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Senin, 29 Juni 2009


Tawangmangu is a district on the slopes around Mount Lawu, Karanganyar regency, Central Java. Place is approximately 1.5 hours drive (50 Km) in the east of Solo. Tawangmangu is in fact found many attractions, among other SUKUH temple, temple CETHO, waterfalls JUMOG, etc. But the most visited and most popular is the Air Terjun Grojogan Sewu. Air Terjun Grojogan Sewu located in a forest tour is still beautiful and natural. As information, the general purpose bus to get there every day about 40 times the frequency and the fact that no one is using the AC. However, just calm, the air in the cool and cold there, so it does not need to AC again. The road to the Tawangmangu’s station very sharp and steep with a left-right beside the road a lot or a cliff and the area of rice field looks green and lush. After about 1.5 hours drive we finally arrived in the Tawangmangu’s station. This station has a lot of changes; the first station has now been more chaotic and is not causing more congestion. Also, the traditional market is in the front of the market was already a market that is semi-modern and is more organized as well. From Tawangmangu’s station, we continue our journey to go to Air Terjun Grojogan Sewu. Air travel distance of the object Terjun Grojogan Sewu just about 800an meters from Terminal Tawangmangu. Distance counter door with the main road around 200an meter and there's no guide or signpost on the road, giving out that winding road that is winding road to Object Tours.

After reaching there we immediately go buy tickets and start children down the stairs that go to many places waterfalls. In addition the air is cool Asih trees and nature; there also found that monkeys are tamer. So, please be careful when carrying goods and food that is not taken by the monkey-the monkey. Awn, monkeys as not as aggressive there monkeys in the forest-monkey Palasangeh, Bali. If the monkeys in Sangeh, Bali is to take the glasses, but for primates in Tawangmangu is not to like that.

Around the waterfall there are many good sellers sate (traditional Javanese food) chicken and rabbit. Sate the most typical in the sate there is a rabbit, therefore, be more comfortable eating rabbit sate. Sate is presented with lontong. Well, before the approach to the waterfall, we rested for just the first tired after hundreds of children down the stairs while eating rabbit sate of the waterfall. While eating, seen the beauty of nature which is very beautiful and dynamic composition with a neat waterfall at about 80 meters of water show endless succession, trees with big green leaves natural stones which is a large native rocks in the mountains scattered naturally, monkeys who move there to-find food here, and added that the air fresh and clean feel to create tired lost. From the place can also be seen swimming pool for children and swimming pool for adults. Children's swimming pool located in a quite high while the adult swimming pool located beside a river. Swimming pool for free, but children seems to mature a swimming pool seems to have to pay again.

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lunaticg mengatakan...

What a nice place to go. Thank you for sharing.
See you around.

hobo handbag mengatakan...

Hi, i,m from malaysia. I hope i will be there one day. It's not far from my country. Its a beautifull place for photography, and i`m sure i will not forget to bring my SLR when i arrived there.

Whatever you do just don't get injured
personal injury

pHirTual@ndhSTi mengatakan...

yes this is a nice place, one of nice place in my country, you will be amazed, if u know other place. because here is so natural. no pollutions just a nature environtment.

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