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Jumat, 05 Juni 2009


Getting two dolls in one packet was the ultimate value-for money principle applied by our young testers to this “Shopping’ Fun” ensemble, which features buxom Barbie and her baby sister Shelly in a supermarket setting. A mechanism causes Shelly to bounce up and down on the seat of her supermarket trolley as it is pushed and, in a nice twist, a magnet on Shelly’s hand enables her to pick up tiny cereal and cookie packets. The irony was lost on Alice, who declared Shelly’s Behavior to be “just like a real baby”. All in all, this perfect image of consumerism in miniature was a major hit with the girls, who also heaped praise on Barbie’s short skirt, cooed over Shelly’s bottle and dummy and “took a great deal of interest in her nappy”. They voted it the winner – even though their parents felt “Working Out” Barbie was better value in term of cost versus hours of distraction.

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