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MANOHARA CASE Note diplomatic department of foreign affairs Return to Malaysia

Jumat, 26 Juni 2009

Note diplomatic department of foreign affairs Return to Malaysia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (department of foreign affairs) claim to have delivered the diplomatic note to Malaysia-related cases that override Manohara Odelia Pinot.

"The Ambassador already delivered the diplomatic note and the Sultanate," said the Spokesperson for the department of foreign affairs Tengku Faizasyah.

According to Faiz, Dubes RI di Malaysia even has to contact directly the Sultanate of Kelantan. Until finally a meeting occurred between the Sultanate with the Indonesian Embassy.

At the meeting, said Faiz, the Sultanate has actually promised akan Manohara reunite with their families. But that promise up to now not reached.

Problem recognition Manohara call Embassy in Malaysia, but did not, Faiz did not know. He can never contact the Embassy Manohara but not by receiving the services because there are so many in the Embassy.

"The process of WNI in Malaysia to serve a large number of difficult to remember whether there is also the name of Manohara. If the record may be sought," he said.

Faiz said, the Indonesian embassy in Singapore partake countermarch Manohara. Indonesian embassy officials in Singapore assist management Mano administration, in order to exit from the land of the lion.

"Because the administration managed by the Indonesian embassy there. If not, can not he come out," he said.

Manohara has now returned to Jakarta Fajarina Daisy picked up her mother and brother Dewi Sri Asih Royal Plaza Hotel of Singapore.. Return Manohara involving local police, FBI, and the Indonesian embassy in Singapore.

FBI special agent, the United States Embassy (USA) and the Indonesian embassy to the Mano involved can free.
"We really ask for help FBI and the U.S. Embassy and the Indonesian embassy. They help many till Mano successful return to Indonesia," said lawyer Manohara’s mother, Yuli Andre Darma

Tim and Daisy Fajarina lawyer will actually fly to Singapore, Thursday (28/5/2009). However, this plans to leak Kelantan. Daisy and then her lawyer any delay. "Finally, in order not to be Daisy Mother Goddess and the departure to Singapore Friday (29/5/2009). Of course we still coordinating with the U.S. Embassy and the Indonesian embassy," the story of Andre Yuli.

Manohara successfully met Daisy at the Hotel Royal Plaza in Singapore. Mano successfully blurred after the push-button emergency press lift at the hotel was forced to the Sultanate of Kelantan prince locked in a room, floor 3 in the Royal Hotel. Singapore police help Mano come the sound of the key result.

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