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Thieves Use Google Earth to Target Track

Selasa, 30 Juni 2009

Thieves Use Google Earth to Target Track

Some thieves in the UK is skilled in technology use Google Earth to track the presence of target, fish, koi carp are expensive. The thieves are using the internet mapping system to track the garden of a house equipped with swimming fish contain relatively high price.

Twelve cases of theft of koi carp fish to reach thousands of Pounds Sterling reported losses occurred in Hull, East Yorks, in the last 3 weekends. Civil defense officer Sam Gregory explains the evidence collected shows that the thief uses Google Earth to track the target.

Google Earth has a sophisticated mapping system that allows users to track the existence of the valuable objects that are placed in the space behind the house. "Google shows what is there in the garden (back home) and allows users to see the content of the surrounding pond," said Sam Gregory.

"One of the houses so that theft has target gate at 2.5 meters and are not located near the road. Swimming fish house is located at the corner of the house and not visible from outside. If you do not stand on the wall near the house, then you can not hear the flow of water, "he said.

"They (the thieves) to steal the fish is small because they know that the fish that can survive much longer (rather than a big fish) without water," said one resident, Robert Barnes, who lost 4 of them koi fish. "Neighbors confess I see 2 young men who take a bike equipped with nets and a box of black," he said.

Meanwhile, Nigel Dawson (40) awakened in the morning and get a filter system and 13 koi fish its carp expensive lose from the pond located in the garden behind his house. "I do not think (the fish theft occurred). I did not hear or see anything (which is suspicious)," he said.

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