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Hormone fluctuations Age Match Added

Senin, 29 Maret 2010

Hormone fluctuations Age Match Added

Hormones are the key drivers of natural body and your mind. Hormones play an important role when you are pregnant, when you feel happy, sad, even when you snore while sleeping.

Hormones regulate the movement of cells in our body, and it fluctuates in line with age and what happens at that age. To adapt to these changes, you need to know how these hormones work.

Progesterone, which is produced by the ovaries and adrenal glands after ovulation, working to maintain healthy cell development in the womb. Created by ovarian estrogen, adrenal glands, and fat cells, and prepare the uterus to receive an egg every month. Testosterone is produced by the ovaries and adrenal glands, and regulates the sex drive. While thyroid hormones is control metabolism.

How does all this affect your hormones at different stages in your life? Can you control these hormonal changes?

Age 20-30 years
What happened?
This is your peak fertility. At this age, regular menstrual cycle will be. Level’ drastic hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle,’ said Prof. Mary Jane Minkin, clinical professor of obstetrics and content from Yale University School of Medicine.

The urgency of estradiol (a form of estrogen) approximately 10 days after the beginning of the period, right around the time of ovulation, will encourage feelings of happiness. While progesterone boost in the second half of your cycle can make you irritable.


  • Libido or lust (sex) change when you use a hormonal contraceptive like the pill and spirals. There are now contraception use natural hormones. Thus, surge or decrease your sex drive is not too volatile.
  • The decline in fertility rates when entering the final 30 years of age. If you are not yet 35 years old and did not become pregnant within one year, see a specialist endocrinologist. But if you are aged over 35 years, limit the time for only 6 months (since the age increases, the more difficult pregnancy occurs).

Solution: In order for your hormonal function is not too up and down, consumption of green vegetables such as cauliflower and broccoli. ''The two types of these foods can balance the hormones estrogen and progesterone,’ said Eva Cwynar, endocrinologist from Beverly Hills.

Age 40th
What happens: Your menstrual schedule remains the same, but the production of estrogen and progesterone hormones from your ovaries decreased. You may also enter pre-menopausal period. Hormones Reduction lasted 5 years. Will usually appear red spots on the skin, decreased sex drive, and mucus in the vagina begins to dry. These symptoms come and go. Your fertility rate continues to decline.


  • Weight loss increases. Thyroid hormone is your body's metabolism activator. Age increased the production of this hormone to be changed. The decline of these hormones will reduce the work your body to process the nutrients that the body be overweight.
  • Disturbed sleep. Previously you could sleep for 7 hours a day. However, hormone production decreases after you will often wake up at night, even difficult to sleep.

Solutions: How to overcome sleep disorders is to use hormone injections to balance the hormones in the body condition.

"Softlense" Plus Vitamin E for Glaucoma

Kamis, 25 Maret 2010

"Softlense" Plus Vitamin E for Glaucoma

If during this glaucoma patients rely on eye drops that work to lower eye pressure, present now a new alternative form of contact lenses (softlense) was added vitamin E and have the work force such as eye drops.

The latest contact lens technology is introduced in the arena of the American Chemical Society recently. This contact lens works by releasing the drug slowly and hold it in place. This contact lens is claimed effective in preventing deterioration of glaucoma disease.

Glaucoma is often referred to as the thief of vision because of this disease can cause loss of vision gradually without any symptoms. This interference occurs because the pressure in the eye abnormally.

Treatment of chronic glaucoma usually begins with eye drops. The goal of be lowering eye pressure. Only these eye drops should be used constantly every day, often erased the effects of the medicine in a few minutes so as not effective.

Unlike soft lens enriched with vitamin E, which will slowly release the drug into the inner lens and hold it as long as possible in the eyes.

"Most of the rapid eye drops cleared within two to five minutes so as not to hit the target. The drugs of this type are often absorbed into the bloodstream and carried throughout the body that can cause side effects," said Dr Anuj Chauhan, researchers from the University of Florida , United States.

In experiments on animals in the laboratory proved that the drug is released by contact lenses last longer before it erased. According Chuchan, the structure of vitamin E such as "nano brick wall" is small. "Because the brick walls are larger than drug molecules, we believe the longer it takes for molecules to enter the goal. This will increase the duration of drug release from contact lenses," he explained.

