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Jumat, 26 Juni 2009


Bandung, Indonesia - Not only Iguana or white monkey that was one of the dish factory outlet (FOR) or Cihampelas Point Cipo. 15 four-horned sheep are become visitors to indulge in the manager.

Soenyali Soly, one of the FOR manager, said the collection of four-horned sheep tails 15 is a collection for private owners and several hotels in Bandung.

Sheep, and he said, is believed to bring luck to the business owner. "A sheep can be worth tens to hundreds of million, I forget exactly how, in the range that I remember," said Soly.

Soly relate, from the 15 sheep is the owner who has one sheep that are believed to have the odd behavior than other four-horned sheep. Sheep is called champion Suro.

"Not like other four-horned sheep, this one is completely another," he said.

Outside the fold size 6x3 meter square can be seen the story about the unique behavior of the white sheep is said Soly behave uniquely derived from the Gunung Kidul.

"He trusted as the authoritative sheep. Domba (sheep) that never sleep in the night Tuesday and Friday nights," according to the short story champion Suro shown outside the shed.

5 tail sheep visible in the enclosure provided for the manager, "If the rest is run out normal weekend just a gimick to all visitors," said Soly.

"Accidental animals have not included in the list of taboo animals, so do not have to report," said Soly.

"There is still a smell, but does not disrupt the visitors because we have previously anticipated, can still be tolerated," he said.

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