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Exotic Perfume

Kamis, 22 Juli 2010

Perfume lots on the market, but only a few of the perfume is right for ourselves. As we know, each personally would have a different taste of a scent. Even many of whom are fanatic with a particular scent, many people have to nausea or irritation and itching more corpulent other allergies. But the older brother I've tried several Perfume which according to him has a distinctive aroma of the exotic. Create the men should try it.


Tips to Change Our Mood to be Better

Selasa, 13 Juli 2010

Tips to Change Our Mood to be Better

Body Movement and Attitude Change

1. Always smile when you can not, Try to Smile. 
2. Stands head and body, do not wimp! 
3. Try Walk faster.

Change Focus

Change our focus to the things or experiences a pleasant / funny / happy / positive.Even when we do not have the experience that is fun, funny, happy Squire was able to imagine themselves. Changing the focus is important because it could have a bad mood coming because we have a bad experience or anxious about something. When it came and began to permeate itself Squire, immediately change the focus of skipper. Just Be Optimistic we are masters of ourselves. Do not want our lives controlled by us. OK?Remember, Your Map Is Not Your Territory = Love is not yours and what you think, Expand!

Change the Meaning and Perception

So, Who gave you the meaning of life? the answer is YOUR OWN.
Person A thinks he (probably) of people who are not located, His family did not get along, Enjoys teasing people, plus an imperfect physical. So what Squire think will be done by the A?So maybe he will be able to take a shortcut to acute depression and suicide.But wait a minute, the A with the condition that destroyed like that, he gives another meaning to his life."I have to try harder and to appreciate yourself so other people will respect me too."With the meaning given by the A to himself, the chances of him to come forward and moving forward will be more open. SO, WHAT MEANING OF YOUR LIFE? SELECT THE BEST, OK!

Environmental Change

If our day-to-day at the office, or Classroom lectures, try a vacation to find a different environment. Or it could also seek a new bustle, through hobbies, and join the new community.

Change Input

When we end up listening to sad songs tend to be left behind and betrayed lover's girlfriend. Likewise if'm sad.But might the reverse, we again listened to the songs and the spirit and sad movie, could we even went along with mellowww. So, Change Your music, instead of movies, TV shows, and what you read as inputmu, bad mood when the weather started to come.Set the Bon Jovi song is It's My Life, as life is full of challenges.or Limp Bizkit-My way, when you're deciding the way of life that you know it's not easyCan also Linkin Park What I've Done, when you make mistakes and you know it must learn from mistakes and change for the better. Movies and books can be much longer. So, choose the input that makes self-Squire was always happy all the time. OK!

Ivan Gunawan (Indonesian Stylish) with metamorfosis

Senin, 12 Juli 2010

Ivan Gunawan (Indonesian Stylish) with metamorfosis

Ivan Gunawan (born in Jakarta, December 31, 1981, age 28 years), original name Ivan Gunawan Putra is an emcee, fashion designers, and movie player. Men who have a height 185 cm, blood has Javanese descent, Tionghoa, and the Netherlands. Who had starred in films such as Healthy 4 5 Perfect, he's also a host of infotainment in Anteve Espresso, and he has also starred in several TV soap operas religiously in some TV. Dia was a child and also the niece of fashion designer Indonesia, Adjie Notonegoro.

For metamorphosis

The Son in the Land

And Now

Ivan's fashion design

The Meaning of Life

Minggu, 11 Juli 2010

The Meaning of Life

Once, a young man came to a wise old man who lived in a village which is so peaceful. After polite greetings, the young man submitted goals and objectives. "My long journey was to find ways to make me always happy, always at the same time making other people happy."

Smiling wisely, the old man said, "Young man, people your age have a desire so, really unusual. Well, to fulfill your wish, my uncle will give you four sentences. Note well yes ..."

"First, think of yourself as someone else!" Then, the old man asked, "Young man, do you understand this first sentence? Just think carefully and tell my uncle what you understand about this."

The youth replied, "If I can consider myself as someone else, so when I was suffering, sickness and so forth, feeling the pain itself will be much reduced. Vice versa, if I experienced ecstasy, with regard they as people another, the excitement will not make me forget myself. Is it, Uncle? "

With a happy face, the old man nodding his head and went on to say. "The second sentence, think of others as thyself!"

