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200 Million Children be Sexual Violence Victim

Jumat, 20 November 2009

200 Million Children be Sexual Violence Victim

JAKARTA - About four million children died at the age of four weeks or 28 days each year, more than 200 million children in the world become victims of sexual violence, and 126 million children live as a hard worker.

So some facts of life a child who presented the European Commission Head of Delegation Julian Wilson in the 20 years commemoration ceremony Convention on the Rights of the Child, Friday (20/11) at Le Meredien Hotel, Jakarta.

The fact above is only a fraction of the various forms of child rights abuses that often occur in parts of the world. In Indonesia for example, such as UNICEF submitted in writing, more than three million Indonesian children are doing dangerous jobs, like working on fishing platforms, or other hard work.

In addition, about 100,000 Indonesian women and children trafficked every year. A total of 5,000 children are in rehab bad boy, and 84 percent of those convicted are placed in adult prisons. Plus the post-tsunami Aceh and North Sumatra, as many as 2000 children orphaned and suffer psychologically.

UNICEF data mentioned only a violation of child rights in the field of child protection, not including in other areas, such as education, health and nutrition, and HIV / AIDS.

In education, for example, an estimated two million children not in school, and only 30 percent of young children who have access to formal services of early childhood development.

For the health sector, UNICEF data shows that half of infant deaths occur in the first week of life, and maternal mortality is still high, ie 307 women per 100,000 women.

The level of micronutrient deficiencies, such as iodine, vitamin A, and iron, are still high. As many as 58 million people in Indonesia do not eat salt, and 70 percent of women and children suffer from anemia.

In the 20 years commemoration ceremony Convention on the Rights of the Child also shown a picture of a child's life was not free from dirty and violent environment. For example a picture of a boy who worked in the fishing platforms. In the middle of the sea, they work hard like an adult.

Likewise, the children's live as road singers and hawkers. There is also a picture of a boy named Tegar that be the victim of violence from his father. For information, Tegar nearly killed by his father to train themselves in Madiun, East Java. The result of their father lost his leg Overdrive.

Likewise, the image of the neighborhood children who are not healthy and dirty, like a cardboard houses on the banks of times.

Today, Indonesia, the European Union, and UNICEF to commemorate 20 years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which is a universal standard for the protection and development of children.

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