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Indonesia Stop Send TKI to Malaysia

Sabtu, 27 Juni 2009

Indonesia Stop Send TKI to Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysia began to worry over the Indonesian government's plan to allow workers to their countries while informal.

Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Najib Razak cited as The Straits Times, Saturday (27/6/2009), the government will be hard act to the employer Malaysia that violence against labor Indonesia.

Najib also ask residents to show concern related to the welfare of workers.

Najib statement that the plan is a response from the Indonesian government will temporarily stop the delivery of labor informal, case-related violence that has often occurred.

"We must take a firm stance in upholding the law against those who do violence to the adjuvant," said Najib.

What we must do is ensure that in any (foreign workers) there is a violent action, they will be dealing with the law. Employers are also required more attention to the welfare of workers, "he added.

According to the firm attitude will add confidence that they (Indonesian government) will send the workers back to Indonesia. "I believe this is only temporary cessation of employment (Indonesia)," Najib supplement.

Previous Indonesian Manpower Minister Erman Superano, Thursday this week,. akan stop the delivery of labor while Indonesia at least until mid-July, to be bilateral talks in Kuala Lumpur agreement related migrant workers.

There are currently 1.2 million Indonesian workers in Malaysia. 300,000 of them as much as bekera household

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