According to the plan, two years of contact lenses will be tested in patients with glaucoma. These contact lenses are also known to protect the eyes from the dangers of the sun. "Vitamin E in the contact lens will resist the sun," said Chuchan.

He added, contact lenses have a shape as regular contact lenses and can be used within a month. In the future, medicine for other eye diseases such as cataracts can also be included in this contact lens.

Naked Sleep

Senin, 22 Maret 2010

Naked Sleep

If asked, what clothes the most comfortable to wear for sleeping, on average, your answer must be: negligee or alloy tank top and shorts. Thin material and minimal ease the chills and makes you free to move.

However, if you need a bit of a challenge, what if you just remove your clothing and bed to sleep naked? In the book The Best Sex of Your Life by Jennifer Hunt and Dan Baritchi, described how sleep naked provides many benefits. The touch of soft bedding materials on the skin, or touch your skin and your partner, will encourage increased your sexual life. Check out the various other benefits as follows:

Release oxytocin
The hormone oxytocin is released when the skin comes in contact with the skin. When skin contact from head to toe all night to bedcover or skin’s pair, you will get a useful flow of hormones. Some of the benefits of oxytocin, among other things, increase the sense of prosperity, lower heart rate, reduce stress hormones, increase trust, and of course, the sex drive.

Create a "mood" for sex
Many women refuse to have sex because in bad mood. The reason could be because of fatigue, fear of the child at any time up, or whatever bothers you. In fact, refuses to just make women feel lonely and ignored. Therefore, we encourage you to change the mood for love. Way, curled up under blankets with a bodysuit that you have been born with it. Pain rippled the skin will provide sexual stimulation that you need.

Look erotic
Any man can not bear to see his wife at his side curled up naked. It became a kind of invitation for her to have intercourse.

Creating desire
One of the main reasons women do not want to have sex is the imbalance in the relationship with partners. When you feel separated from your partner, you may also lose the desire for him. Well, sleep naked can help overcome these barriers.

When touching the skin on the bed, you can increase the sense of the bond between you and your partner. Remember when the first dating or first married, wished always touching, is not it? The more you touch; you feel more close to the couple. Increased ties synonymous with the more frequent sex.

Have sex more often provide many health benefits and marriage were more likely to last long. You do not need sex every day (unless you both do want), quite a few times a week. To spend half an hour a day to make love can be a fun sport for you. You'll feel more satisfied with your life, fitter, healthier and more!

New! Breast Operation Without Implants

New! Breast Operation Without Implants

LONDON, - Development of plastic surgery a step further following the development of new techniques without the use of implants. An expert British cosmetic surgery claims to have successfully developed a boob implant without the need to grow.

With this new technique, surgeons can use in breast tissue from the patient and placed in such a way as to make this female organs seem more contained.

He is Professor Laurence Kirwan, consultant surgeon from the UK who develops these new techniques Expert surgical practice in New York and London were planning to discuss this issue on the American health experts’ conference next month.

Techniques developed Kirwan claimed as a breakthrough because the surgeons will be able to expand operations in a more natural breast without the use of silicone implants. Other techniques have been developed fat tissue is removed from the body, or using stem cell technology to stimulate the growth of new tissue.

"What I do is move some of the assets of the breast to produce the best effect. What we do is move a network so that there is visible under the skin is thicker by simply pressing the breast out and fill it, "said Prof. Kirwan.

"For most women, this will be a breast enlargement surgery most important thing would make it permanent than requiring the use of implant replacement surgery after 10 years," he added.

Kirwan said the new method has been applied to 50 patients in the UK with satisfactory results. This surgical technique takes between 3 to 3.5 hours with a cost between 8000 to 12,000 pounds (approximately USD 160 million), depending on the operating time and hospital services

The Zoonosis Disease Attention So

Kamis, 11 Maret 2010

The Zoonosis Disease Attention So

Previously we have to know understanding zoonotic disease. Zoonosis is the understanding of infectious diseases that occur naturally between vertebrate animals to humans.

