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First in the World, Dengue Fever Vaccine

Rabu, 25 Juli 2012

The scientists finally succeeded in creating the first dengue fever vaccine in the world. Giant Pharmaceutical Sanofi that is made vaccine is claimed to be able to protect against three types of viruses that cause dengue fever.

Efficacy or the efficacy of this vaccine in a while it was still awaiting the results of clinical trials in Thailand. If it is positive, then this could be a milestone in the development of dengue vaccine that has been awaited for 70 years.

In addition there are other pharmaceutical companies that are also developing a vaccine, but Sanofi product is more advanced in a few years. This new vaccine is predicted to be widely circulated in 2014.

Dengue fever is a borne disease from Aedes aegypti mosquito. This disease has the symptoms of pain in the joints of bones and has killed three million people around the world. Dengue fever itself caused by four types of virus, and when infected with one virus type does not give immunity to the three other types of virus. Children are most susceptible to death from this disease.

Although Sanofi vaccine is claimed to provide protection to the four types of virus, but a study conducted in Thailand showed only three types of virus protection. According to Sanofi it is still analyzing why the vaccine was only able to provide protection against three types of virus.

"We must return to the initial data to find the cause, and still waiting for the present phase III study was conducted in Thailand," said Pascal Barollier, a spokesman for Sanofi.

Phase IIb study in Thailand involving 4002 children aged 4-11 years. The study was conducted during the dengue epidemic.

Sanofi Pasteur himself was said to have invested 423 million U.S. dollars to build a new plant in France in order to develop a three-dose vaccine. According to the plan, Sanofi will publish new research results in scientific journals in September and presented his findings at a meeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene in Atlanta in November.