do after 2 - 3 days "clean" of menstruation. Do not forget if you find any abnormalities immediately contact your doctor to discuss it further.