There are two types of zoonoses

Antropozoonosis is an infection of vertebrate animals that can be transmitted to humans
Zooantroponosis is an infection in humans that can be transmitted to vertebrate animals.

Just quoted from the compass, the disease is increasingly getting the attention of the world. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention United States, for example, have recently focused their investigations on zoonotic diseases, or infectious diseases transmitted from animals to humans or vice versa.

Henry Walke as the Head Office of Program Coordination and Development of World Health and Public Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) United States said Tuesday (9 / 3), approximately 60 percent of new infectious diseases emerge a zoonotic disease.

He said zoonotic diseases have increasingly become a threat, especially in large populated country, diverse, and has a diversity of wildlife, including wildlife.

A number of factors trigger disease transmission, among others, is that environmental changes caused distances closer to the human animal. Another factor is the domestication of animals, including exotic animals. As a result, diseases that once resided in moving animals to humans. A number of cases such as the occurrence of bird flu, rabies, and ebola are examples that cause serious problems and occur in several countries.

"Most of the investigations carried out CDC disease and lead to cases of zoonoses," Henry said in the activities of Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication in Atlanta, Tuesday.

To control these diseases of public health infrastructure needed a good, among other surveillance devices or monitoring of disease. CDC itself provides technical assistance on request from the country concerned. Assistance is usually provided technical assistance and expertise specific to a particular disease.


Director of the Global Disease Detection Operations Center CDC says Ray Arthur, detection and investigation program more active disease, particularly after the emergence of SARS cases in various parts of the world. Through detection, the more new pathogens found, ie at least five new pathogen in 2003 to be approximately 30 new pathogens until the year 2008.

Director, Division of Viral and Rickettsial Diseases National Center for Zoonotic Vector-borne and enteric disease CDC says Steve Monroe, a pathogen is not always entirely new. This can occur during pathogen already exists, but is not recognized. That's because the pathogens isolated in the bodies of animals or isolated sufferers.

"Generally, a new pathogen known later after an increase in cases in the population," he said.

To find new pathogens, they build a system, one of which is gathering news from thousands of media around the world. Media screening has become an early warning of disease.

If the case is considered significant, the team sent down to investigate the case. CDC has about 18 representatives around the world. In some countries they are investigating the wild polio virus, HIV, and avian influenza (H5N1).

Ray added, the challenge in dealing with diseases of global nature, among others, is the inability of the authorities at the scene to detect accurately. In addition, the leaders are also reluctant to report cases that happened to the global community.

Indira Permanasari from Atlanta, United States

Beyond the threat of paralysis Botox Injecting

Rabu, 10 Maret 2010

Beyond the threat of paralysis Botox Injecting

JAKARTA - For some people, growing old is scary. So, once reflected in the mirror face showed little wrinkles on the face or neck, they feel restless and anxious not to play. In fact, some of them are willing to do anything to get rid of the wrinkles.

Now it is a lot of ways to remove wrinkles on the face, from drinking to prevent aging drugs, use anti aging creams (anti-aging) that many in the market, botox injections, to undergo plastic surgery. All of that becomes an option.

But, of course, you also understand that the various options that have consequences and their respective prices. The cost of removing wrinkles in his face through plastic surgery, take the example, is more expensive than buying a cream or drinking a certain capsules.

Likewise with botox injection method has recently favored by most people around the world, including in Indonesia. Before you choose Botox injections, you have to understand the pluses and minuses in this way. The number of top Hollywood artists, like Madonna, Liz Hurley, and Kyle Minoque who do Botox injections, do not automatically become the basis for you to follow their footsteps.

Botox injections can not be done haphazardly. "If the dose and the syringe are wrong it can cause broken face," Damn Vinski Deby Susanti, the director of Perfect Beauty Anti-Aging Clinic, Jakarta.

Just so you know, Botox is derived from the poisonous bacteria. These bacteria can even poison the food in cans. We used to face, through a variety of technologies, reduced its toxic nature. How it works is to inject botox injections botulinum toxin bacteria (Botox) into the face.

These bacteria can weaken or inhibit the muscles to contract. As a result, when the muscles are not contracted, the skin will tighten and look more refined. "That way, the wrinkles on the face can disappear," said Eddy Karta, skin specialists and genital Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM).

