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Selasa, 09 Juni 2009


Contact Lenses were first manufactured at the end of the 19th century using glass. Since then, invention of versatile and hard-wearing materials has meant today many more people wear contact lenses in preferences to spectacles. Nowadays there are different types of lens from which to choose-hard, soft and gas permeable and it is even possible to select a tinted contact lens which will enhance the natural color of your eyes!

  1. Your option is the best expert. He or she will examine your eyes and will then be able to advise you. They will take into account any special considerations you might have. For example if you work in a particular dusty environment, play a lot of very active sport or only to wear the lenses occasionally. Generally, however, soft lenses are the most popular, because they are the easiest to get used to and the most comfortable.
  2. A common misconception is that he lenses can get stuck round the back of the eye. This is totally impossible. They can slip slightly out of place but they are easily maneuvered back again.
  3. This really depends on the type of lens you choose. With soft lenses your optician will probably recommended you wear the lenses for around four hours for the first day and than gradually build up the wearing time every day. After four or five days you should be able to wear them all day. But this can vary from person to person so do not worry if it takes a little longer, it is better to under-rather than over-wear them.
  4. Some people worry about not being able to touch their eyes with their fingers. But after a couple of goes nearly everyone finds that it is not a problem. When you first get your lenses, someone who understands these worries will show you how to put the lenses in a how to take them out. You will only be allowed to take them home when you are be allowed to take them home when you are completely happy with doing this.
  5. We recommended you keep them. Many contact lens wearers find that they still feel like wearing their glasses from in time to tome.
  6. It is far easier to play sport with glasses. They can not steam up, get knocked off or broken. They are ideal for all sports, from contact games like rugby to fast games, like tennis, that require rapid eye movements. Swimming is the only sport where they could be difficult. Some opticians say not to wear them in the pool at all; others say you can wear them as long as you do not open your eyes under water or dive. To be absolutely sure, it is best to wear goggles.
  7. Hard and gas permeable can very occasionally fall out but this is quite rare. However, with soft lenses it is virtually impossible, as the edges of the lenses are under the eyelids.
  8. It is very important to care for them properly. The process for doing this varies for the different types of lenses. For most lenses the care system takes only a few minutes every day. You will soon find it easy to follow the recommended cleaning routine.

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