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Jumat, 10 Juli 2009


MULTI ORGASM not only make life more fun, sex feels, but can also prevent wrinkling decorate the face. In fact, multi orgasm can also make healthy heart. Really?

As quoted Female first, will worry if you have wrinkles, multi orgasm can help prevent wrinkling the drape around your face and forehead.

About it, the National Health Service (NHS) has a number of suggestions for people who have a regular fitness schedule in their habit. Based on the NHS Direct website, 'exercise' (sports sex) can reduce the risk of heart attack.

Endorphin hormone which is issued along orgasm encourage or stimulate cells in the immunity system, in which cells help someone avoid diseases such as cancer, the risk and help the emergence of more wrinkles around the face.

However, a sex expert said the statement can not be made as mathematically.

"It is good to see NHS promoting sexual activity with both," said Dr Melissa Sayer in the Guardian newspaper.

Although supporting the NHS promotes sexual activity, Dr Melissa did not concur with the expression that says multi orgasm they can make healthy heart.

"There is a benefit for mental health. But to say that the sex-related risk of suffering heart disease and cancer, that argument too far," he said.

NHS Direct said in a statement that the newspaper has been evident from the results of research and clinical facts, and not only are groundless.

Suggestions NHS Direct website published an article in the title of its headline reads, "Reach more than just sleep in the bed."

In fact, if the NHS ensures that sex with a little energy and imagination serve it with the body of comparable athletes.

"Forget jogging or business beset block furiously formed through the stomach sit-ups. Sexual activity using the muscles throughout the body, heart and work are make the lungs more optimal, and burning 300 calories per hour," NHS suggestions.

Make the schedule will still be able to create and shape the body you always ageless. In addition, the sex can increase endorphin production in the body, making the hair lustrous and soft skin. Production of hormones estrogen and testosterones extra can also make your bones and muscles healthier.

Wow, besides getting pleasure. In fact sex is also healthful! Hemmmm.

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