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Style with Large Frame Glasses

Jumat, 30 September 2011

Anything that relates to the world of fashion could not be separated from changes in trends, including eyeglasses. In addition to help eyesight, glasses also become a fashionable accessory.

This year, for example, models of large and thick-rimmed glasses were a favorite, either goggles or sunglasses to help clarify the vision that serves to shield from the sun. This trend coincided with the ongoing fashion week event in New York, London, Paris and Milan.

"Trends in sunglasses are also divided according to seasons, spring / summer and autumn / winter. It's just the trend change may not be too visible, such as handbags or shoes, "said Endro Setiawan of the event and promotion Optics Melawai.

Large frames are popular in the year 1950-1970's it became a trend, especially in the brands that closely with the fashion industry, such as Prada, Bottega Veneta, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, as well as two brands that became a favorite of consumers in Jakarta, the Gucci and Dior. Of course with detail that characterizes each.

Bottega Veneta, for example. Although not include brand names or logos, Bottega Veneta has a characteristic, namely woven motifs on a frame-shaped stems and butterflies. Woven motifs characteristic of Bottega Veneta products.

Eyeglasses Marc Jacobs also appeared with a large frame, with a curve resembling butterfly wings. In addition, there are Balenciaga octagonal frame. While McQueen's designs have adorned with skulls on the connection between frames and sunglasses stalks.

Dior, even have glasses with the equivalent category of haute couture for fashion, ie with a crystal ornament on the handle which is colored purple.

For the special brand of eyewear, such as Alain Mikli, Coppe & Sid, Oliver People, and Silhoutte, some choose to follow trends that are prevailing. However, there is also survived by his trademark, like Silhoutte. This brand models survive with rimless glasses and lenses are smaller and lighter because the trunk is made of titanium. Even if there are variations, only the colored part of the trunk.

Such as clothing, eyeglasses frames purple, red, blue and other colors are bright impression has always been a trend for spring / summer. As for winter, the color chosen tend to be dark, though not always black.


The advent of goggles with function and design as it now turned out to have a long way. Spectacles & Sunglasses Books published by The Pepin Press review that the science of optics was known to the
Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans since the mid-first century.

Roman philosopher called Seneca found that an object growing larger and clearly visible when viewed through a bowl of water. Greek astronomer and physicist, Ptolemy, and Abu Ali al-Hasan ibn al-Haitham, known as Alhazen, from Iraq to make a book on optics.

The theory of Alhazen, the objects appear larger through this glass ball, to inspire the scientists from the UK and Germany so comes to reading a flat stone made of crystal. How to use it, this stone is placed above the text to get a larger font.

After that, people look to rock crystal form as a reading device could be more practical to use. Technological developments from decade to decade eventually led to the form of glasses, ranging from a framed lens, but without the stalk, until stemmed glasses.

Eyewear industry developed rapidly in the 1930s in America, Italy, France, Germany, and Austria. In 1932, Carl Zeiss Company makes a comfortable glasses to wear and aesthetically.

In the era of the 1930s as well, precisely in 1937, was born of the popular brand to date, the Ray-Ban, under the company Bausch & Lomb. Ray-Ban Aviator 3025-launched models are often used model of Michael Jackson, and until recently a model of a classic brand.

More and more manufacturers, a frame also increasingly diverse. In the era of the 1950s, emerging forms of butterflies and cat eyes, with a straight frame at the top and curved bottom, for women.

For men, a model named Nylor is the most popular. The model that made the French company named Nylor is only framed at the top so the lens looks like hanging. Entering the 1970's, then a large frame and thick to be a trend, as it was popular again today.

Gucci and Prada show in Milan Fashion Week 2011

Kamis, 29 September 2011

Gucci fashion show in Milan Fashion Week opening event on Wednesday (9/21/2011) ago. Italian fashion house's creative director is, Frida Giannini, the collection features several old and for spring / summer 2012.

Gucci evening dresses show a lot of pressure on the hip line, frilly dresses adorned with gold sequins in shades of Art Deco motifs. Giannini chose a color palette of black, white, gold, green, and orange. These colors appear in the tops, skirts, and tassels and trousers patterned horses have ever used.

Unlike the general atmosphere of the fashion show, runway setup with shades of dark and moody, so attention focused only invited guests on a collection that was exhibited, and instead of those attending. But in the front row looks, Franca Sozzani (Vogue Italia editor in chief), Carine Roitfeld (former editor of French Vogue), Francois-Henri Pinault (CEO of PPR, the owner of numerous luxury brands), Anna Dello Russo (creative consultant of Vogue Japan), and John Legend and his girlfriend, Christy Teigen.

Milan Fashion Week, which will last for six days, featuring 73 fashion labels with the names of high-end designers like Giorgio Armani, Missoni, Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, Alberta Ferretti and Prada.

