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Bone Supplements Prevent Breast Cancer

Senin, 14 Desember 2009

Bone Supplements Prevent Breast Cancer

It’s like rowing two islands exceeded, so efficacy of bone tonic which was also useful to prevent breast cancer.

This preliminary conclusion resulting from the study of 151,592 female participants, in which 2216 participants are taking bisphosphonates or amplifier bone to prevent osteoporosis, at the beginning of the study.

Checked during the seven years later it was discovered only 31 percent of participants who drank bone supplements with breast cancer. Positive benefits of this supplement to dominate, even after the researchers put a variety of factors, such as age, smoking habits, weight, hormones, and other factors that affect bone density and breast cancer.

Although this is not enough research to prove the benefits of these supplements for cancer prevention, but this is enough to give hope. Moreover, many women who consume these tablets bone amplifier.

But experts still do not understand how these tablets work, whether because the bones become more resilient against the spread of cancer, or because the drug has side benefits as antitumor capable of preventing the emergence of cancer.

Other studies confirm the benefits of a tablet for the prevention of cancer is a study conducted in Israel experts. In a 2000 study comparing postmenopausal women with breast cancer in 2000 that did not have breast cancer, known from 29 percent of patients taking bisphosphonates first group.

However, these bone tablets is known to have side effects of pain in muscles and joints. Until now the recommended drugs to prevent breast cancer in healthy women is inhibiting hormone called tamoxifen and raloxifene.

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