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Herpes, Not Simply Sexual Disease

Senin, 07 Desember 2009

Herpes, Not Simply Sexual Disease

Herpes long been regarded as a "dirty" disease because it related to sexual activity that is not healthy. Yet, not all diseases are caused by herpes sexual activity.

Jo, private sector employees aged 24 years, felt itchy and sore in the crotch. Her skin was blistered as firing. Once seen, it seems that the rash covered like smallpox. "It feels sore and hot. Touched underwear just very sore," said Jo.

Uncomfortable with burning and itching sensation, he also went to the doctor. How surprised when the results of the examination the doctor said he was exposed to herpes. As far as he knew, herpes is a disease which is transmitted through sexual activity. "Actually, I never do sexual activity with another person," said Jo.

Advanced smallpox
"Actually, not all herpes from sexual activity that is not healthy. So the assumption that herpes is always caused by sexual activity is wrong," said Dr. Midi Haryani, Sp.KK, skin and venereal specialists RS Hermina Jatinegara.

In the medical world, herpes is another form of smallpox. This is a skin inflammation characterized by the formation of bubbles of water in groups.

Described by Dr. Midi, herpes divided into large groups, namely herpes simplex or genital herpes and herpes zoster. Genital herpes is an infection or inflammation of the skin, especially in the genitals, caused by herpes simplex virus (VHS).

"Herpes is inherent in the assumption that society, ie transmitted through sexual activity is not healthy," Dr.Midi calls. Genital herpes can be experienced by anybody; usually the patient or her partner had a history of sexual contact with another person.

The good news is that circumcised men have a lower risk of disease due to herpes genital mucus membrane becomes thickened and normal skin, so it is more difficult to catch the man who had not circumcised a thin mucus membrane.

Meanwhile, herpes zoster, or shingles caused by varicella-zoster virus. Bubble liquid shingles can occur anywhere throughout the body. "It could appear in the buttocks, on the cheek, the hands, even in the forehead. Usually the appearance of the place-that's all, will not move or spread to other places," Dr. Midi.

Type of herpes which is also known by the name of this snake pox called chicken pox disease advanced. Because the type of virus that attacks the same. It's just that, in herpes zoster, a larger bubble liquid and clustered in certain parts. Anyone who had a chicken pox potentially affected by herpes zoster.

Do not let broken
What is important in dealing with herpes is to keep the fluid-filled bubble is not broken. One way could be to give the powder to help lubricate the skin.

"If broken, can be a doorway for other germs. It makes no secondary infections that occur in addition to herpes," mentioned Dr. Midi.

Therapy to treat herpes is with the provision of antiviral drugs. Acyclovir drugs are suitable to cure herpes. An important fact in dealing with herpes is to convince the patient to consult his doctor. The reason is, if it is suspected she suffered from herpes, the patient will usually be embarrassed or feel uncomfortable if you have treatment.

"Better to be treating yourself to a doctor, because this disease can be transmitted to a partner," said Dr. Midi. "Moreover, herpes can also be transmitted to newborns."

In pregnant women, herpes must be healed before the time of labor. If it came down, he said, can cause defects in the eye to meningitis in infants.

One thing to remember, herpes may reappear despite treatment. "When the bubble of fluid is lost, it does not mean the virus is gone. Herpes virus is still present in the body, they hide in the spinal cord and wait for a chance to strike back," he said.

Various causes could be a culprit of herpes came back. The most common is the decrease of endurance. Conditions such as stress tired minds can also trigger the return of herpes. (GHS / Michael)

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Ariel mengatakan...

Thank you for the post. We really need to be careful all the time. I am diagnose with herpes, it was so uncomfortable the blisters and not to mention the pain. Good thing I have Zovirax stocked on my cabinet. It lessens the discomfort and stops the infection from spreading or worsening. Plus it is safe to take even when pregnant. And when breastfeeding do not take this drug! You can see the complete drug info and other meds at

pHirTual@ndhSTi mengatakan...

hai ariel
im so sad 2 hear that
but herpes is not the end of the world...
anything that u can do,,,, i know u can do better than anyone else

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