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Highest Man in This World

Sabtu, 27 Juni 2009

Highest Man in This World

Beijing - Not many know that there is a man that has a high above the world record holder at this time. This was after Zhao Liang injuries undergo surgery on left foot.

The hospital cited as, Friday (17/4/2009) states, Zhao achieve high 2.46 meters or 10 cm higher than Bao Xishun, men's record holder in the world at this time that (2.36 meters).

Men who live in the province of Henan was playing basket ball when the left leg muscle injury 10 years ago. After that he was forced to stop work until 2006.

After that Zhao had invited a group of entertainment events to be dazzled. He also played saxophone and flute.

Zhao was born from parents who actually be regarded high. 1.8 meters high by his father and mother, 1.68 meters. His mother, Wang Keyun, said Zhao had a high appetite. Each dinner, men 27 years and spent eight hamburgers to eat three portions.

"I worry with the wedding, health and work. While I have changed the hair white," said Wang.

Meanwhile, doctors Hospital Tianjin, arkaiko Liu, Zhao said the operation running successfully. But take 2 months to Zhao can walk normally. Liu also said health in good condition and not affected the size of the high body.

Guinness World Records record Bao Xishun from Mongolia as a man in the world. Guinness World Record has not been conducting its own against Zhao.

Zhao was high after the team doctor from the hospital to check Tianjin Anjie high standard as the rule before the medical operation.

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