The young man said, "With regard to others like ourselves, then when someone else was not lucky, we can empathize, even reached out to help. We can also realize the needs and wishes of others. Open hearted and full of tolerance. Yes, Uncle? "

With more and brighter faces, the old man nodding his head back. He said, "Continue to the third sentence. Note this sentence carefully; think of others as their own!"

The young man returned to express his opinion, "the third sentence of this shows that we must respect the privacy of others, maintaining the rights of every human being with equal and parallel. So, we need not attack each region and harm others. Not interfere with each other. Every person is entitled be himself. If there is a mismatch or differences of opinion, each of which can be mutual respect. "

Said the old man, "Good, very good! Well, fourth sentence: consider yourself as yourself! Uncle has completed all the answers to your questions. The last sentence was something that seemed unusual. Therefore, reflect well."

The young man looked puzzled. He said, "Uncle, after thinking about the four sentences above, I feel there is a mismatch, there are even contradictory. How can I summarize the four sentences into one? Dan, how long it took to understand all the sentences Uncle so I could always happy and at the same time also can make other people happy? "

Spontaneous, the old man replied, "That's easy. Meditate and use your time to learn and a lifetime to experience it for yourself."

That is, the young man went on his life and eventually died. After his death, people often call her name and talk about it. He got a nickname as: "A wise man is always happy and always spread the joy to everyone who called."

Readers are extraordinary,

As social beings, we are required to learn to love life and interact with other human beings on this earth. As long as we can put ourselves, to know and be able to respect the rights of others, and understand the existence of his own identity at every level of life processes, then we will be flexible human. That way, no matter where we interact with another human being, will always make warmth, peace, and joy. Thus, happiness in life comes naturally ... incredible!
By. Andry Wongso. (Indonesian Greatest Inspirator)

It’s not about lifestyle, but its about your life, your happiness, and what way that you choose to get that. and it’s all need a process.
By. Writer

Jabulani & Jo’bulani (Special ball for World Cup 2010)

Sabtu, 03 Juli 2010

 Jabulani & Jo’bulani (Special ball for World Cup 2010)

Jabulani is the official ball for the 2010 FIFA World Cup 2010 Adidas production. Jabulani word derived from African languages that can be interpreted as a "celebration" or "brings happiness." Suitable location of tournament, African elements are clearly visible on the ball.

Jo'bulani is a special official ball party at the World Cup grand final in 2010. The ball is the latest version of Jabulani, a decorated gold on the surrounded. Jo'Bulani name deliberately chosen as a form of respect for the City of Johannesburg, where the final match will take place. Largest city in South Africa it has been also known as the 'City of Gold' and Jo'burg. Both Jabulani and Jo'Bulani have the latest technology known as "Grip'n'Groove". Adidas ball output is claimed to have a stable rate and a much better grip.

for pic

2010 Japanese Fashion

Kamis, 01 Juli 2010

 2010 Japanese Fashion

Japanese fashion '(clothing / fashion-style Japanese) is a fusion of traditional Japanese and modern styles. Most of the traditional dress of Japan is now evolving into street fashion despite the occasional traditional native outfit can still we have met in several major cities of Japan. Japan began to emulate good clothes western style clothing since the age 21 and subsequently transformed into what is now referred to as 'street fashion'. These terms are used to describe the fashion / style of clothes a person through the latest fashion trends blend of traditional style.

There are now many kinds of fashion in Japan, including clothes from a combination of local brands with foreign brands. Some types of styles of dress are impressed by the extreme and can be viewed as a pioneer of art which is equivalent to model fashion show in Europe. The series of ups and downs of the popularity of the phenomenon of the most trend clothes has been noted by Loki Choicer since 1997 in fashion magazines 'Fruits'. This magazine is a leading magazine that has been introduced 'street fashion' in Japan.

'Street Fashion' has now become the most popular trend in Japan. It did not escape the role of young Japanese children who wore strange clothes in various urban areas such as Harajuku, Ginza, Odaiba, Shinjuku and Shibuya. Some examples of styles that was popular in Japan, among others, Lolita, Cosplay, Kogal, Ganguro, Bōsōzoku, and Elegant Gothic Aristrocrat.

Now many outstanding Japanese clothing imports, which are widely, used young children. Japanese import these clothes look the current trends. So do not be surprised if many Japanese clothes shop where selling emerged. Are you interested in using these clothes? Well if that Fashion like this, do you interested?.