Facial muscles can be paralyzed
Eddy said botox work system only temporary, ie only work within four to six months. After that, back facial muscles to contract. According to him, when the muscle returned to normal, botox injections can even leave a negative impact on the face.

"Sometimes face muscles become stiff and hard to express," he said.

Therefore, people who have Botox injections are usually addictive. After the effects of missing fast, they want to repeat it again to look youthful. "Usually four months, they came back for botox injections," said Eddy.

The injection of this constant course can lead to accumulation of bacteria in the face of Botox. Repeated usage will also make the muscles of facial thinning. As a result, the muscles actually become easily loosened.

Worse yet, botox injections can also cause side effects on the muscle. Muscles can be asymmetrical, and even lead to paralysis. "Sometimes it can happen any potentially injecting a muscle paralysis," said Eddy.

Not only that, botox injections can also cause pain and mild bruising around the injection. "Therefore, better, do not do Botox injections around the mouth because it would interfere with speech and eating," said Eddy.
Other impacts, Botox can also reduce the eyebrows or eyelids.

Challenges Sex Every Day For 1 Month

Sabtu, 06 Maret 2010

 Challenges Sex Every Day For 1 Month

Refers to the increasingly high divorce rate, a priest in Florida, Paul Wirth, creating 'The 30-Day Sex Challenge'. Challenges have sex for a month is intended for married couples can spend their busy time for sex every day.

This challenge might be the easiest resolution this year. The reason to have sex more often considered providing many benefits for you and your partner.

Not only makes you feel closer to your partner, but can also prevent all kinds of diseases. A study found, undergo more frequent sex can inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the body.

In addition, couples who make the scene more 'naughty' in bed tends to be more streamlined than couples who rarely have sex. Based on the results of research, sex can burn calories, 50-60.

Try to encourage couples to prove it. Live sex activity every day for a month can also drive a bad habit. Like smoking, and eating chocolate. The result was really surprising.

Often, it is difficult to provide time to have sex with your partner. This is because it is influenced by the routine is too dense. So it was you or your spouse had no time alone, although only 30 minute a day. So, when you're sorting through some of your regular agenda, try to tuck one important idea to spend time every day for 30 days to feel the effects of this challenge.

How about you? What you and your spouse are interested in practicing this challenge?

All About Cyst

Kamis, 04 Maret 2010

All About Cyst

A cyst is a closed sac, having a distinct membrane and division on the nearby tissue. It may contain air, fluids, or semi-solid material. A collection of pus is called an abscess, not a cyst. Once formed, a cyst could go away on its own or may have to be removed through surgery.


Cyst is a fluid-filled sac. Ovarian cysts (or ovarian cysts) means bag containing liquids, normally small, which is located in the ovary (ovarian). Ovarian cysts can form at any time, at the time of puberty until menopause, also during pregnancy.

Etiology (cause)
Ovarian cysts caused by a disturbance (formation) hormone in the hypothalamus, pituitary, and ovaries. Cysts affect woman's menstrual cycle due to a disturbed hormonal system. Naturally, growth hormone would regulate egg in the ovary. Medical has not been able to clearly explain how women's hormonal cycles disturbed patients. However, numerous studies continue to be done to solve these medical cases to the number of patient’s cysts may be suppressed.

Such follicles are sacs in the ovary containing the egg cell. In the case of cysts, follicles in the ovary only were little. Eggs in the follicles do not mature, so do not get into the ovary. Instead, it will form crystals in the ovary.

This is what causes a woman infertile. Follicles are not mature and the inability to distribute the egg (ovulation process) seems to be the cause of the low amount of follicle stimulating hormone (HSF), exceeds the content of androgen hormones in the ovary. A woman who was diagnosed with cysts usually aged around 20 - 30 years. Usually women who have cysts, if traced his family genealogy, there are mothers or grandmothers who have symptoms similar cysts.