Alberta Ferretti, the Italian designer's 61 years old, is showing off a lot of designs that use transparent materials. As with many other labels that appear in fashion week for the last two weeks, the collection for spring / summer 2012 Ferretti inspired by the era of '20, with its Art Deco motifs. But not like Gucci, Ferretti dresses that all the calves and ankles to choose colors like a rainbow brighter.

Knitted clothes as well steal the show in his show, as well as bags and earrings with tassel accent that seemed in harmony with the jungle-themed motif on her dress. Overall, the collection was so feminine and fun.

In addition to using professional models, Ferretti also bring young models from celebrities. In his show at New York Fashion Week on Wednesday (09/14/2011), the daughter of actress Andie MacDowell, Sarah Margaret Qualley (16) breezed in his debut on the catwalk, witnessed a number of celebrities like Emma Roberts, Amanda Hearst, Patricia Clarkson .

Show which includes the most eagerly awaited is the Prada, with the theme Donna e hatched (women and cars), Thursday (9/22/2011) ago. The youngest grandson of Mario Prada (founder of fashion house Prada), that Miuccia Prada, proving that the motive for the car it can make dresses remain feminine design thanks to the choice of candy colors.

"I tried to create a collection of sweet, since the word was taboo. Why do women have become so aggressive?" she said with a PhD in Political Science this.

The design itself influenced the era of the '50s, with motifs Cadillac and flame. Car motif appears in the application on the skirt and leather clutch bag, and the motifs on cotton tops and sleeveless blouse. While the accent flames not only look at dress patterns, but also details on the stilettos worn by the model.

This brand is so strong, so that Miuccia reportedly did not need a celebrity to attend peragaannya. Some famous guests in attendance, among others, Anna Wintour (editor in chief of American Vogue), Anna Dello Russo, Grace Coddington (creative director of American Vogue), and architect Rem Koolhaas.

Prada touted success so enthusiastic guests. The collection is fresh, new, fun, and intelligent in memadumadankan soft and hard materials. More importantly, the dresses are very ready to wear collection.

Kate Middleton targeted by Vogue Magazine

Rabu, 28 September 2011

Since getting married to Prince William, Kate Middleton gets the spotlight sharply. Mainly is a matter of her fashion. Many who considered fashion tastes of 29-year-old woman was very nice, but there is also a judge otherwise.

Regardless of the controversy, she has managed to steal the attention of the world. Not surprisingly, many are eyeing Kate's face to adorn the cover of magazines, including the prestigious magazine, Vogue.

Vogue wanted to bring a new face and the choice fell on a woman who earned the Dutchess of Cambridge. The magazine began trying to get Prince William's wife was willing to be a special issue of that fashion magazine cover.

As quoted from Zimbio, Editor in Chief of Vogue magazine, Anna Wintour, in collaboration with renowned photographer Mario Testino to hook her as his model. Testino had been a photograph of William and Kate when they were engaged. Wintour hoped Testino can seduce her to want to be in the magazine's cover model.

So, what makes Kate considered appropriate to cover in the magazine? Apart from the hustle and bustle of her marriage to William on 29 April, Wintour was very interested in her elegant appearance. "Her clothes fit with her age and never out of line," said Wintour.

Many doubted Wintour. His efforts judged futile because not easy to get Kate. Wintour must get approval from the palace and it is not easy.

Summer Breeze, Hair Inspiration Order

Rabu, 14 September 2011

Three inspiring style hairdo, ranging from braids to welcome the ponytail until this summer.

Low and Sleek Ponytail
Ponytail hair style was never cracked by time has always been a trend in each season, and this summer with a stylish low ponytail or under an option

How to Make:
Give a little gel or texturizing spray to give the impression of wet or greasy hair on the front. Pull the front hair back and tie the base of the hair, perfected with a cord or pin studded stones.

Sleek braids
Braid style always gives the impression of feminine and simple. This season braid straight into the right option for you that many do a lot of outdoor activities without complicated with a messy hair.

Pull the hair to the back, use gel or spray to smooth down the hair after up to the nape braid hair to the ends of your hair, do not give emphasis while braiding the hair, because it will damage the hair a little let it float.

Messy Curly Hair
Curly hair style with a touch of random effects provides a new spirit and taste fresher in your appearance this summer.

Create a messy curly hair style with curly hair iron on the entire section up to the top of the ear after that apply a gel or leave conditioner to give the impression of volume and look more natural.

In order to Stay Healthy Hair under the Sun:
  • Always use shampoo and conditioner with UV content and high heat protection, because the levels of mercury in the air during the summer increase more than the rainy season.
  • During the summer, try to cut off the ends of your hair into a salon for once a week, this will prevent hair from the ends of the fork.
  • Treat your hair with a hair mask to avoid greasy or dandruff, because a lot of sun exposure.
  • For home treatment before shampooing apply aloe vera to all parts of the hair, then wrap in a towel that has been soaked in warm water and let stand for 15 minutes then rinse.

