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Sex Tools 4 Women

Senin, 02 November 2009

Sex Tools 4 Women

If you've run out of ideas, or bored with the style or position is-it merely as having sex with a partner, why not try sex tools? This sexual equipment you can get around you, or the result of hunting in Rata Penuhthe store, but what is important is its function as a driver back your spirit and mood that had loosened. Do not hesitate to ask this equipment on the couple. However, when you can enjoy a relationship with your partner, spouse would surely feel the same way.

Well, what a woman needs to have to dig back to the ideas that refreshing?

1. Pillow (or roll)
What is the function of pillow? Do not be suspicious first. Pillows are placed in the proper position can give you a new variation of the position. Try to tuck a pillow under your hips in the missionary position, suggestions Mabel IAM, author of Sex and the Perfect Lover. Or put in between your legs when you're making out.

2. Vibrator
The question is not why you should use a vibrator, but, why not? You can use a vibrator to explore what feels good for you, or ask the couple to add a new sexual dimension. Women who reported using a vibrator to enjoy greater sexual satisfaction is high, increases libido, and orgasm more easily, according to research conducted Love Network expert from Redbook magazine, Laura Berman, Ph.D.

3. Liquid lubrication
Liquid lubricant not only makes things "glide" smoothly, but also helps to have sex longer (because the vagina is not dry quickly), and easier to make the position different. To find the right lubricant, try as much as you can advice Pepper Schwartz, Ph.D., sexologist and author of Prime. "The fun of this is the time to find one you like, and liked your body," he said. Lubricant that contains a lot of water (such Pink Water) suitable for you who worry about allergies, while those made from silicon could last longer. You can even find organic and natural lubricant. Take a look at the pharmacy or drug store.

4. Sex Toys
Whether you can prepare yourself (like whipped cream) or a character game (like the costumes or cuffs), a nice property like this can add excitement you both. To find what is fun or makes you curious, occasionally adult shop visit when you're traveling. Or find it in the online shop.

5. Sex books
Information about sex, you can get from anywhere, especially from the book. "Read with a partner while relaxing in the bedroom, and make as icebreakers," says Emma Taylor, an expert on sexuality. The book is written with Lorelei Sharkey, Sex: How to Do Everything, 55 book Sexual Problems You Want to Know But "Taboo" for Asked by Dr. Andik Wijaya; or starved Sex Marriage: Guidelines for Improving Passion Sex in Marriage, by Michele Weiner Davis, is a sex book that you can make provision to enhance the harmonious relationship with your spouse.

6. Romantic songs
Beautiful music can form a good mood. Everyone has different memories of music, whether it's your favorite song of all time, the upbeat dance track, or indie songs that you often enjoy with your partner while on campus. In order not to repeatedly flipping through CDs and have to act like a DJ in the middle of intercourse took place, set the player in shuffle or repeat mode, or play the entire play list on your iPod.

7. Sexy lingerie
"Like when you wear sports shoes when going jogging, wear lingerie that helps you feel sexier," suggested sex educator Dorian Solot, author of I Love Female Orgasm. No need to wear black lingerie style of Hollywood movies. Wear whatever, your favorite underwear that makes you feel more confident, whether it's a camisole and panties super mini, or push-up bra and thong. You can also try wearing clothes that give a different role for you: You are brave, a little naughty, or elegant.

8. Erotic books or films
Erotic things that can help promote and maintain your mood, or provide creative ideas to try with your partner, "said Solot. Eroticism necessary material to help you find your fantasy, among others, romantic movies, sexy, story erotic, or the classic novels that you always love like Lady Chatterley's Lover or Lolita.

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