Women who have cysts in the ovaries will experience symptoms as follows:

  1. Having irregular periods, abnormal, and meetings in the period
  2. There are times absent, usually (but not always) occurs after one or more normal menstrual periods
  3. Incurred severe acne and very disturbing
  4. Experienced shrinkage of breast size
  5. Experience in the development of male characteristics (virilization), such as hair growing all over his body and face, the voice turned hard and deep, cilitorus size enlarged.
  6. Diabetes
  7. Hair becomes thicker like a man
  8. Sterile or not having done offspring despite treatment
  9. Insulin content of very little
  10. Overweight, obesity

Normal Cyst

Functional cyst
This is the type of ovarian cysts are most commonly found. These cysts derived from egg cells and the corpus luteum, coincided with the normal menstrual cycle. Functional cysts will grow each month and will break the fertile period, to release the egg on time ready to be fertilized by sperm. After rupture, the cyst will be functional cysts will disappear folikuler and during menstruation. Consists of functional cysts: follicular cysts and corpus luteum cyst. Both do not bother, do not cause symptoms itself and can disappear within 6-8 weeks.

Abnormal cysts Type
You mean the word "abnormal" is not normal here, not public, or not usually (there are, arise, arise, or occurred). Any type or form of cysts, but cysts is functional cysts, abnormal, for example:

1. Cystadenoma
Cysts are derived from the outer ovary cells. Usually benign, but can be enlarged and may cause pain.
2. Chocolate cyst (endometrioma)
It is Endometrial which is not in right place. Called chocolate cysts because of they contain blood heap blackish brown. Problems in the handling of these cysts are a high level relapse. So, after surgery to be done, these cysts can grow back over time. These cysts are much influenced hormone estrogen (a hormone produced by the ovaries). To reduce the possibility of relapse, we can give drugs to suppress the hormone estrogen. One of them, using substances leuprorelin acetate (contained in Tapros). In addition, we ca also used other drugs such as danazol, an inhibitor of the enzyme aromatase and the contraceptive pill.

The hormone estrogen, produced by the ovaries in addition, can also result from changes in androgen substances in the body fat tissue. That is why; recommended weight is in an ideal area for levels of estrogen in fat tissue is not high. Substance dioxin pollution contained in the occurrence of any alleged influence of endometriosis, although still needs further research.

Another problem associated with endometriosis is infertility (difficulty conceiving). In endometriosis patients usually occurs an adhesion in their reproductive organs. Infertility is influenced mild endometriosis suffered weight. Examination necessary reproductive organs, including whether the oviduct (fallopian tube) is congested or not. After that can be given drugs trigger ovulation.

However, if endometriosis suffered heavy enough to adhesions of the reproductive organs, too heavy, it is necessary to program in vitro fertilization (IVF) or IVF to get pregnant.

3. Dermoid cyst
It is a cyst that contains various types of body parts such as skin, nails, hair, teeth and fat. These cysts can be found in both parts of the ovary. Usually small and do not cause symptoms.
4. Endometriosis Cyst
Is a cyst that occurs because there is a part of the endometrial outside the uterus. These cysts grow along with the growth of endometrial lining every month, causing severe pain, especially during menstruation and infertility.
5. Cyst hemorrhage
Functional cysts are accompanied by bleeding that causes pain on one side of the lower abdomen.
6. Lutein cyst
Cysts are common during pregnancy. Several types of lutein cysts include:
a. Granulosa lutein cyst
It is a cyst that occurred in the ovarian corpus luteum function. Cysts that arise at the beginning of pregnancy can be enlarged due to the excessive accumulation of blood during menstruation and not the result of the tumor. Diameter that reached 5-6 cm cause discomfort in the pelvic area. If broken, bleeding will occur in the abdominal cavity.
In non-pregnant women, these cysts cause late periods, followed by irregular bleeding.
b. Theca lutein cysts
It is a cyst containing clear fluid and the color of straw. The emergence of this cyst associated with ovarian tumors and hormone therapy.
7. Polycystic ovarian cysts
Cysts is due unable cyst rupture and release eggs continuously. Usually occur every month. The ovary will enlarge due to accumulation of these cysts. For polycystic ovarian cysts that persist (persistent), the operation must be done to remove the cyst in order to not cause interference and pain.

Ovarian cyst was a benign and malignant (cancerous). Usually small cysts are benign. Ovarian cysts are often discovered accidentally on routine examination.

