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Top 6 facts about Menstruation

Sabtu, 31 Oktober 2009

Top 6 facts about Menstruation

Hormonal changes that occur during the menstrual cycle were cause interference, the disruption to talk to diarrhea. Consider whether you also have the following 6.

1. The first week of your hormone cycle is a good week to start a diet. According to the results of a study conducted at Tufts University, you've begun to eat up to 12% this week, and have fewer hormones associated with the desire to eat.

2. Quit smoking during the second half of your cycle is also recommended. A study in 2008 which was held the University of Minnesota showed that estrogen is the hormone that gives us encouragement to enjoy addictive substances like nicotine. When these hormone levels decreased in the third and fourth week, the desire to smoke goes down, so actually it easier for you when they want to quit smoking.

3. According to the same research from the University of Minnesota, progesterone contrary to your verbal skills. As a result, you will often wrong way, and loss of reasoning. This hormone can also cause constipation and bloating, so you should eat lots of foods that contain fiber and water.

4. You experience PMS can be contagious to others. When you find the couple went along with the menstrual cycle moody when you arrive, immediately calm him. It is still much more research needs to be done, "But there is other evidence that the monthly fluctuations in testosterone may also produce PMS-like symptoms in men," says Jed Diamond, a psychotherapist from California is also the author of Male Menopause. In a study presented at the Society for Menstrual Research, at the 11th Biennial Conference, the men who fill in questionnaires complaining about the mood swing that happens every month, similar to that experienced by the women surveyed.

5. When you board with female friends, they could get a period at the same time with you. This is caused by the lunar cycle. The experts also said that the chemical signals in the body of a woman may be caught by others, and women living together may share the same source of stress, so influential at the time of their menstruation.

6. Menstrual period can also cause your diarrhea. The same chemicals, which trigger uterine contractions to help remove the blood, can inadvertently cause the lower intestine to join contract.

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