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No Have Rahim, Could Still Have Children?

Selasa, 17 November 2009

No Have Rahim, Could Still Have Children?

Vaginal agenesis is also known as Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser (MRKH). This incident could have happened 1 of 4,000 women. This is due to a lack of good development while still in the womb so that the uterus and the vagina are not well established. Although puberty experienced by women who experience these disorders in general are still normal growth of pubic hair and enlarged breasts, these women usually do not experience menstrual periods.

From the outside, the form of this woman's genital area looks normal, but if examined more closely, inside the vagina is usually very narrow and short. Usually in these disorders, although there is no uterus, ovaries are still there.

Before you had sexual intercourse, most women with vaginal agenesis have to do the procedure to extend the vagina. This can be done by the method of dilation, in which a woman will be taught to enlarge the vagina hole by entering assisted dilators with the supervision of expert doctors and nurses. This can take up to many months to achieve adequate vaginal depth and wider to allow the occurrence of intercourse.

Then, in addition to dilatation of the method you use can use to extend the operating procedures of the vagina, this process is a bit more complicated to do. Consult with your obstetrician for this option.

Have children
Then for the problem child, unfortunately you can not get the experience of pregnancy and menstruation. But do not be sad, there are other ways to get kids because your ovaries are still there, the egg and sperm can be united with the technique of in vitro or familiar with IVF and implanted into surrogate mother or surrogate mother who is willing to give her uterus while pregnant for you both. The boy was still the love of you and your husband will be.

Emotional problems
It's one that happens to you now. You may feel stressed and this may last for years, from frustration to sadness is prolonged. However, do not forget you're not alone. Share it with your parents because it's sad not only you, but also parents. If you need to provide time for consultation with an expert in dealing with psychological problems that you experience.

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