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HIV/Aids in Homosexual Feared Up

Kamis, 12 November 2009

HIV/Aids in Homosexual Feared Up

JAKARTA - Cases of HIV / AIDS increased concern among a group of men has sex with men. Key populations tend to be closed. Scope of the smallest reduction programs compared with other risk groups, such as needle drug users and sex workers and their female customers.

It is stated Deputy Secretary of Development Program National AIDS Commission Kemal Siregar socialization in a press conference for World AIDS Day commemoration held by the Association of Indonesian Public Health Experts, Thursday (12/11).

HIV prevalence of 0.22 per cent of the population in 2008, but the HIV epidemic has increased the multidimensional nature to the level of "concentrated", i.e., HIV prevalence exceeds 5 percent in the key vulnerable populations infected with HIV / AIDS, the female sex workers, injecting drug users, residents built correctional institutions, and groups of men who have sex with men (LSL).

Secretary-General Aminullah IAKMI Syahrul said the increase would cause such an epidemic of social and economic burden. Therefore, it takes a strong political commitment to restrain the rate of cases of HIV / AIDS, including promotive and preventive activities. "This is to save future generations," he said.


He said one of the epidemic trends of HIV / AIDS into the future is an increasing number of new infections in the LSL group. HIV prevalence among LSL reach 5.2 percent based on the results of the Integrated Surveillance of HIV and Behavior in 2007 and is projected to continue to increase. It is estimated that the number of gays, transvestites, and LSL about 700,000 people.

Kemal said, compared with women prevalence among direct sex workers (10.4%), transvestites (24.4%), and injecting drug users (52.4%) was smaller. However, these groups are closed and thus less maximum coverage of the program, where only 9 percent and prone to increase.

As for the other key populations, such as injecting drug users have reached 30 percent and sex workers about 50 percent. And ideally, the scope of the program reaches 80 percent, so there is still a big gap. Moreover, the way men have sex with men big risk to HIV infection / AIDS because of the possibility of injury is also greater.

"To anticipate the increasing cases among key LSL is not easy because they tend to be closed so that an intervention by activists from among themselves," said Kemal.

To increase coverage is still low LSL's, the next planned comprehensive program. The program was formulated and implemented to actively involve the population.

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