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Mbah Surip, Bring Rggae to Indonesia

Sabtu, 04 Juli 2009

Mbah Surip, Bring Rggae to Indonesia

"Tak mana-mana..Tak gendong ke mana-mana..Enak tau..Hahaha..."("No to pick aback ... Everywhere.. Not to pick aback everywhere.. Hahaha .. What do ...") Snippet of song lyrics may often you hear of late. Yes, it is song of the new world champion Surip’s recording is amazed world music in the Indonesia country through the flow of the style of Reggae Bob Marley. The song titled "No pick aback" able to champion the popularity Surip is increasing, when previously he is nothing, just a street artist.

Surip first champion ever work at an oil drilling company. Feeling his life is less good fate, Surip champion with a fortune trying to go to Jakarta. In the capital Jakarta, he joined with several community art as Teguh Karya, Aquila, Bulungan, and Taman Ismail Marzuki. At a time, determine the fate other. Surip champion have the opportunity to record and finally achieved success as now.

On Friday (19 / 6) afternoon, musicians per wigged gimbal that was filling Play list event at the Penta SCTV Studio. Surip is capable of enthralling of all persons, such as Cathy Sharon, Indra Bekti, the twin-Marcel and Mischa Chandrawinata. Besides singing, Surip champion had to give one advice to all music lovers in the country. Male from Mojokerto, East Java, he brings a message of peace through the flow Reggae. "Reggae is music for peace, so peace continues," said the champion Surip. (Luc)

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