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Michael Jackson Was Die, all people cry

Sabtu, 27 Juni 2009

Michael Jackson Was Die, all people cry

The Michael Jackson fans from Indonesia put garland, candles, and messages with the grief around the central location of coronary Los Angeles, United States, Friday (26 / 6). This is done as a bela sungkawa avenge his death on the pop legend. Similar action is also performed in a number of fan Jacko Hollywood Walk of Fame in California. They gather to pray for the safety of Jacko.

2 komentar:

CEO mengatakan...

[...]Michael Jackson Was Die, all people cry[...] Kenapa harus ditangisi????

stroevanka mengatakan...

mungkin karena berduka, merasa kehilangan, atau berbahagia karena penderitaan karena penyakit di dunia ini telah berakhir

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