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Men Imagining Sex Every 7 Seconds?

Rabu, 21 Oktober 2009

Men Imagining Sex Every 7 Seconds?

Many myths about sex that circulated in the community. There is a right, there is not. There is nothing wrong to know what is scientifically true, and which can not be explained, to increase our knowledge. Does your knowledge of these myths is good enough?

1. Unable to get pregnant if you have sex in the water.
If a healthy woman and a man healthy sex without contraception, so the woman could get pregnant. Similarly, if it intercourse is performed in water. If no sperm are alive and healthy to meet the egg in the uterus to meet the woman, then she remains a potentially pregnant. This myth can be considered wrong.

2. Men can not pretend to orgasm
"They can, and they do it. In a study conducted at the University of Kansas, as much as 35 percent of men admitted they pretended orgasm. Even someone has to do when oral sex. Of course, men can not fake ejaculation, but they could pretend to be as bellow and do certain movements. Why? Like women, they could fatigue, stress, as well as difficult to reach a climax, but still want to make their partner feel good.

3. Oral sex 100 percent safe
"Transmission of HIV virus through oral sex is rare, but you will still be infected with sexual diseases, such as gonorrhea (gonorrhea disease) and herpes. In a recent study report found that women who had oral sex with 6 men or more had higher risk of oral cancer. This likely caused by a viral infection of the human papilloma virus, the virus that causes cervical cancer. If it will do, try to use a condom with a sense.

4. Men think about sex every 7 seconds
Assume that the man has 16 hours of time awake during the day. If he thought about sex every 7 seconds, then it means he thought about sex as much as 57,000 times a day. This amount is roughly as much as the amount a person to breathe when he woke up (not sleeping). In fact, if someone thought about sex all that often in one day, he would not be able to do anything (and certainly it will make people mad).

5. Women can not have sex while pregnant big
"Unless prohibited obstetricians, women who were pregnant still able to have sex. In fact, research proves that pregnant women who engage in intercourse to prevent premature birth. There are even some women who felt their first orgasm while pregnant, perhaps because of changes in hormone levels. Position is the key. Most pregnant women stated that the spoon position and the woman-on-top is the best.

6. Female masturbation only when they were still single
Not true! In a recent study reported that more than 40 percent of women had husbands masturbate often. And the fact, women who masturbate while have a husband are already has reported more satisfaction in intercourse. Maybe because they become more attuned sensitive points of their own, so he could direct her husband.

Are there any other myths about sex you've ever heard and have not found the explanation?

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