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Know Signs and Symptoms of Aging

Senin, 16 November 2009

Know Signs and Symptoms of Aging

Physical changes such as graying hair and wrinkled skin is not a major sign of aging. Indeed, the aging process begins with the decline of even the cessation of function of various organs of the body. As a result of the decline in function, appear different signs and symptoms of aging process.

According to Prof. Dr. Pangkahila Wimpie, SpAnd, signs and symptoms of aging process is basically divided into two parts, namely the physical signs, such as reduced muscle mass, increased fat, wrinkled skin, decreased memory, disturbed sexual function, decreased work capacity, and bone pain . The second is a sign of psychic, among others, decrease in vitality, insomnia, nervous, irritable, and felt no meaning anymore.

In the book Anti-Aging Medicine, published by Compass, the doctor Wimpie explain, in general, the aging process takes place over the following three stages:
1. Subklinik stage (age 25-35 years)
At this stage, most of the hormones in the body start to decline, the hormone testosterone, growth hormone, and hormone estrogen. The formation of free radicals, which can damage cells and DNA, began to affect the body. This damage is usually not visible from the outside. Therefore, at this stage people feel and look normal, no symptoms and signs of aging.

2. Phase transition (age 35-45 years)
During this phase hormone levels decreased to 25 percent. Reduced muscle mass of one kilogram every few years. As a result, energy and power was lost, whereas the increase body fat composition. This situation causes insulin resistance, increases the risk of heart disease, blood vessels, and obesity. At this stage people begin to feel young again and look older.

3. Clinical stage (aged 45 years and over)
At this stage, hormone levels decline continues. Decrease also occurred, even the loss of the ability of absorption of food, vitamins, and minerals. Decreased bone density, muscle mass decreases about one kilogram per year, which resulted in the inability to burn calories. Chronic diseases become more real, organ systems begin to fail.

By looking at the third stage, was the aging process is not necessarily indicated by symptoms or complaints. This shows that people who do not experience these symptoms does not mean not having aging.

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