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The Couple that Infected by H1N1 Virus was Married

Sabtu, 27 Juni 2009

The Couple that Infected by H1N1 Virus was Married

Highland Park- With the virus of swine flu is concerned. However, it doesn’t mean the couple can not feel happiness including weddings.

It is indicated by a pair of Chicago in the United States. This couples that infected by pigs virus still hold 48 hours after the wedding they have a stated positive swine flu virus.

To avoid transmission of viruses, they do not scruple to put on masks and gloves latex as part of their white costumes of the elegant and spunky.

As quoted from, Saturday (20/6/2009), to invite guests wedding ceremony, the doctor who handles the pairing is, Ilana Jackson and Jeremy Fierstien, before ensuring that they attend the wedding ceremony is not a high risk of contracting the disease.

To further ensure that longer, the two couples had to keep the 10 feet with the invitation, including their families. However Jackson and Fierstien seemingly not too concerned with their condition.

Jackson even said that they had a joke about the swine flu after both experienced vomiting, and fever. Jackson confessed they did not think that the virus of swine flu appeared to have been lodged in the body.

"The situation is not beneficial but we must continue to move," said Jackson.

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