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Have a Boyfriend but, Fantasizing with Women

Senin, 09 November 2009

Have a Boyfriend but, Fantasizing with Women

Sigmund Freud has a theory, that the fantasies and dreams is a "reconnaissance hole" of the unconscious; but think about sex with women does not always mean you want to have sex with women. According to Suzi Godson, author of The Sex Book, it is more accurately called imagination. With imagination, one can do whatever she wants without worrying about the consequences.

Even so, there's no doubt that pornography has an influence in what we imagine, and since pornography is generally made by men for men, session of girl-on-girl seemed more challenging. According to Godson, a lesbian usually begin to identify themselves (whether heterosexual or homosexual) at the age of about 13 years. Most women had tried to have sex with same-sex once or twice in her life, but they do not consider themselves lesbians. They just want to know, want to explore the trends themselves. So if you decide to explore your homosexual tendencies, be prepared that what is in your imagination was not as beautiful as you imagine.

Imagine a woman also does not mean that you're a lesbian, or bisexual, according to Michele sugg, sex therapist in Branford, Connecticut. You may feel attracted to a woman (or a particular woman), but this may be a sign that was losing the closeness or sense of comfort with a friend.

"Sometimes a woman symbolizing the care, love and intimacy, in her dreams," said sugg. If you're dealing with a man, and you do not get the attachment you want, you may be dreaming of a woman, which would mean that you need closeness "more" than that given your loved one. An even erotic dream about women does not mean anything to show your sexual identity.

Therefore, even if you feel sexually attracted to other women, you do not need to make a big deal. Sugg can be sure that you will not always feel attracted to women. At other times, you will forget it.

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