Spring 2012 collection of Oscar de la Renta

Veteran designer, Oscar de la Renta kicked off runway on the fifth day "New York Fashion Week".

79 years old man is trying to shift the prestige of the young designers, such as Zac Posen and Jason Wu who ruled the stage "New York Fashion Week" this time.

De la Renta seemed to make the design collection "Spring 2012" as his playground.

Dominican-born men were playing hit-style action with a pretty haphazard, but keep the fashion stunned observers with his design.

Accent lace, crochet, and ruffles that seem sweet and simple, struck a big dramatic hairdo.
Jessica Quirk from What I Wore likens the design of de la Renta this time like a little flower girl at wedding ceremonies that are matched with an adult woman who was having lunch.

Casual but mature forced to chime in with sweet lace and neon colors that bear the impression of cheerful like a child.

Robin Givhan of The Daily Beast believe, de la Renta has mastered the style of the socialite for decades and fever de la Renta fashion style this will continue.

Ruffle accent is thick feel feminine, soft silhouettes, as well as bright colors, a gesture that is used in de la Renta fashion speak.

No wonder if Hillary Clinton claimed to be a big fan of de la Renta.

Best & Worst Dressed Grammy Awards 2011

Sabtu, 10 September 2011

Grammy Awards 2011 event has just finished was held. The musicians and celebrities in attendance were wearing their best dresses. Anyone who rated best & worst dress? Here goes the list.

Best Dressed

Jennifer Lopez, who recently became an ambassador fur Gillette shavers, again showing off her legs at the Grammy Awards 2011 event. He came into the prestigious music awards ceremony with a mini dress Emilio Pucci berdetail glass design. J-Lo's dress blends with similar berdetail clutch bag from Daniel Swarovski. Shoes Christian Louboutin is the same design with the glitter of her dress.

Heidi Klum and Kim Kardashian who were both wearing gold-colored dress well deserved title of Best Dressed. Kim, as always shows her sexiness in Kaufman Franco gown design. While Heidi Klum wearing a backless dress Julien Macdonald's work.

Still on the theme of gold, a young actress Selena Gomez looks fabulous in a gold-colored gown from J. Young Mendel. Dara is 18 years her dress blends with Brian Atwood shoes and designs from Judit cluct Leiber bag.

Although only supports her husband, Keith Urban is nominated in the Grammy Awards, Nicole Kidman did not want to appear ordinary. He also looks beautiful with the latest dress designs Jean Paul Gaultier. Berdetail flower dress she mix with jewelry from Fred Leighton.

Singer Jewel who was pregnant boys and predictable delivery this summer, glow with a soft lemon-colored dress from Pamella Rolland. One-shoulder gown that she match with Lorraine Schwartz earrings.

Worst Dressed

Singer and actress Miley Cyrus is disappointing with animal print motif dress from Roberto Cavalli. Not to mention he was wearing bangel that looks oversized on his left hand.

Katy Perry is usually looked stunning, did not get a positive assessment of the observer mode. He came to the Grammy Awards with a Giorgio Armani gown. The dress is a blend of crystal-studded bra and skirt made from silk organza. His appearance seemed redundant because it adds wings on his back.

Rihanna tried to show her sexiness at the Grammy Awards 2011. Unfortunately the design of Jean Paul Gaultier dress she wore just makes it look too sought to demonstrate that sexiness.

Nicki Minaj the singer was trying to look like Lady Gaga. Unfortunately he failed. In the Grammy Awards 2011, nominee Best Rap Performance seemed to wear dresses, leggings and shoes animal print motif.

The Red Carpet of Cannes Film Festival 2011

In addition to a row of quality films that you are ready to give criticism and praise, the most enjoyable of the Cannes Film Festival is a star-studded red carpet. The atmosphere of a summer that has touched France, are felt along the French Riviera, affecting every actress and actor to take refuge in comfortable clothes and delicate.

In contrast to the red carpet a few other awards that wallow luster and color, Cannes decorated pastel colors such as soft white, ivory, light blue, and brown. If there are some bold hues, it is only about the proper nautical feel of the warm weather at the time, such as red, navy and black. Rachel McAdams is a shining figure that occupies both the beautiful, pastel colors and bold colors. She looks amazing in her Marchesa gown sheer with a rich red lace Applications and ruffles detail. Sherlock Holmes actress also look chic with a bustier top of Monique Lhuillier is equipped with a matching wide-leg pant when attending the premiere of Sleeping Beauty. White dress decorated with flowers on the shoulders and waist of a dress Maxime Simoens is the third choice to pair with Rachel that he peep-toe pumps from Salvatore Ferragamo.

