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Kate Middleton Dare to Say "No" to Fashion

Sabtu, 04 Februari 2012

Habit of wearing the same clothes several times when appearing in public was invited comments, that a noble girl should not do it. After all, she took no notice of such comments. This shows that she knows what she likes. And she was praised by designer Katherine Hooker.

"Despite it is very conservative, there is something that makes her different than just a sweet girl with a well-educated," said London-based designer who her coat designs often worn by Kate. "I think many people consider she is boring dressed and she should be more fashionable. But I think she's a very powerful, with a strong personality."

According to Hooker, Kate also dares to say "no" if she does not like something. "There are some things that absolutely refuse. She really knows what is appropriate for her, what she likes, and what is not," she said.

Not long ago, she was also dubbed as the "Hat Person of the Year" by The Headwear Association, thanks to a compelling performance in a variety of events with attributes headpiece. The Duchess of Cambridge won 91 percent of the votes in an online poll, beating a number of famous names such as Rachel Zoe, Ne-Yo, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, and Charlie Sheen. Kate is a third figure who won the highest award from this association. Last year, this title was won by Johnny Depp. While the first person who win this award was Brad Pitt.

The Headwear Association, an organization that promotes the use of hats and headwear industry throughout the world, giving special attention to the best hats Kate. Of who wore velvet cabernet color at Christmas, and headpiece decorated with maple leaf design for Sylvia Fletcher Lock and Co., she wore during a visit to Canada, in July 2011.

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