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"Sexomnia", Sex While Sleeping

Minggu, 25 Oktober 2009

"Sexomnia", Sex While Sleeping

While annoying to women, many men who fell asleep after making love. However, there was more annoying than that, the people who have sex while you sleep. These conditions by the experts called sexomnia.

Three researchers from the University Otawa, Toronto, and the Toronto Western Hospital, described as a combination of sexomnia having a wet dream and sleepwalking.

Interestingly, according to a study conducted by researchers, most pairs of people who do not mind sexomnia the partner conditions. Most were happy and did not care to have sex with a partner who was in unconscious condition.

The disorder is found sexomnia experts as they interviewed patients at a sleep disorders clinic. This is called Sexomnia different variation of sleepwalking. However, previously also been known to the sleepwalking patient who did not indecent when they were asleep.

In a study conducted in Canada was found in 11 cases sexomnia and nearly all are men. A 35-year-old husband described himself as going through an erotic dream, then realize that dream with his wife unconscious. He realized his behavior when his wife told the next day.

A lover of the 43-year-old man also told her, her partner is often to have sex while asleep. Even so, this girl did not mind because, she said, her boyfriend turned into "others" while asleep. "He was more gentle, romantic, and trying to satisfy me," he said.

A wife feels her husband's behavior with Asperger's different sexomnia. "We fell asleep, she had become aggressive in bed," he said.

Although the number of cases found sexomnia still small, but experts suspect the number is likely much greater. This is because not many patients who consult a doctor because it did not consider his condition as a problem.

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