While Rachel was looking good with 3 different dress styles, Aishwarya Rai the Indian idol, select the show twice embraces maxi dress. Elie Saab gown she wore a gray that is paired with a Jimmy Choo clutch a little. On another day, she appeared beautiful and classy silhouette with two-tone dress from Armani Prive, a great watch and Clucths colored ivory. Uma Thurman was also wearing two different dresses with the same white color, the first comes from the fashion house Versace, which both of Dolce & Gabbana. The sexy Salma Hayek also appears in a dress that looks the other two are the structure and color, but equally in the greatness of the name Gucci.

Angelina Jolie, who recently returned from Cambodia to shoot Louis Vuitton, seems to know very well how to adjust the sky with his mood. He chose Salvatore Ferragamo for the three items he was wearing, which is beige dress, patent leather belt and pumpshoes. With flowing brunette hair, Jolie seems so sweet and simple, down a crowded press conference Kung Fu Panda 2.

Other actresses who appear shiny is Diane Kruger look sexy and glam with a metallic Calvin Klein dress, in contrast to Emily Browning romantic appearing nude in the work of Valentino gown embroidered flower-filled.
Another featured by "The London darling", Alexa Chung. He seems unable to remove his personal style is very British, he wore long-sleeved mini dress with a classic black pumpshoes.

Mia Wasikowska, the title character in Alice in Wonderland Alice, ventured to appear in a cherry red dress Roland Mouret's work is in stark contrast with her pale skin, while Bryce Dallas Howard to choose a summer immersed in the atmosphere with red hair, sun blush-cheeked, full dress motif from Reem Acra and simple clutch golden. Lady Gaga also present a rendition of Judas in the madness clothing red, black and golden flowers of Nicola Formichetti.

Which is your favorite?

Know The Type of Shirt Collar

Rabu, 07 September 2011

There is a saying in English, "Clothes make the man." In fact, this expression is true. Clothes that we wear is something that shows who we are, our place or position, until the level of seriousness and our loyalty.

Many men are familiar using the shirt as dress design mainstay for formal events, such as going to the office. Model of working men dress shirt with buttons down the front of the barrage would be very slick and harmoniously combined with a tie. However, you must be careful. Not all shirts can be paired with a tie, all depending on the model you wear a shirt collar.

Shirt in my opinion has an important role in menswear. A symbol of simplicity that can contain immense wealth. Materials, textures, cuts and colors could be the coffers of the wealth of a shirt. Shirts contain various organs of the body that can make a shirt is not just "a" shirt, sleeves, cuffs, collar and body parts.

Selecting the type of collar, must be adapted to many things, starting from face shape to shape events would you attend. Because by using the shirt will feel our appearance is very neat and formal.

Lerical, Detachable, Gladstone, Jabbot, Middy, Maganrin, Poet, Vandyke even Wing was some kind of journey that has made history shirts and many more.

But at least, there are at least four types of collars that you should know before buying a shirt.

Turndown collars

Turndown collars collar is a collar with a piece of you already know. With a sharp piece facing downwards, the collar is divided into two classes, Point Collar and cutaway / Spread Collar.

Point Collar

This collar is very well known as a basic collar, a fashion men's shirts. The collar is so boldly carved extreme sharpness of the tip down and bring the two ends are closely adjacent the top section.

Cutaway / Spread Collar

This collar can be said to be second most popular after Point Collar, with not much different with a point collar, the collar is also tapered at the bottom, the strain of the right and left collar body more visible area and width, until the piece is perfect for you who look thin , or want to show you what kind of bond that ties you to use.

Button Down collars

Return to repeat the success of Point collars, this collar is confirmed kurtosis with the buttons on the pointed part, with the presence of buttons on this part is very reinforce your appearance

Pin and Tab collars

This collar is re-shaped and tapering, it's just that distinguishes Pin collars is the presence of small holes on each side of the collar or to provide a pin or identity that is attached to the collar. While the tab collars, connecting both sides of the collar is present, the "hook and loop closure"

Wing collars

Wing collar is like to float and not touch the shirt body, tapered shape with a sharp size, shirt collar tuxedo is a loyal partner.

Note the color and motif Shirts

In addition to attention to the model's shirt collar, you should pay attention to colors and patterns will you wear that shirt. If you liked the shirt stripes, note that the stripes on the sleeves you should meet with the lines on the layer behind the shoulder.

In the meantime, if you are happy with the plaid shirt, it's good plaid look is not interrupted by the connection on the shoulder, arm, and on the right side and left-shirts.

Choose colors that calm and unobtrusive if you wear a suit. To suit, choose a color that is not too in tune with the shirt or choose a slightly contrasting color so do not look dead. It should be noted also when wearing a suit, choose a shirt with collar 2cm higher than lapel.