Clinical Manifestation
Clinical manifestations of ovarian cysts include:
1. Often without symptoms.
2. Pain during menstruation.
3. Pain in the lower abdomen.
4. Pain during intercourse.
5. Pain in the back sometimes spreads to the legs.
6. Sometimes accompanied by pain on urination and / or defecate.
7. Irregular menstrual cycles; could also amount of blood that came out a lot.

The clinical manifestations of ovarian cancer include:
1. Changes in menstruation.
2. Sensation of pain or pain during intercourse (dyspareunia).
3. Persistent digestive disorders, such as: bloating, nausea.
4. Changes in bowel habits, eg, difficult defecation (= constipation, constipation, obstipasi)
5. Changes in urination, such as: frequent urination.
6. Enlarged abdomen, one character is felt tight pants.
7. Loss of appetite or feeling full quickly (stomach feel full).
8. Flavor easily tired or feeling is always less energy.
9. The pain of (bone) lower back (low back pain).

The tests can be done to determine whether a woman had a cyst in the ovaries:
1. Abdominal ultrasound
2. Abdominal MRI
3. Biopsy of the ovary
4. Estrogen levels
5. Fasting glucose and insulin levels
6. FSH levels
7. Male hormone (testosterone) levels
8. Urine 17-ketosteroids
9. Vaginal ultrasounds

Blood tests are performed:
• Pregnancy test (serum HCG)
• Proactin levels
• Function test Throd

Enforcement Diagnosis
The diagnosis of ovarian cysts established by ultrasound examination or ultrasound (abdominal or transvaginal), colposcopy screening, and blood tests (tumor markers, or sign tumors).
Laboratory examination
In practice, if necessary obstetricians will recommend to conduct discharge (which includes: Trichomonas, Candida / fungi, bacteria stems, Coccus, epithelial, lekosit, erythrocytes, epithelial, and pH) and hematology, such as: Hb (hemoglobin).

1. Observations
If the cyst does not cause symptoms, it is monitored (monitored) for 1-2 months, because functional cysts will disappear by itself after one or two menstrual cycles. This action is taken if not suspicious malignant (cancerous).
2. Operation
If the cyst grows, so do surgery performed the act of taking the cyst with laparoscopy. Normally for your laparoscopy was discharged on day-to-3 or 4, while for laparoscopy that you are allowed to go home at day-to-8 or 9.
3. Herbal Therapy
Here are some examples of recipes / herbs to address medicinal plants according to Prof. ovarian cysts. H.M. Hembing Wijayakusuma:
  • 60 grams fresh white Intersection + sambiloto 15 grams 30 grams of dried or fresh, boiled with 600 cc of water until the remaining 300 cc, filtered, water is taken twice a day, each time drank 150 cc.
  • God leaves 30 grams + 50 grams of fresh appointment + 5 grams mango pulp dried gods crown, boiled with 800 cc of water until the remaining 400 cc, filtered, water is taken twice a day, each time drank 200 cc.
  • 60 grams of parasites that live on tea tree + 30 grams of grass or grass-pearl serpent tongue of white flowers, boiled with 800 cc of water until the remaining 400 cc, filtered, water is taken twice a day, each time drank 200 cc.
Note: grass snake's tongue dry white flowers can be purchased at drug stores with the name tionghoa bai hua she she cao. To use the pot boiling the ground, pot enamel, or glass pan. Choose one of the above recipes, drink regularly, and still consult a doctor to monitor / evaluate the results of therapy.

Treatment for cysts depends on female patients with symptoms that arise.
1. Birth control pills
2. Clomiphene citrate
3. Flutamide
4. Spironolactone

Treatment with clomiphene citrate causes the pituitary gland increases production of HSF. This will help the egg to mature and can be streamed to the ovary. Many times a woman takes drugs to trigger a strong pregnancy.
For women who have cysts, they also have a risk with diabetes mellitus. Therefore, treatment with glucophane (metformin) will be given to make cells more sensitive to produce insulin, which causes the process to return to normal ovulation.
Lose weight with a diet will greatly help to reduce high levels of insulin in the blood.

Complications caused cyst
1. Greater risk of endometrial cancer
2. Sterility occurs
3. Something to do with obesity; raised blood pressure
4. Diabetes
5. Risk of breast cancer