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SBY- Boed made Kabinet Balas Jasa

Selasa, 02 Juni 2009

Kabinet Balas Jasa is predicted belong to constitutionalism in 2009-2014 if SBY-Boediono win in Pilpres 2009 (president election). It is so dreadful.

LIPI Syamsudin Harris, a politic viewer, said that it would be more minus because it would rise consequence arbitrations.

If SBY chosen again as so many political parties that involved in coalition, it would get politic debt and there would be politic compensation. Politic compensation itself could be a position in cabinet or other like BUMN for instance.

Syamsudin said that much politic compensation could make cabinet be more incorporate politicians than professionals.

If that thing happens, the importance of politics between public office and politic activist victory is a politic party victory.

According to Syamsudin, a cabinet creation should not based by something that is politicy minded and only related with getting what position in cabinet.

He said that it’s not good if only like that, because it could slow down the promises to Indonesian society.

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